Chapter 178: The Seventh Natal Palace (Teaser)

Chapter 178: The Seventh Natal Palace

Inside the blood pool.

Qin Lie’s body started to violently shake.

Earth energy, as heavy as mountains, seemed to shoot out from beneath the earth itself and latch onto Qin Lie’s body.

Both Feng Rong and Lang Xie had the feeling that they were about to bend their knees and sink deep into the earth. They matched each other’s eyes and immediately noticed that the gravity in the area had once again increased by a great degree.

The gravity field had turned stronger, causing man, trees, and leaves alike to all fall to the ground. Even the branches that were as thick as an arm had snapped off .

—All of this was caused by the incredible suction power.

At this moment, the spirit sea of Qin Lie’s dantian had countless streaks of yellow light intersecting each other, all forming into a glittering yellow ball of light.

The ball of light unleashed a powerful magnetic field, faintly resonating with geocentric magnetism which continuously enhanced the gravity field.

A new Natal Palace was about to be formed!

Qin Lie focused his entire mind and consciousness into the spirit sea. While madly channeling Records of Geocentric Magnetism and absorbing...

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