Chapter 1769: First Opportunity Lost!

“My lord, An Hao, Han Che and Lieyan Zhao are currently at Ice Night Realm. Also, a lot of elders including that old man Byron had gone to Ice Night Realm not long ago.”

The Blaze Family bloodline warrior who brought the news was called Lieyan Zhong. He was a famous figure in the Blaze Family, and he had become Lieyan Yuan’s loyal subordinate a long time ago.

In fact, he was already his general since the day Lieyan Yuan cooperated with the Darkness Family to invade Spirit Realm.

When Lieyan Zhong went missing, many people thought that he was killed in action. In reality, he was alive and serving Lieyan Yuan all this time.

He had been a bloodline warrior at the same level as Lieyan Zhao since a long time ago. In fact, he could’ve competed against Lieyan Zhao for the seat of the patriarch if he wasn’t Lieyan Yuan’s trusted aide.

“I told you to call me big brother when there are no outsiders around,” Lieyan Yuan said unhappily.

Lieyan Zhong grinned a little before replying, “Big brother.”

Lieyan Zhong was clearly younger than Lieyan Yuan, and he had a brawny figure and a face full of scars. The scars made him look savage and ferocious.

They fit him though. He was without a doubt the best killer Lieyan Yuan had.

“Qin Lie is my grandson. The fact that he has the Perfect Blood proves that my project was a success,” Lieyan Yuan said indifferently while looking toward outside. “I’m waiting for him to come here so I can persuade him to… stand on my side.”

“But he and the those three are clearly going to be our enemies,” Lieyan Zhong said seriously.

“Let’s hope he’ll come to his senses,” Lieyan Yuan said with a sigh.


A bloody light suddenly entered the Temple of Gods and transformed into the Blood Emperor, Li Xin.

“Greetings, master!”

Li Xin knelt on one knee and bowed toward Lieyan Yuan humbly.

Li Xin was overflowing with power. He had obviously created the ninth level of his Soul Altar.

His aura was a mix of Abyss Devils, the God Race, the Spirit Race and many other races. It was actually somewhat similar to Qin Lie’s Perfect Blood.

Lieyan Yuan stared at him for a long time before asking, “How do you feel?”

“Very good! I feel very good! Thank you, master!” Li Xin said.

Lieyan Yuan nodded slightly before saying, “You may have inherited the Blood Progenitor’s Blood Stealing Secret Art, but what you’re really cultivating is a version of the Perfect Blood I modified. Of course, it isn’t as complete as Qin Lie’s Perfect Blood because you’re not a human, and your luck and talent are insufficient. Even then, you are undoubtedly the second miracle I’ve created after Qin Lie. You should be among the strongest of the galaxy now that the ninth level of your Soul Altar is complete.”

“At the very least, you should have nothing to fear from Yu Xi of the Light Family.”

Li Xin replied with a smile, “I’m certain I can defeat Yu Xi!”

“That’s right,” Lieyan Yuan said with a pleased expression. “How goes your mission at the Purgatory? Did you collect enough sacrifices for Castor to feed on?”

“Don’t worry, master. All six of Castor’s avatars are close to returning to peak strength!” Li Xin said seriously.

“Good!” Lieyan Yuan declared in a low tone, “I promise you that it’s only a matter of time before those six avatars are yours to take!”

“Thank you, master!” Li Xin said with bright eyes.

“Now go, go to the Light Family and bring Yu Xi’s Flesh Filling Tombstone to me,” Lieyan Yuan ordered.

“Understood!” The Blood Emperor, Li Xin immediately flew out of the Temple of Gods.

“Big brother… I think we should watch him closer. I’m afraid we’re raising a legitimate threat,” Lieyan Zhong said worriedly.

Lieyan Yuan gestured for him to relax and said, “There’s no need to worry about him. Unlike Qin Lie, his Perfect Blood is definitely flawed. I can kill him anytime I wish. He’ll never be able to threaten us.”

“Are you really going to let him feed on Castor’s blood?” Lieyan Zhong asked with a frown.

“If Castor fails to meet our expectation and become the Abyss Master before Qin Lie, then… Li Xin will replace him and enter the ultimate realm with his Chaos Blood,” Lieyan Zhong explained with a clear look of disdain. “Of course, Tian Qi and I will be doing the same thing once things reach that point. He’ll either be our scapegoat and be killed by the Imperial Soul Monarch during his attempt, or be killed by me using my knowledge of his Chaos Blood.”

“No matter what he tries, he’s destined to be nothing more but a cannon fodder. He’ll never be nothing more but a flash in the pan.”

“His fate was fixed the day I sought him out. It is impossible for him to change anything.”

Lieyan Zhong nodded thoughtfully before saying in realization, “I see now. He’s the second pawn you created besides Castor.”

“Correct. Frankly, I don’t think Castor can possess Qin Lie especially after the life crystal of the King of Flame Devils has fallen into my grandson’s hands,” Lieyan Yuan said with a smile. “Li Xin is different. This blood-crazed man is the biggest variable in our equation. However, he’ll always be under our control because he cultivates the Chaos Blood.”

“Big brother, should I go strip Kuang Jue of his Flesh Filling Tombstone now?” Lieyan Zhong asked.

“Go. Once the Light Family and the Bloodthirst Family’s Flesh Filling Tombstones have fallen into our control, those three fellows won’t be able to do anything,” Lieyan Yuan said confidently.

“Say… your grandson is making huge waves recently. Many of the smaller races think of him at the same level as you recently,” Lieyan Zhong said.

“It’s fine.”


At Ice Night Realm.

Qin Lie’s main body sat quietly at his seat while he waited for news from An Hao, Han Che and Lieyan Zhao.

The moment Byron sent his message and informed them that the elders were supportive of their decision, they would immediately mount an attack on God Realm.


Suddenly, Qin Lie sensed Auston’s aura and contacted him immediately through the soul.

“Qin Lie, something bad has happened!” Auston’s soul message disregarded the barriers of space and entered Qin Lie’s brain directly. “Six of Castor’s avatars have suddenly vanished from the Abyss Purgatories all at the same time. I’m one hundred percent sure that either Lieyan Yuan or Tian Qi is helping him in secret. Also, I received news that a couple of Great Lords of the upper Abyss levels have been ambushed and killed. Their bodies are completely missing.”

“I have reason to believe that they were killed by the two Castor avatars that left the Abyss Purgatories a long time ago!”

“Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan must’ve played an important role in this.”

“I think it won’t be long before all eight of Castor’s avatars return to peak strength.”


An Hao suddenly shook and opened his eyes. He yelled, “Yu Xi is being attacked by the Blood Emperor Li Xin!”

“Kuang Jue has also been trapped by Lieyan Zhong! They’re aiming for their Flesh Filling Tombstones!” Han Che also screamed.

“Lieyan Yuan has acted before us!” Lieyan Zhao rose to his feet.

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