Chapter 1770: The Mad Blood Emperor!

It obviously made no sense that all six of Castor’s avatars were able to escape from the Eight Purgatories at the same time.

Thus, Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan must’ve helped him in secret.

Castor’s avatars needed to consume as many powerful Abyss Devils as possible to return to full strength, and it just so happened that a couple of Great Lords of the Abyss had been ambushed and killed...

Therefore, it was perfectly rational for Auston to suspect that all these Great Lords of the Abyss had become food for Castor.

“Castor, huh.”

Qin Lie thought to himself for a moment before replying to Auston through a unique secret art, “It’s fine, there’s no need to worry too much about it. Even if all eight of his avatars were to return to full strength, I’m confident that I can suppress him!”

“I have other things to do right now. Once I’m done with my business, I’ll head to the Abyss myself and kill all his avatars one by one!”

After severing his connection with Auston, Qin Lie summoned the Galaxy Mirror and opened a spatial passage immediately.

“You three go help Kuang Jue,” he said while looking at the patriarchs.

“Got it!”

An Hao, Lieyan Zhao and Han Che followed his command without hesitation.

After they left, Qin Lie altered the Galaxy Mirror a bit and flew into the spatial passage himself with the eight Undying Titans behind him.


An instant later, Qin Lie had appeared in the Light Family’s domain.

It was a place with a clean lake, bright palaces and groups of Light Family members.

A lot of giant warships and realm entrances were present on the squares surrounding the palaces.

Right now, a lot of Light Family experts were floating above the giant lake.


Many evil dragons were currently flying among the clouds.

The Evil Dragon Race had submitted to Lieyan Yuan thirty thousand years ago. They had vanished alongside Lieyan Yuan when the God Race condemned him.

After a long period of development, the Evil Dragon Race now had seven rank ten warriors.

There were plenty of rank eight and nine evil dragons around the area as well. They always acted with the Blood Emperor Li Xin and obeyed him as their commander.

That was why they were here. The Blood Emperor Li Xin had brought them with him on his mission to rob Yu Xi’s Flesh Filling Tombstone.

“Zzzt zzzt!”

Right now, Yu Xi was being flooded by a series of bloody light.

The Blood Emperor’s nine-level Soul Altar was unleashing a terrific amount of blood and power.

“He has built the ninth level of his Soul Altar.”

Qin Lie immediately noticed Li Xin’s power the moment he appeared in the Light Family’s domain.

At first, he was confused by Lieyan Yuan’s decision to send Li Xin here. After all, it felt a little overconfident to think that Li Xin, an eight-level Soul Altar expert would be able to beat the Light Family’s many rank ten bloodline warriors. At most, he was slightly stronger than them.

This was without considering the Light Family patriarch himself, a pillar that had supported the God Race for many years.

Why did Lieyan Yuan think that Li Xin would be able to force Yu Xi into surrendering his Flesh Filling Tombstone?

“I sense the auras of the Abyss Devils and the Spirit Race, and the energy of the evil dragons and the God Race…”

Qin Lie’s expression changed slightly after probing Li Xin. His eyes became laced with a bit of seriousness.

The old Li Xin didn’t have an entire palette of bloodline auras in him.

But now…

“Qin Lie, you’d best stay out of this.”

A giant evil dragon suddenly roared after noticing Qin Lie.

The evil dragon was about four thousand meters long. Draconic patterns covered its grayish white body, and its flesh and blood energy felt like they could overflow at any moment.

“Are you Brocklehurst?” Qin Lie yelled.

“It is I.” The patriarch of the Evil Dragon Race, Brocklehurst, stared at him with its draconic eyes while saying, “Calvert told me that you helped the Evil Dragon Race a lot after our departure. That was why we helped clear out the Asura Race, the Giant Dragon Race and the Sea Race for you. However, our loyalty lies with Lord Lieyan Yuan, and you are our master’s grandson. In our opinion, you shouldn’t be enemies with him.”

“Please don’t put us in a difficult position.”

Brocklehurst tried to persuade Qin Lie from intervening with their battle against the Light Family and Lieyan Yuan’s great plans.

“I’m sorry, but he is no grandfather to me,” Qin Lie said calmly. “I understand where you’re coming from, but… I cannot support you.”

He then looked at the eight Undying Titans and said, “Keep the evil dragons busy, but don’t kill them.”

“Qin Lie, please don’t do this to us!” Brocklehurst growled.

However, Qin Lie was no longer looking at him. Still remaining in his human form, he appeared at the Blood Emperor and Yu Xi’s battleground in a flash.

The moment he appeared, the clashing Li Xin and Yu Xi immediately broke away from each other.

Li Xin looked lean, and his pupils were blood red. He was overflowing with madness and bloodthirst as he sat atop his nine-level Soul Altar.

The bloody nine-level Soul Altar looked like a mountain of blood. It was as if it was made from the blood and bones of countless experts, and the blood stench was overpowering everyone’s nostrils.

Unlike the last time, Li Xin was clearly eager to clash against Qin Lie!

He licked the corner of his lips as his blood-crazed pupils flashed with hidden greed and desire.

“Young master, you shouldn’t have come here. You should’ve gone to Kuang Jue instead,” Li Xin said with mad chuckle. “In fact, you shouldn’t have let me return from Flaming Sun Purgatory. While you were evolving into a Devil Monarch, I’ve created the ninth level of my Soul Altar. After my master activated my Chaos Blood, I’ve consumed the blood of Abyss Devils, God Race, Spirit Race and many other foreign races. With the Blood Progenitor’s Blood Stealing Secret Art, I was able to refine their inert ability and power into my bloodline.”

“Now, I can use another races’ bloodlines, just like you.”

“For example, the Blaze Family bloodline!”

“Whoosh whoosh!”

Li Xin laughed madly as red flames gushed out of his nine-level Soul Altar.

In this moment, Qin Lie could clearly sense the Blaze Family’s bloodline aura from him.

“Lieyan Yuan allowed you to feed on his own clansmen to create you? He hasn’t changed at all!” a Light Family elder lamented with grief.

“Heh, that’s not all,” Li Xin declared madly and savagely. “Master even promised me to feed on anyone who dares to disobey him. I will gather all four families’ bloodlines and make them my own!”

Qin Lie stared at Li Xin calmly. He suddenly realized that Li Xin was controlled by his own Chaos Blood.

It was because the Li Xin before him was completely different from the Li Xin he knew, be it in terms of aura or behavior.

It appeared that Lieyan Yuan had changed him into a Blood Drinker completely after activating his Chaos Blood.

“I’m sorry. It looks like I have no choice but to kill you,” Qin Lie said with a sigh.

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