Chapter 1771: Chaos Blood

"Kill me?"

Li Xin was at ease. He shook his head and said, "If I was still in Flaming Sun Purgatory, you may be able to kill me, but this is God Realm. I have also created the ninth level of my Soul Altar, and Master has activated my Perfect Blood!"

"Who are you? Why have you come to the Light Family?!"

At this time, an untimely voice suddenly sounded.

This was an old member of the Light Family. He wore long white robes, his expression excited, as he pointed at and berated Qin Lie.

Qin Lie looked with bewilderment at the patriarch of the Light Family, Yu Xi.

In his view, the Blood Emperor Li Xin had clearly come to demand the Flesh Filling Tombstone and he was clearly stating he was going against Li Xin.

In such a clear situation, a member of the Light Family did not understand and was criticizing him. This was absurd.

"Elder, he is Qin Lie," Yu Xi explained.

"Qin Lie?" The elder of the Light Family stilled and then snorted. "I know, he's the mixed-blood! He does not have pure Blaze Family bloodline, and he isn't a member of our Light Family. Why is he meddling?"

Before Yu Xi could speak, the elder spoke again, "Yu Xi, why not give the Flesh Filling Tombstone of our family into Lieyan Yuan’s care temporarily? He is the God King of our race now, and he just wants to use it for a short while. Why be like this?"

"Yes, since we have all recognized him as the God King, we should obey his orders," another elder of the Light Family added.

Yu Xi's handsome face grew dark after he heard the shouts of the elders.

Qin Lie suddenly understood.

He finally understood why the Light Family had no experts appear to help when Li Xin led the evil dragons to attack Yu Xi.

So there were multiple elders in the Light Family that had recognized Lieyan Yuan as the God King already.

Due to this, when Light Family elders demanded the Flesh Filling Tombstone from Yu Xi in the name of Lieyan Yuan, they all tried to persuade him.

The attitudes of the Light Family caused Qin Lie to realize that the five families most likely have not reached a consensus.

Maybe, there were many elders and vassals that had surrendered to Lieyan Yuan after seeing his power.

"Young Master, are you surprised?" The Blood Emperor Li Xin had a disdainful expression. "You do not understand Master's influence within the God Race. In the years that Master disappeared, Master did not neglect spreading his influence in the God Race. When Master entered God Realm, Master's supporters appeared and so, Master successfully reached his goal. Ha, in these years, the God Race appeared as though it was led by the five patriarchs, but the experts who secretly listen to Master surpass your expectations!"

Qin Lie shook.

"Lord Yu Xi, give the Flesh Filling Tombstone, do not make trouble for the Light Family." Li Xin finally grew impatient.

"Drip! Drip!"

Drops of prismatic blood dripped from Li Xin's palm at this time.

The drops of blood landed on the nine-level Soul Altar like crystal beads and slowly rolled along the Soul Altar.

"Purple, Abyss Devil blood. Blue, Spirit Race blood. Crimson red, the color of the human race and God Race blood..."

Staring at the drops of blood, Qin Lie's gaze was shocked as he quickly determined.


Li Xin laughed lowly. The blood beads rolling along his nine-level Soul Altar shot towards Yu Xi like bright stars.

The different beads of blood contained rich refined flesh and blood energy. As they flew through the air, they released different kinds of bloodline abilities.


One drop of purple blood suddenly transformed into an Abyss Devil similar to Li Xin.

The Abyss Devil roared as it sucked up millions of tons of water from the lake below.


The Abyss Devil suddenly flew into the lake water. Its body changed dramatically and it became a Great Lord of the Abyss composed of the lakewater.

"Sst sst!"

The other drop of blue blood tore apart space and released many sharp spatial blades.

Those spatial blades cut towards Qin Lie and Yu Xi.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The crimson red blood transformed into a surging sea of flame and a burning flame world.

A kind of green blood changed the gravitational energy so that Qin Lie and Yu Xi's floating bodies suddenly dropped downwards.

"The power of the Abyss Devils, the spatial laws of the Spirit Race, the Blaze Family bloodline, and the manipulation of gravity of the Earth Demon Race..."

Yu Xi of the Light Family looked at the differently-colored beads of blood and his expression changed at the mysterious bloodline abilities that appeared.

Qin Lie was also shocked. He suddenly understood Blood Emperor Li Xin's Chaos Blood.

When Li Xin used his bloodline power, he felt the conflicting bloodlines inside Li Xin's body.

The different bloodlines were different colors in Li Xin's body and they had not merged at all. They were separated in Li Xin's limbs and blood vessels.

This was different compared to his Perfect Blood.

Each drop of his blood contained attributes and abilities of all four of his bloodline systems.

Li Xin needed to use different kinds of blood. If he wanted to use the bloodline power of the Abyss Devils, God Race, and Spirit Race, he needed to use at least three different drops of blood.

"The Chaos Blood is only blood with his body serving as container. This blood hasn’t merged with him at all."

Qin Lie immediately realized that Li Xin's Chaos Blood had too many shortcomings.

"Li Xin, you still have a long way to go."

He smiled and waved his hand. He pointed into the air, a tongue of flame released from his fingertip

The tongue formed into a ball of flame that numbly streaked through the air toward the Abyss Devil Li Xin had created.

The Abyss Devil that had a body made from lake water and a drop of Li Xin's blood serving as the soul screamed immediately when Qin Lie's flame touched it.

Almost at the same time, wisps of flame flew out with Qin Lie as the center.

Each tongue of flame contained Qin Lie's bloodline presence, and different bloodline attributes and abilities.

Those flames all found the bloodline abnormalities Li Xin had created and attacked and corroded Li Xin's power.


Qin Lie casually swiped. An enormous spatial gap split and the life crystal of the Flame Devil King flew out.

The enormous blazing meteor came from the sky and fell toward Li Xin's nine-level Soul Altar.

Li Xin looked up. Seeing that enormous flame coming at him, he snorted. Thick blood energy suddenly appeared around the Soul Altar.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

A blood dragon flew out of the Soul Altar and tore at the Flame Devil King's life crystal.

Li Xin controlled the Soul Altar, his eyes burning with bloodthirst and murderousness as he charged ferociously at Qin Lie.

"I know that the blood Master has promised me is meaningless to me! Only your blood can help me break free of him, and become truly free!" Li Xin roared inside.

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