Chapter 182: Danger

Chapter 182: Danger

Qin Lie’s soul consciousness went in and out of the spatial ring continuously. There was distinct excitement in his eyes; it was obvious that he loved this ring a lot.

Smiles appeared on Luo Zhichang and Ying Xingran’s faces.

After a while, Qin Lie gradually calmed down, and with one hand still rubbing the ring’s surface, he suddenly said, “I’ve promised to forge two spirit artifacts. I hope that the sect can provide the necessary spirit materials.”

“No problem. Put them on a list and I will send someone to bring them to your cavern,” Ying Xingran promised him instantly.

“I need both water and fire type spirit materials and supplementary materials…” Qin Lie thought for a moment and began requesting everything that he required.

Ying Xingran and Luo Zhichang nodded repeatedly.

“I have remembered what you told me. I will make arrangements and make sure that the spirit materials sent to you are satisfactory,” Luo Zhichang smiled and said.

Qin Lie relaxed and thanked them seriously once more. Afterwards, he told them again to notify Feng Rong that he would return to the back of the mountain to soak in a blood pool after he had forged the two spirit artifacts.

Luo Zhichang and Ying Xingran agreed to all of his requests and cooperated with him in every aspect.

“Then I will be returning to the cavern first.” Qin Lie bowed and headed up Flame Volcano.

While passing by Tang Siqi’s cave, Qin Lie’s footsteps paused for a moment as he looked towards the closed entrance.

His expression was a little complicated. He wanted to call out to her and explain matters, but if he thought about it carefully, he did give Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan generous help for Ling Yushi’s sake...

One could say that Tang Siqi and Lian Rou did not misunderstand him.

After hesitating for a moment, in the end, he did not knock on the door nor explain himself. He quietly returned to his own cavern.

Inside Tang Siqi’s cavern.

Both Lian Rou and her sat on top of the cushion. Both pair of eyes were focused at the cave entrance as if they were waiting for something.

In the end they heard Qin Lie’s footsteps growing distant.

Tang Siqi’s expression was downcast and she sighed in her heart and felt resentful.

“Siqi, don’t think too much about it. Based on the fact that Qin Bing did everything in his power to kill Liang Shaoyang for you alone, we can say he does hold you in his heart.” Seeing that she was depressed, Lian Rou couldn’t help but console her, “Maybe it is really as he says, the reason he was so generous to the Ling sisters was because he wanted to seriously attempt to forge a spirit artifact. After all, he has never forged an actual spirit artifact since he entered the sect after all. He may just be trying to prove himself with this.”

“Of course I won’t think much of it.” Tang Siqi hmphed once and curled her lips, “Even if he did think of the Ling sisters, it has nothing to do with me. My relationship with him is only one between a senior sister and junior brother.”

Lian Rou smiled gently, “That will be for the best. I hoped that you would not fall for him as well. He is quite strange and his identity is unknown as well. I keep having the feeling that he is very dangerous.”

Tang Siqi kept quiet and did not say anything.

Around noon.

Qin Lie put the wooden sculpture, the Eye of Frost and other items into the spatial ring inside the cave. He continued to analyze the magic of the spatial ring.

Suddenly, Tong Jihua’s voice came from outside, “Is Qin Bing in there? I have a letter for you.”

Qin Lie opened the stone door and saw Tong Jihua at the entrance. A letter was passed over to him. “This was sent by Liang Zhong of Dark Asura Hall. He had asked someone from Dark Asura Hall to send it over. He made it clear that you were the recipient,” Tong Jihua said.

“Liang Zhong?” Qin Lie’s expression was doubtful.

“Yes, Liang Zhong from Dark Asura Hall’s Department of Internal Affairs. You should have seen him last time the sect entrance.” Tong Jihua explained, “I’m not sure why he sent you a letter either.”

“Thank you Elder Tong,” Qin Lie nodded and accepted the letter.

Tong Jihua bid him goodbye and left.

After closing the stone door again, Qin Lie opened the letter and read its contents. In just a glance his expression had already changed.

“Shadow Tower’s Blood Shadow has entered Armament City. He is coming for you. Blood Shadow is far more fearsome than Gray Shadow and Black Shadow combined, you must be careful. The reason I informed you of this is because you have killed Liang Shaoyang, and Liang Shaoyang was also on our kill list. You helped us take care of a huge problem.

“Also, it is best if you leave Armament Sect immediately. The current Armament Sect is not safe. Dark Shadow Tower isn’t the only one, Dark Asura Hall, Seven Fiends Valley, and Cloud Sky Mountain also have certain plans for Armament Sect. In the future, they may combine their forces and attack Armament Sect. It is best if you can make preparations beforehand.”


Qin Lie put down the letter as his expression turned exceedingly heavy. He had just managed to relax lately, but that tension in his head was heightened once more.

“Blood Shadow has entered the city, and Armament Sect may be attacked and surrounded by enemies.” Qin Lie’s gaze slowly turned solemn.

“Is Qin Bing in there? Sect Master has asked us to send over the spirit materials.” the outer sect disciples cried out from the outside.

After burning the letter Tong Jihua had given him, only then did Qin Lie open the door once more. He could see a few outer sect disciples carrying boxes full of spirit materials standing at the entrance while looking him with reverence.

“Bring them in,” Qin Lie said indifferently.

And so, the large boxes were moved into the cave.

“Fire Demon Stone, Water Spirit Jade, Water Fluorite…”

Seeing the boxes of spirit materials, Qin Lie’s eyes gradually brightened. He realized that most of the spirit materials here were around Profound Grade Two, and there were even a few special spirit materials that were Profound Grade Three. This was much more precious than the materials than he had for asked earlier.

The five large boxes were filled with fire and water type spirit materials. Many of these spirit materials were incredibly rare.

He believed that with so many spirit materials, even if he failed four or five times, he would still be able to help Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan forge the spirit artifacts they needed.

After locking the door, he calmed himself down and took out the spirit materials one at a time and set them down before him and gently stroked them.

He narrowed his eyes. They glittered with light. In his head he was pondering which spirit diagrams he should use to construct a compound diagram.

He quickly concentrated on the task and became fully immersed in his thoughts, wanting to finalize a plan.

In the Procedural Hall at the peak of Flame Volcano.

Ying Xingran, the three great reverends, the seven great elders including Mo Hai, Blood Spear’s Lang Xie, and Feng Rong had all gathered here.

“The reason I’ve gathered everyone over was because the situation has been changing too swiftly. There is a need to get everyone up to speed.” Ying Xingran coughed once and looked at Feng Rong, saying, “Please explain.”

The people’s gazes were focused onto Feng Rong.

“We have gained the upper hand since we have started the battle against Dark Shadow Tower. Blood Spear has killed seventy eight Dark Shadow Tower martial practitioners outside Armament City, and among them, fifteen people was in the Manifestation Realm and one was in Netherpassage Realm. On the other hand, Blood Spear has only lost nine people!” Feng Rong’s expression was full of pride.

The three great reverends and seven inner sect elders were all nodding.

“If it was just Dark Shadow Tower, we believe that Blood Spear can handle this easily. Even if Di Shijiu and Liang Yangju had arrived themselves, they would not be able to overturn their defeat.” Feng Rong’s tone then took a turn as her bright eyes became clouded by worry, “But recently, Dark Asura Hall and Cloud Sky Mountain, have slowly stopped trading with Armament Sect on their own. Many of Dark Asura Hall and Cloud Sky Mountain’s low level martial practitioners have also evacuated from Armament City.”

The moment she said this, many of their expressions changed.

“Blood Spear has found out that the valley masters of Seven Fiends Valley were meeting frequently as of late. It’s as if they are discussing highly classified matters. Even Purple Mist Sea seems to be eager to move, and there are martial practitioners roaming around the Armament Pavilion we have opened at Purple Mist Sea very often, looking like they want to do something,” Feng Rong further explained.

Dark Asura Hall, Cloud Sky Mountain, Seven Fiends Valley, Purple Mist Sea, in addition to the Dark Shadow Tower they were fighting right now. The little tricks these Black Iron forces were pulling caused everyone in the hall to feel worried.

The crowd all grew silent.

“For what reason have they done this?” Second Elder Tang Dongling, asked softly.

“Qin Bing’s sudden appearance has caused many people to feel uncomfortable. They are worried that Armament Sect will grow stronger and stronger and be harder and harder to deal with.” Luo Zhichang’s expression was bitter, “Not only is Qin Bing a genius in artifact forging, he has also learned a concept and with it caused a world phenomenon. Regardless of artifact forging or the martial way, he will definitely achieve great things in the future.

“Armament Sect has grown stronger and stronger in recent years. Blood Spear’s strength has also caused a lot of people to feel pressured,” Jiang Hao added.

“Dark Shadow Tower’s swift defeat and seventy eight casualties has caused even more people to be fearful of us,” Feng Rong also mentioned.

“If the five forces join as one, can Armament Sect withstand the pressure?” Third Elder Wei Qing asked.

Ying Xingran, the three great reverends, and even Feng Rong smiled bitterly when they heard him.

The answer was obvious.

Armament Sect could still handle Dark Shadow Tower easily by itself. Even if Dark Asura Hall was added into the mix, they might still be able to contend against them, just barely. But there was no chance of victory if they were to clash against all five forces at once.

“This Qin Bing is Armament Sect’s treasure and scourge.” Wei Qing lamented, “Before he came, Armament Sect was stable and peaceful. And now, because of his radiance, all five forces have grown uncomfortable. Sigh, there’s no telling if Qin Bing’s appearance is good or bad for us.”

“Whether or not Qin Bing is around, this was something Armament Sect would have to face eventually. Those two forces above us have yearned for Armament Sect for the longest time. It was only a matter of time before they would act. Qin Bing’s appearance has only hastened this matter.” Luo Zhichang pointed above him and sighed, “It’s not the first time they wanted to takedown Armament Sect. In the past, it was thanks to that person that they did not dare to act carelessly. Now that he has not returned to Scarlet Tide Continent for a very, very long time, they have begun to think some more.”

“Chief Reverend, can you contact that person?” Second Elder Tan Dongling asked seriously.

Inside the Procedural Hall, everyone’s gazes were focused onto Luo Zhichang. Their eyes were filled with great expectation.

“It’s been far too long since we’ve contacted each other, so long that I’m not even sure if he is still alive. Even if he is, I’m not sure if he’ll still help Armament Sect. After all, the one who had built a relationship with him was the sect master from two generations ago. At the time I was still just a boy,” Luo Zhichang smiled bitterly.

“You still have that item that can be used to contact him, right?” Ying Xingran asked worriedly.

“It’s here. I just don’t know if it can be used or not.” Luo Zhichang touched his spatial ring, pondered for a moment, and said, “Moreover, things have not gone over to that point yet. Right now we are just fighting against forces of our own rank. It may be a little too soon to find him now.”

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