Chapter 181: Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple

Chapter 181: Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple

At Armament Sect’s Wind District.

Ouyang Jingjing, Lu Li, and the Ling sisters entered a house completely built from green stones / lapis lazuli.

The house was about three thousand and three hundred square meters wide. It was situated at the Wind Districts near the streets where Wind Agents often appeared. In a city like Armament City where every inch of earth was gold, such a wide house wasn’t often seen.

This land was Seven Fiends Valley’s base at Armament Sect—Seven Fiend Pavilion.

The four girls walked all the way to the pavilion center. There was an old man with a head full of red hair inside the wide hall laughing together with Cloud Sky Mountain’s Wu Tuo. When he saw them coming in, the old man laughed and said loudly, “You girls, how’s business at Armament Sect?”

“Old Brother Shi, I’ll be leaving first and won’t disturb your conversation.” Wu Tuo stood up with a smile.

“Alright.” Shi Jingyun had also stood up and walked Wu Tuo all the way to the entrance. Then he said, “We’ll talk about that matter next time.”

“Mn. Just keep an eye out, old brother,” Wu Tuo smiled and left Seven Fiend Pavilion.

“Uncle Shi, is that Cloud Sky Mountain’s Wu Tuo?” Lu Li was slightly moved.

“It is.” Shi Jingyun continued to smile heartily despite his messy red hair. “He is no simple man. Back when Cloud Sky Mountain and Dark Asura Hall fought against each other, when Wu Tuo’s younger brother had died at the hands of the late Fifth Hall Master, without saying a word and ignoring even the orders of Cloud Sky Mountain's mountain master, he charged straight to Dark Asura Hall and killed the late Fifth Hall Master during his victory celebration.”

“When Cloud Sky Mountain’s mountain master had learned about the matter, he had gathered every one of his best men and headed straight towards Dark Asura Hall. Meanwhile, after killing the hall master, Wu Tuo had fought his way out of Dark Asura Hall’s pursuit, looking like he was bathed in blood. I heard that every great hall master had left Dark Asura Hall to hunt down this Wu Tuo, but he still managed to escape and endure until he met up with Cloud Sky Mountain’s mountain master.”

Lu Li and Ouyang Jingjing had vaguely heard about this story in the past. Now that Shi Jingyun had mentioned it, they immediately recalled it once more.

“But he didn’t look all that fierce?” Ouyang Jingjing exclaimed in surprise.

“Hehe, that’s because you are not his enemy, so there’s no reason for him to bare his fangs at you.” Shi Jingyun gave a smile and said, “Jingjing, when you left Mystic Fiend Valley, you promised your father that you will obediently return to the valley and continue cultivating in the martial way if you still have not become an inner sect disciple in Armament Sect after a year.”

“You should have gone back a long time ago.” Lu Li was as cool as ever. “You were fine cultivating in the martial way, but you just had to do it out of spite against your dad and go learn that whatever artifact forging. You even claimed that your talents are extraordinary and that you can learn the magic of Armament Sect’s spirit pattern pillars. Now a year is up, and you still haven’t gained anything, have you? From what I can tell you’re just wasting your time.”

“Stop nagging, that’s so annoying. I’m ready to go back to the valley once this matter is done,” Ouyang Jingjing said impatiently.

“How was it?” Shi Jingyun smiled at Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan, “Did that Qin Bing promise to have the inner sect elders forge artifacts for you?”

“He wants to do it himself.” Ouyang Jingjing scoffed and explained the matter briefly. Then she said, “That guy’s even more cocky than Lu Li and cold all over. I just feel uncomfortable looking at him.”

“You don’t have to bother with him. You won’t be staying at Armament Sect for very long anyway, so there’s no need to worry about him.” Shi Jingyun touched his chin, paused for a moment, and said, “Try your best not to get too involved with the people of Armament Sect. Also, Jingjing, it will be best if you can leave Armament Sect as quickly as possible. Little Shi and Xuanxuan, once you get your spirit artifacts, I will arrange for you to leave Armament City.”

Once he said this, all four girls were stunned as they looked at him in surprise.

Shi Jingyun had withdrawn his smile as his expression turned serious. He said solemnly, “Armament Sect is in deep trouble this time.”

“What’s going on?” Lu Li frowned.

After pondering for a moment, Shi Jingyun finally explained.

“There are two dominant Copper forces on this Scarlet Tide Continent beneath us: Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple. They are the true overlords and masters of this land. Dark Asura Hall and Dark Shadow Tower belongs to Profound Heaven Alliance, and Cloud Sky Mountain and Purple Mist Sea are subordinates to Eight Extreme Temple,” Shi Jingyun said seriously.

“What about Armament Sect? Which side do they belong to?” Ling Xuanxuan asked.

“That’s the problem.” Shi Jingyun frowned, “Armament Sect is also a Black Iron force, but it does not belong to either Profound Heaven Alliance or Eight Extreme Temple. This force formed by artificers is an independent and free force on this continent.”

“Why did Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple not attack them?” Ling Yushi interrupted, “I believe that any highly ranked forces would hope to have Armament Sect as a subordinate force. This artificer’s force should be an attractive piece of meat in their eyes, right?”

“They are extremely attractive alright, and both Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple have always wanted to swallow them whole.” Shi Jingyun nodded, “But it is said that there is someone powerful who is sheltering Armament Sect, which is why Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple did not dare to touch them and allowed Armament Sect to stay independent all these years.”

“Who is that powerful character?” Lu Li asked.

Shi Jingyun shook his head and smiled bitterly, “I don’t know either. I simply heard that the reason Armament Sect could stay independent on Scarlet Tide Continent and not invaded be by Profound Heaven Alliance or Eight Extreme Temple was because someone is sheltering them.”

“And now?” Lu Li asked again.

“I heard that powerful character has not come to Scarlet Tide Continent for a very, very long time. It was so long that Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple’s people suspected that that person had passed away.” Shi Jingyun lowered his voice, “Moreover, Qin Bing caused too big of a commotion this time. He has shown peerless talent by causing all twelve spirit pattern pillars to experience an extraordinary change. Armament Sect’s Blood Spear has also been steadily growing stronger for the past few years and is beginning to turn into a very powerful force. This caused both Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple to be wary of them…”

Shi Jingyun paused for a moment and continued, “There are people who do not wish to see Armament Sect turning into Scarlet Tide Continent’s third copper ranked force. That was why they had silently allowed their subordinates forces to act and see if that powerful character of the past will react towards it. They’re waiting to see if they would appear after Armament Sect had notified him.”

At this point, Shi Jingyun had turned silent and stared quietly at the four girls.

They weren’t stupid. They gradually understood after listening up to this point.

After a while, Lu Li asked, “So the reason Wu Tuo had come was to discuss about this matter? Is Seven Fiends Valley and Cloud Sky Mountain ready to act against Armament Sect?”

“He consulted me to find out Seven Fiends Valley’s attitude. He also wants to know Profound Heaven Alliance’s true position and find out if Dark Shadow Tower’s actions were decided singularly by themselves or if they had acted due to Profound Heaven Alliance’s orders,” Shi Jingyun said.

“Then what is our stance?” Ouyang Jingjing asked.

“I am still waiting for your father…” He looked at Ouyang Jingjing first, then he looked at Lu Li and Ling Yushi, “and your masters to come out with a resolution. Once all the valley masters have decided, only then would I know what to do.”

“So you’re saying that Armament Sect is in deep trouble this time?” Lu Li smiled coldly.

Shi Jingyun nodded, “If Armament Sect can’t handle this properly, if they can’t ask that powerful character to act, then it is very likely that their sect will be… eliminated.”

“Eliminated?” The four girls were shocked.

“The sect will be eliminated, Blood Spear will be wiped out, and the artificers will be imprisoned before they are divided among the large forces.” Shi Jingyun’s tone was firm, “And this is their best case scenario.”

The four girls trembled listening to his words.


At Armament Sect’s plaza beneath the twelve spirit pattern pillars, Qin Lie had once again focused his soul consciousness and rushed into the inner world inside the final spirit pattern pillar.


His soul consciousness once again bounced off an invisible barrier, and his head was so filled with pain that his soul returned to its original place.

The excuse he gave Feng Rong to come out of the back forest was that he had broken through to the late stage of the Natal Opening Realm, so he wanted to try breaking through the spirit pattern pillar’s barrier.

His seventh Natal Palace was formed and his mind was now in tiptop condition, but he still failed yet again.

“It’s alright. Once you’ve broken through to the Manifestation and the Netherpassage Realm, you should be able to open the barrier inside it.” Ying Xingran coughed lightly and came over with the Chief Reverend Luo Zhichang.

He hadn’t seen him a few days, and Ying Xingran’s face was growing paler and paler. The spirit in his eyes was also gone as his condition grew worse and worse.

“I’m giving this spatial ring to you. Inside it are the sect’s secret scriptures, all kinds of rare pills and medicine, plus the records of Armament Sect’s coming.”

Luo Zhichang walked before Qin Lie and passed over an exquisite, dark green ring. “You must keep this ring safe and never lose it. There are a few detailed explanations of spirit diagrams inside there, and they are the core collections of Armament Sect. It must not fall into an outsider’s hands.”

Spatial ring!

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up and he received the dark green ring with hidden excitement.

Back at Icestone City he had dreamed of owning a spatial ring. He had even thought of forging Spirit Gathering Boards for three years to sell for spirit stones to buy a spatial ring.

Unfortunately, his wishes had not come true in the end.

And today, Luo Zhichang had gifted him a spatial ring on his own. There were even Armament Sect’s secret scriptures and many other rare pills and medicine inside it...

Qin Lie sucked in a deep breath and thanked them seriously before finally putting the spatial ring on his finger.

“How do I use it?” he asked Luo Zhichang.

“It’s the same as inscribing a spirit diagram. Put a wisp of mind consciousness inside it and you’ll be able to see the interior space. Just wrap your soul consciousness around anything you want to take out and it will be done…” Luo Zhichang explained.

Qin Lie immediately tried it.

As he sent a wisp of consciousness into the ring, he suddenly entered an empty small space. This feeling was somewhat like entering the Soul Suppressing Orb, except that this space was much smaller and was only two rooms wide. There were a lot of cupboards and jade tables inside this small space, and the pills and scriptures were placed on top of one of those tables.

He did not inspect the items one by one. He randomly locked onto a book with his mind consciousness, and when he moved his thoughts, he realized that he had returned to his body.

Meanwhile, that book was pulled straight out from inside the spatial ring and landed firmly in his hands.

“This really is a good item!” Qin Lie was shaken on the inside and, under Luo Zhichang and Ying Xingran’s smiles, played around and tested the spatial ring admiringly again and again.

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