Chapter 180: A Familiar Feeling

Chapter 180: A Familiar Feeling…

Ling Xuanxuan kept questioning Qin Lie non-stop while expressing great interest in him with a small blush.

To understand a concept and cause a world phenomenon in addition to an unprecedented act of lighting up all twelve of Armament Sect’s spirit pattern pillars… naturally, such a peerless genius would attract the attention of a girl.

Qin Lie just froze there without interrupting at all. He was still wondering if he should reveal his true identity to the duo.

After meeting Ling Yushi again after three years, he really wanted to embrace her. He had a million things to say to her.

The promise he made three years ago was still vivid in his mind and he also distinctively remembered the mournful figure of Ling Yushi when she walked out of the small house...

He had a million things to say, but the moment he thought of the current situation, he hesitated again.

His situation really wasn’t too good right now.

He was sure that the moment his identity was leaked, Dark Asura Hall’s Yuan Tianya would definitely not sit by and do nothing.

Of course, Armament Sect would do everything in their power to protect him, but with Dark Shadow Tower as their enemy right now and them in the height of battle, if Dark Asura Hall were to join into the mix...

He didn’t know if Armament Sect could handle the pressure.

If Armament Sect really faltered under Dark Asura Hall and Dark Shadow Tower’s pressure or the entrance was breached by the enemy, then he would immediately fall into a plight.

“Yushi may be able to keep a secret, but this Ling Xuanxuan has always been blabbermouth. If she knows my identity, then I may be revealed really soon. It looks like I’ll have to endure it for a while longer, at least until the fight between Armament Sect and Dark Shadow Tower ends and I’ve established my foundation. Then, I won’t be afraid to expose my identity.”

Seeing Ling Xuanxuan chattering non-stop, Qin Lie quietly decided not to divulge anything at this point in time.

Once his mind was set, he then channeled Frost Arts quietly and caused a freezing and alienating aura before saying coldly, “I think it’s better if we start talking about business.”

The moment his words came out, Ling Xuanxuan’s torrent of questions abruptly cut short.

Ling Yushi stared rebukingly at her before scolding lightly, “Sis, less questions please.”

“Oh,” Ling Xuanxuan turned obedient.

“There is a brush and paper before you. Write down your height, weight, palm and arm size, which hand you prefer in combat, the spirit art you cultivate and its characteristics, your trump cards, and so on.” Qin Lie’s expression was cool as he said indifferently, “I want to know everything. I can only forge a spirit artifact that will perfectly satisfy you if I understand your situation completely.”


The moment the subject of spirit artifacts was brought up, their eyes all lit up in unison. They hurriedly lowered their heads, took up the brush, and began writing in detail on the paper before them.

At times, they would frown and think deeply; at others, they would communicate and exchange opinions with each other. After spending an entire hour, they had finally written down every detail that they considered to be important. Then, with slight reverence, they passed over the papers filled with small, tightly packed words.

Qin Lie accepted it and gave it a glance before saying again, “Let me have a look at your spirit arts.”

Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan glanced at each other once before standing up together and channelling their spirit arts.

A blue wave appeared inside Ling Yushi’s eyes as ripples emanated from her entire body. The rippling patterns were like huge tidal waves that spread out to the surroundings layer after layer, causing an extremely powerful compressive force.

The numerous crystalline droplets formed from pure water spirit energy were transparent and bright. They were like an array of diamonds floating around her.

As her spirit art changed, the diamond-like water droplets suddenly began to spin rapidly, causing an extremely powerful pressure.

Meanwhile, Ling Xuanxuan had began dancing on the same spot as clumps of fire flew out from her body. The flames were like clouds or red lanterns. They emanated great heat and burned until the stone walls were bright red.

Amidst the flames, Ling Xuanxuan was like a fiery elf whose dance moves were hot and enchanting. There was a seductive charm to them.

Unbelievably, Ling Yushis diamond like water droplets and surging waves did not conflict with the clumps of fire Ling Xuanxuan had released.

On the contrary, the sisters’ watery and fiery energies seemed to be able to enhance each other’s powers.

Qin Lie noticed that when Ling Xuanxuan began to dance, not only were the water droplets around Ling Yushi not canceled out by the flames, they became brighter and more transparent. It was as if the water spirit energy within had been enhanced.

“Not only do the spirit arts we cultivate—water and fire—not cancel each other out, we are also able to merge them together,” Ling Yushi explained seriously.

Qin Lie nodded inwardly and continued watching for a moment. Then, he said, “That’s enough.”

With that, the two sisters withdrew their spirit energy and sat in front of him once more. They looked deeply at him and waited for him to speak.

“What kind of artifact do you normally prefer?” Qin Lie asked.

“Hoops. I like hoops, preferably more than two circular hoops,” Ling Yushi said.

Qin Lie had guessed it. The spirit artifact she used in the past was the Twin Heart Hoops. When she wielded the two hoops, she looked incredibly attractive. It looked like her favorite hadn’t changed.

“I like hammers!” Ling Xuanxuan exclaimed.

“Got it.” Qin Lie thought for a moment and said, “You will stay in Armament City and wait for me to forge your artifacts. I will try my best not to keep you waiting.”

“Thank you,” Ling Yushi thanked him sincerely.

Qin Lie’s expression was cold, but his gaze fumbled. Resisting the huge turmoil in his heart, he stood up and said indifferently, “You may leave now.” He left first.

“Sis, this person is quite the character. He’s even cooler and prouder than Senior Sister Lu. Do you think that he had purposely prevented Senior Sister Lu from coming through the entrance because he had heard about her temper?” Ling Xuanxuan’s little head twirled as she said, “It must be because of this. I heard that those whose character are cool and proud could not stand to see someone even prouder than them. He must have disliked Senior Sister Lu!”

Ling Yushi smiled lightly and shook her head, saying, “What kind of nonsense are you saying? Either he recognizes Senior Sister Lu, or Senior Sister Lu has offended him somehow. Otherwise, he would not treat Senior Sister Lu like this.”

“Mn, that’s possible too. Not even the people of the seven valleys can stand Senior Sister Lu’s terrible temper. Qin Bing must have done this because his friends or relatives were angered by Senior Sister Lu in the past.” While Ling Xuanxuan spoke, the duo also walked towards outside.

“This Qin Bing gives me a somewhat strange feeling…” Ling Yushi suddenly said.

“Strange? What’s so strange?” Ling Xuanxuan asked.

“I don’t know myself. I just feel that his gaze makes me feel a little disturbed.” Ling Yushi frowned, “It’s a really strange feeling. I don’t know why, but I keep feeling that he looks a little familiar.”

“Maybe it’s because he looks a little like Senior Sister Lu? That’s why we feel that he’s familiar. They’re both icy cold and just as hard to socialize with,” Ling Xuanxuan suggested.

“Maybe.” Ling Yushi couldn’t figure it out either, so she didn’t think much about it and went out with her.

Outside the private room.

Tang Siqi and the rest of the group was waiting quietly.

“Does Qin Bing actually know the Ling sisters?” Yi Yuan rubbed his chin and whispered quietly, “That can’t be right. There’s no way he would know those two girls. But why is he so generous then? To have the sect bear the cost of the spirit materials, and no matter how many times he fails, the cost of the spirit materials will still be incurred by the sect. Isn’t he being a little too good to the two sisters?”

This was also the point that confused Tang Siqi, Lian Rou, and Ouyang Jingjing.

Normally speaking, not only did an artifact requester who was looking for an Armament Sect artificer to forge artifacts need to prepare their own spirit materials, they also had to pay a sizable fee. Even if the artificer fails to forge the spirit artifacts in the end, they will at best promise to help reforge the weapons next time.

There were almost no artificers like Qin Lie who would supply their own spirit materials, not accept payment, and even guarantee its success.

“Strange. Maybe he doesn’t know the rules of the artifact forging society?” Lian Rou also shook her head on the inside.

“Or maybe he fancied the two sisters…” Yi Yuan’s smile suddenly turned dubious as he chuckled, “If that’s the case, then everything can be explained. He’s a man after all, the moment he sees someone he likes, he will very easily lose his rationality.”

The moment the words came out, Lian Rou’s face froze, Ouyang Jingjing’s eyes darkened, and Tang Siqi frowned slightly.

“Oh shit.” When Yi Yuan saw their expressions, he suddenly noticed that he might have screwed up.

It was at this moment Qin Lie had walked out of the private room. Ouyang Jingjing humphed coldly, “Qin Bing! Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan are the direct disciples of Dark Fiend Valley’s valley master. Don’t even think about wooing them! Artifact forging is one thing, but if you dare bring up any improper requirements, then I will never forgive you!”

There was also a trace of doubt in Lian Rou’s eyes. She suspected that Qin Lie had something else in his mind as well.

Tang Siqi, who at first had planned to discuss something with Qin Lie let out a low hmph at this point, rolled her eyes at Qin Lie, turned her head, and actually left.

“What’s going on?” Qin Lie was confused.

“Brother Qin, about that, it’s all because of my blabbermouth!” Yi Yuan scolded himself loudly.

Ouyang Jingjing glared at Qin Lie once before she suddenly entered the private room and stared seriously at Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan. She asked, “Did that bastard ask for any improper requirements or anything? Did he, did he do anything improper towards you while you’re inside the private room?”

Both sisters were surprised as they shook their heads at once and said in unison, “No.”

Only then did Ouyang Jingjing let out a sigh of relief. “You have explained everything clearly?”

“Mn,” the two girls nodded.

“Alright. Lu Li may have gotten impatient while she waited outside. Let us leave first.” Ouyang Jingjing nodded and led the two sisters out of the private rooms. When she passed by Qin Lie, she warned him in a low tone again, “They belong to Seven Fiends Valley. You have better not get any funny ideas, or don’t blame me for not going easy on you!”

“Qin Bing, I would like to know why you’ve given special treatment to the two sisters.” Lian Rou also questioned.

“It’s nothing. I just want to forge a spirit artifact seriously for someone to test out my recent understanding towards spirit diagrams. That’s all,” Qin Lie frowned.

“Like hell I’ll believe you!” Lian Rou hmphed once, turned her head, and walked away.

“Yi Yuan, what did you say to them?” Qin Lie’s expression turned cold as he suddenly realized that the women’s strange reactions probably had something to do with Yi Yuan.

“Oh it’s nothing. I just said that you probably fancy the two sisters. We’re all men right, I get you.” Yi Yuan looked a bit embarrassed as he laughed lamely, “Those two sisters are pretty good-looking. Their temperament is extraordinary and their appearances are beautiful. It’s only natural that you would be attracted by them. I’m just considering this matter from a normal man’s point of view. After all, you are being too generous, so it’s really easy for people to think that way.”

Qin Lie’s expression darkened.

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