Chapter 178: The Seventh Natal Palace

Chapter 178: The Seventh Natal Palace

Inside the blood pool.

Qin Lie’s body started to violently shake.

Earth energy, as heavy as mountains, seemed to shoot out from beneath the earth itself and latch onto Qin Lie’s body.

Both Feng Rong and Lang Xie had the feeling that they were about to bend their knees and sink deep into the earth. They matched each other’s eyes and immediately noticed that the gravity in the area had once again increased by a great degree.

The gravity field had turned stronger, causing man, trees, and leaves alike to all fall to the ground. Even the branches that were as thick as an arm had snapped off .

—All of this was caused by the incredible suction power.

At this moment, the spirit sea of Qin Lie’s dantian had countless streaks of yellow light intersecting each other, all forming into a glittering yellow ball of light.

The ball of light unleashed a powerful magnetic field, faintly resonating with geocentric magnetism which continuously enhanced the gravity field.

A new Natal Palace was about to be formed!

Qin Lie focused his entire mind and consciousness into the spirit sea. While madly channeling Records of Geocentric Magnetism and absorbing the blood pool’s amazing bloodwater, he continued to temper his body thoroughly.

His naked body suddenly shone with a yellow luster. The luster had a metallic tint and gave of the feeling of a cold, hard texture.

“Prak prak prak!”

Dull explosion sounds continuously rumbled out from inside his body. The rumbling was so powerful that the bloodwater surged and spilled out of the pool.

“The seventh Natal Palace!”

Qin Lie exclaimed in his mind. While channeling Records of the Geocentric Magnetism he extracted traces of immense and refined earth energy from the earthfire beneath the blood pool.

The earth energy that was originally a bright yellow film formed a strange barrier on the surface of his body.

At this moment, the “film” had suddenly melted and turned into thick and immense earth energy. Like many little streams, they madly rushed into his dantian’s spirit sea and gathered together at the yellow Natal Palace above.

It was like his body had turned into a sponge, swiftly absorbing every last drop of liquid inside the blood pool.

In just a very short time, his bare body had turned blood red while a thick bloodthirsty and ruthless aura uncontrollably erupted from his body!

Lang Xie’s eyes lit up as he exclaimed, “Very good!”

Feng Rong was also surprised. “Back then, we took much longer to digest the bloodwater’s energy and unleash that aura.”

“His foundation is far more solid than ours.” Lang Xie nodded, “Although his realm is slightly low, he has put a lot more effort into tempering his body than Pang Feng. I’m not sure what kind of method he used to temper his body, but I am sure that this spirit art is far stronger than Cloud Sky Mountain’s Golden Stone Art!”

“Of course.” Feng Rong also nodded.

While the duo was speaking, the earthen yellow light on Qin Lie brightly erupted. Yet another scarlet blood aura rose to the sky directly above his head like a cruel, crimson dragon.


Qin Lie howled once as a surge of maddening and explosive energy engulfed the entire blood pool like a huge tidal wave.

“Prak prak prak!”

Severe explosions occurred inside the blood pool, causing the jade stone around him to shatter while streaks of bloodwater flew in his direction.


The pool completely shattered, and the bloodwater completely spilled out of it. The blood pool quickly dried up.

The stone ground beneath the blood pool was as red as searing iron. The crimson color it possessed was considerably terrifying.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie was sitting right on top of that very stone ground, being burned by earthfire while his entire body shone with a glaring bright yellow light.

Traces of yellow air currents gushed out of the earth and slowly covered Qin Lie.

Soon, a layer of earth armor covered Qin Lie’s body like dried mud. The earth energy had formed into natural armor, and it even had very obvious cracks on it.

The earth sphere was like a huge cocoon that had surrounded Qin Lie, stopping people from seeing inside it.

“What is this spirit art?” Feng Rong was shocked.

A strange light appeared in Lang Xie’s eyes. “While he was channeling that spirit art, it was as if he resonated with the earth’s magnetic field. He was able to attract the earth’s energy from its core.”

“Flame Volcano is a volcano that reaches straight underground in the first place. The earthfire comes from below there…” Feng Rong was also moved on the inside as she said, “It looks like this place has huge benefits for Qin Lie’s cultivation then!”

The duo was quietly surprised.

The huge earthen yellow ball covered Qin Lie tightly. It was as if he was sealed inside.

There were still more earthen yellow streams of air coming from below and gathering to that yellow earth ball above, causing it to grow bigger and thicker non-stop.

At the same time, a huge earthen yellow ball was also growing thicker and more solid inside of the spirit sea in Qin Lie’s dantian.

This was his seventh Natal Palace!

Only by breaking through to the late stage of the Natal Opening Realm could one form the seventh Natal Palace. The formation of this Natal Palace also meant that Qin Lie’s realm had taken yet another step forward!

Inside the big earthen ball, Qin Lie concentrated on channeling Records of Geocentric Magnetism and built his seventh Natal Palace.


“Elder Tong, I’m going to bring two friends to the Artifact Requesting Hall. Qin Bing wants to assist them by forging their artifacts himself. He asked me to tell you this.” Yi Yuan found Tong Jihua and explained his purpose and Qin Lie’s objective.

Tong Jihua frowned, “Are those really Qin Bing’s instructions?”

Yi Yuan smiled bitterly, “Of course it’s him. Otherwise, I would not dare to go against the sect’s rules and lead someone in on my own.”

“Alright, then you will bring those people to the Artifact Requesting Hall in three days. As long as Qin Bing appears, then it will have no relation with you,” Tong Jihua nodded.

Yi Yuan let out a sigh of relief.

Three days later.

Yi Yuan arrived at Armament Sect’s entrance and found that Ouyang Jingjing had been waiting with Lu Li, Ling Yushi, and Ling Xuanxuan for a long while now.

“Yi Yuan, how is the matter?” Ouyang Jingjing asked.

“No problem. You can bring Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan in. I will lead you all to the Artifact Requesting Hall. Qin Bing will come over himself,” Yi Yuan said.

“Qin Bing’s coming himself?” Ouyang Jingjing looked surprised. “What is he here for?”

“H-he’s going to help the Ling Family sisters by forging the artifacts himself.” Yi Yuan’s smile was awkward.

“Him?” Ouyang Jingjing’s expression turned cold, “I admit that his talents are extraordinary, but has he actually forged artifacts before? We entered Armament Sect together, and for the past year, he has only assisted Senior Sister Tang in the process. He may be the best artificer of the sect in the future, but how is he qualified now?”

“Urk. Anyway that’s what he told me,” Yi Yuan looked helpless.

He was just as confused at Qin Lie’s instructions. With Qin Lie’s current status, he could easily have an inner sect elder to solve the Ling family sisters’ matter with a single word. Why would he need to take over the matter himself? Why must he do this?

Yi Yuan did not understand.

“Never mind, I will ask him to personally request for an inner sect elder to forge artifacts later when I see him.” Ouyang Jingjing didn’t look too good. “As for him? Forget about it. At the very least, I don’t believe in his current skill in artifact forging!”

Yi Yuan smiled bitterly.

And so, Ouyang Jingjing led Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan through the entrance. Lu Li had also followed after closely.

The guards at the front gate had been instructed by Tong Jihua long ago, so no one dared to stop them this time. They all quietly let them through the gate.

“I’m sorry.” Yi Yuan suddenly stood in front of Lu Li and said embarrassedly, “The Ling Family sisters can pass through the entrance, but Lu Li cannot. She is not allowed to take a single step into the sect.”

The moment he said this, Ouyang Jingjing turned furious. “Yi Yuan! What the hell are you doing? Was I not being clear earlier? Did I not explain things clearly to you? Did you not tell Qin Bing that three people should enter the sect?”

Lu Li’s expression had also turned frosty.

She was Jiu Liuyu’s direct disciple. Her status was distinguished at Dark Fiend Valley, and very few people would provoke her, even in the entirety of Seven Fiends Valley.

For the longest time, she was the only one who faced everyone else with arrogance. Very few people would dare to shut her out.

Armament Sect had already refused her once, but she didn’t expect them to refuse her again today. This caused Lu Li to be extremely angry.

“I have brought this up with Qin Bing.” Yi Yuan said forcefully, “It was exactly Qin Bing’s intention to not allow Lu Li into the sect. He had even specifically instructed me in this. I really can’t help you.”

“So it was an order by the future sect master.” The Armament Sect guards’ expressions at the entrance quivered slightly upon hearing his words.

Therefore, the two men had also grown serious and stood at the entrance. They carefully stared at Lu Li as one man said, “The miss over there, in this case, we really can’t let you in. Otherwise, the future sect master will know that we have failed our duty, and we cannot take responsibility for that. Therefore, we can only apologize to you.”

They expressed their attitude. It was obvious that they did not dare to offend Qin Lie, and so, they could only bar Lu Li from entering the sect.

“Have I offended that Qin Bing before?” Anger was written all over Lu Li’s cold and proud face. She said coldly, “There should not be such a character in my memories. I would really like to know why he is targeting me specifically?”

“Yi Yuan! Are you doing this intentionally?” Ouyang Jingjing was also furious.

“It really isn’t me.” Yi Yuan’s smile was as bitter as one could imagine, “You can ask him yourself after you meet Qin Bing. This really is what he instructed!”

“He doesn’t even know Senior Sister Lu Li, why would he do this?” Ouyang Jingjing exclaimed.

“I really don’t know,” Yi Yuan claimed injustice.

“You guys go. I’ll wait on the outside for your news.” Lu Li sucked in a deep breath. The slight shudder of her firm breasts showed exactly how agitated she was. Her face was also full of iciness, but there was a trace of helplessness in her eyes as well. “Do ask that Qin Bing while you’re there if I’ve killed his entire family or cut off his five limbs?”

“Five limbs?” Yi Yuan was dumbfounded.

Lu Li’s icy sharp gaze suddenly swept down at Yi Yuan’s groin area.

Yi Yuan immediately understood where the fifth limb she mentioned was. His entire body shuddered as he subconsciously pressed his legs together. His expression had turned incredibly ugly.

“Just get in already, stop blocking the entrance!” the guards said impatiently.

“Let’s go. I must ask Qin Bing what the meaning of this is!”

Ouyang Jingjing’s expression was cold and terrible. She cursed every one of his ancestors before proceeding together with Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan to the outer sect’s Artifact Requesting Hall.

Yi Yuan frowned. He was also doubtful about the matter and wanted to know why Qin Lie had done this.

“Qin Bing, Qin Bing. Another one of those ‘Qin’s’!”

Lu Li’s face was icy cold as she muttered in her heart at the Armament Sect entrance under the gaze of the guards.

A chilly light was brimming inside her cold eyes, causing many martial practitioners entering and exiting the sect to be surprised and curious as to who had offended such a cold but beautiful woman.

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