Chapter 1772: Aren’t You Thinking Too Much?

Li Xin was not stupid. He knew his own situation.

When Lieyan Yuan helped him ignite the Chaos Blood, he knew that if he could not perfect the Chaos Blood, even if he reached the ultimate realm, he would die soon after.

He believed that even Lieyan Yuan could not resolve his troubles.

Only Qin Lie could.

Because Qin Lie's bloodline was the true Perfect Blood that could help the chaotic bloodlines in his body merge into one!

When he realized that Qin Lie was the key to his survival, he decided to attack Qin Lie.

For this, he even betrayed Lieyan Yuan!

He knew that Qin Lie's Perfect Blood was Lieyan Yuan's target.

He was going to steal Qin Lie's Perfect Blood. He naturally would betray Lieyan Yuan and attract Lieyan Yuan's ire.

However, once the blood in his body merged as one, his power would grow by yet another level!

At that time, even Lieyan Yuan would not be able to control him.

The blood dragons madly flew out of his nine-level Soul Altar and chewed at the Flame Devil King's life crystal.

The Blood Emperor waved his arms. Prismatic blood drops containing presence of different races rained down.

"Heavenly Blood Web!"

The bright blood droplets formed a dense, tight web that covered the sky.

Blood energy flashed within the bloody light, giving off different auras. The sky above Light Family seemed to have been dyed red by the layer of blood.

The net gave off thick tang of blood. A whiff of it and all nearby beings turned mad and bloodthirsty.

"Blood Arts: Soul Shackle!"

At the same time, Li Xin shouted as his two withered hands created a profound seal.

A powerful soul restraint imposed on Qin Lie's body along with a strong bloody tang.

At this time, Qin Lie's soul seemed to be wrapped in invisible blood lines.

"Pew pew!"

Dense wounds erupted on his skin. The Perfect Blood in his veins formed streaks as if attracted by some power.

Threads of blood flew out of his torn skin and shot towards Blood Emperor.

More accurately, they flew against Blood Emperor's nine-level Soul Altar!


Li Xin laughed. His bloody red eyes were filled with desire and greed!

"Perfect Blood! It will be mine!" He channeled his Blood Stealing Secret Art at full power.

"Aren’t you thinking too much?" Qin Lie laughed.

The blood that was heading toward Li Xin suddenly stopped in the air under his mental control.

At this moment, all the blood dragons tearing at the life crystal of the Flame Devil King suddenly gave harsh screams.

Those blood dragons were made from different bloodlines. But as the life crystal burned, they all started to evaporate.

The blood dragons gradually shrank. The evaporating mist slowly turned to nothing.

The Light Family members gathered at the surroundings suddenly quieted as they saw Qin Lie and Blood Emperor Li Xin fight.

The elders that had been ranting previously ordered those members to not participate in the battle between Qin Lie and Li Xin.

They knew that Qin Lie was Lieyan Yuan's grandson, and Li Xin... was Lieyan Yuan's loyal subordinate.

No matter who won in Li Xin and Qin Lie's fight, Lieyan Yuan, who had ascended to the God King throne, would not blame either of them.

After the event, they could push all the problems on Qin Lie's head.

Only Yu Xi of the Light Family held the Flesh Filling Tombstone of the Light Family and released blinding light as he looked coldly at Li Xin and prepared to act at any moment.

He and An Hao's group had a silent agreement. They decided to work with Qin Lie's Flesh Filling Tombstone and lay siege on Lieyan Yuan's palace.

Therefore, he thought of Qin Lie as one of his.

"Boom boom boom!"

The dozen rank ten evil dragons and the Undying Titans that Qin Lie had brought along collided together and started to tear at each other.

The eight Titan Race clansmen who had returned to rank ten bloodline with Qin Lie's help had even greater bodies than the evil dragons. Their power was savage and ferocious.

The evil dragons could not gain any advantage over the Undying Titans.

"Disengage!" Brocklehurst, the patriarch of the evil dragons suddenly shouted.

Seeing the evil dragons unable to gain victory against the Undying Titans, and having heard Qin Lie’s order to just buy time and not commit slaughter, Brocklehurst did not want to continue.

In Brocklehurst's eyes, Qin Lie was Lieyan Yuan's grandson. In the future... he might be the God King of the God Race!

He did not want to offend Qin Lie.

Therefore, he ordered the evil dragons to stop fighting the Undying Titans and put his attention on Qin Lie and Li Xin.

"Lord Brocklehurst, Li Xin is already insane. It is best you do not interact more with him."

Qin Lie took a deep breath. After saying these words, he suddenly activated his Abyss Devil Race bloodline!

Having activated the wild bloodline of the Abyss, his body rapidly grew!

In a short dozen seconds, he transformed into a seven thousand meters tall Devil Monarch with a terrifying presence.

"A rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss!"

"This is the... the aura of a Devil Monarch!"

"He became the Devil Monarch of Flaming Sun Purgatory!"

The members of the Light Family paled when they saw Qin Lie complete his transformation and become a terrifying Great Lord of the Abyss.

Many of the elders had never seen Qin Lie before and did not know his true strength.

At this time, they experienced the surging bloodline presence inside Qin Lie and gaped inwardly. They found that Qin Lie's strength was not that far from Lieyan Yuan’s.

This caused some of the elders that were strongly on Lieyan Yuan's side to suddenly waver. They thought that if Qin Lie and the five families worked together, they may be able to overthrow Lieyan Yuan.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

Qin Lie, who had turned into a Great Lord of the Abyss, clawed with his hand. The life crystal of the Flame Devil King immediately broke free of the blood dragons that had turned to mist.

Flames flowed from the blazing meteor like enormous waterfalls that poured down on Li Xin's nine-level Soul Altar.

All the five-colored blood droplets that Li Xin had released seemed to be frozen after Qin Lie turned into a Great Lord of the Abyss.

Li Xin's soul restraint completely lost its effect.

"Your half-done Chaos Blood is not enough," Qin Lie said coolly.


Flames flooded toward Li Xin's nine-level Soul Altar like an ocean.

As Li Xin attempted to resist, Qin Lie's other hand moved the Galaxy Mirror.

In the next moment, Li Xin found his nine-level Soul Altar unable to move.


Li Xin roared. His nine-level Soul Altar suddenly split apart into nine pieces.

The nine pieces of the Soul Altar seemed to temporarily break free of the restraint of space and fled out of the flame ocean.

Li Xin's withered body seemed to be drained of blood like a corpse.

But in this eerie way, he seemed to gain some evil power that let him escape the spatial restraint of the Galaxy Mirror.

"You will die!"


Suddenly, many members of the Light Family shouted.

Qin Lie divided his attention and noticed the nine separated Soul Altar pieces had eerily burrowed into the bodies of nine Light Family members.

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