Chapter 1773: Variable

Li Xin, who had become little more than bones and skin, broke free of the spatial restraint. He separated from the pieces of his Soul Altar and flew away from Qin Lie as a streak of bloody light.

At the surroundings, the members of the Light Family shouted and roared angrily.

The nine Light Family members that had Li Xin's Soul Altar burrow in suddenly lost their blood!

In a flash, those nine Light Family members became dried corpses as thin as Li Xin.

Their blood had been completely sucked dry by Li Xin's Soul Altar levels. Their tendons bulged through their skin and caused them to appear sinister in appearance.


In the next moment, their eyes grew mad and bloodthirsty as though they were completely controlled by Li Xin.

"Kill him!"

Li Xin breathed heavily. His bloody red eyes glared at Qin Lie.

Those nine Light Family warriors were unable to control themselves now.

Along Li Xin's order, the nine warriors charged towards Qin Lie.

"Pew pew!"

In a flash, the nine Light Family warriors suddenly gave off bright rays of light.

The lights were filled with different abilities of the Light Family and cut at Qin Lie's enormous body.

"Crack! Crack!"

Qin Lie's body of several thousand meters gave off terrifying sounds as though it was being cut up.

However, Qin Lie seemed to not feel any pain. He looked coldly at the light blades cutting at his body.

"Pity that you are only able to control the rank nine Light Family warriors." Qin Lie shook his head and said regretfully, "If these had been at rank ten, they might have been able to hurt me slightly. Rank nine warriors are not able to break through the natural defense of my flesh!"

"Snap-crack snap-crack!"

Blue bolts of lightning appeared on Qin Lie's skin and roamed over his body.

The light blades from the Light Family members controlled by Li Xin were blocked by purple lightning flashing on his body.


The criss-crossing lightning turned into enormous lightning balls that hurled towards Li Xin.

Li Xin saw the situation was not good. His expression changed. He abandoned the evil dragons and shot towards the direction of the Temple of Gods.

At almost the same time, the Light Family members that his Soul Altars had possessed fled in nine directions.

"Stop them!" the elders of the Light Family shouted.

Qin Lie did not move. He looked coldly at the fleeing Light Family members. He watched them suddenly stop after they were far from the land of the Light Family.


The Soul Altars hidden in their bodies flew out with bloody auras and gathered together in the air.

Soon, Li Xin's nine-level Soul Altar reformed and flew toward the Temple of Gods.

"Qin Lie, why..."

Only now did Yu Xi, the patriarch of the Light Family, ask in puzzlement.

In his view, Qin Lie did not seem to have used full power and the determination to kill Li Xin.

He was very puzzled.

Qin Lie's expression was normal. "The Blood Emperor is troublesome. But he’s also troublesome to Lieyan Yuan."

He could see that Blood Emperor Li Xin already had thoughts of rebellion and, sooner or later, would escape Lieyan Yuan's control.

His abnormal Chaos Blood would cause him to explode and die as it developed.

He did not believe Lieyan Yuan could get rid of Li Xin's trouble.

Li Xin also knew this, so he furiously wanted to steal the Perfect Blood to fix his own bloodline.

More importantly, his Perfect Blood was also Castor and Lieyan Yuan's target.

Lieyan Yuan and the two of them had the same target. He was an unknown variable. Perhaps he would end up on opposite sides to Castor and Lieyan Yuan due to this.

"Do you not have to comfort your family members?" Qin Lie said.

Yu Xi appeared embarrassed. As the present patriarch of the Light Family, he could not unite the family. No matter what, the responsibility lay with him.

"Ignore them," Yu Xi said.

"Okay." Qin Lie nodded and said, "Come with me to the Bloodthirst Family. An Hao and the others are over there."


"Go find Lieyan Yuan and tell him what happened to the Light Family." Qin Lie looked at the patriarch of the evil dragons.

Brocklehurst nodded helplessly.


Borrowing the power of the Galaxy Mirror, Qin Lie casually tore space apart, creating a spatial rift, and flew in.

The eight Undying Titans charged in without a word.

Yu Xi hesitated and then he looked at the elder that supported Lieyan Yuan most strongly. He said, "Uncle, please maintain your calm and composure."

Then he flew into the torn spatial crack and went with Qin Lie to the Bloodthirst Family.

He knew that if they wanted to truly resist Lieyan Yuan, Qin Lie, An Hao and the others needed the Light Family’s Flesh Filling Tombstone under his control.

A moment later, Qin Lie arrived at the Bloodthirst Family and stood in the dark sky.

He immediately saw Kuang Jue of the Bloodthirst Family roaring angrily towards the sky as he attacked a warrior covered in flames.

An Hao, Lieyan Zhao, and Han Che who he had sent here had not interfered in the fight.

"That person is called Lieyan Zhong. He and I were comrades in the past but he’s blindly loyal to Lieyan Yuan," Lieyan Zhao explained after Qin Lie arrived.

Qin Lie did not pay attention to the members of the Bloodthirst Family. He only looked deeply at Kuang Jue of the Bloodthirst Family. He found that Kuang Jue had merged the Flesh Filling Tombstone into his body and the blood vibrations coming from his body were as vast and endless as an ocean.

Kuang Jue, who borrowed the power of the Flesh Filling Tombstone, displayed enough power to suppress the expert called Lieyan Zhong.

The nearby Bloodthirst Family members all were in great spirits and were very united, unlike the Light Family.

The Bloodthirst Family were united in their attitude. While the elders of the Bloodthirst Family were old, none of them were truly yielding to Lieyan Yuan.

When Kuang Jue showed he wanted to work with An Hao and the others to force Lieyan Yuan to step down, the Bloodthirst Family agreed.

This meant that Kuang Jue's influence in the family was far greater than Yu Xi’s in his.

Yu Xi, who had an elegant air and cared about the family laws, was too humble and could not compare to the dominant Kuang Jue in terms of controlling the family.

"I do not need a helper here!"

Kuang Jue shouted in discontent when he saw Qin Lie. "None of you are allowed to interfere! This is my battle with Lieyan Zhong!"

An Hao had an expression of helplessness. He spread his hands towards Qin Lie and said, "If the three of us entered, the battle would have already finished. We should not linger and waste our time here. Lieyan Yuan is our true target."

"The bastard Kuang Jue is wasting our time!" Lieyan Zhao snorted.

Qin Lie was shocked.

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