Chapter 1768: Growing Restlessness

After turning into a God Race clansman, Qin Lie smiled at Byron and made a beckoning motion.

The King of Flame Devils’ life crystal and the Blaze Family’s Flesh Filling Tombstone fell from the sky.


An instant later, both objects had gone back inside Qin Lie.

Qin Lie’s flesh and blood aura grew stronger after that.

“I heard that the five Flesh Filling Tombstones can unleash a terrific amount of power when gathered. They allowed the God Race to fight even against the Abyss Master and experts who had entered the ultimate realm,” Qin Lie said with a grin., “A long time ago, Castor didn’t provoke the God Race despite being the Abyss Master because he was afraid of the five Flesh Filling Tombstones’ combined power, I heard. Even the Imperial Soul Monarch had refrained from invading the God Race for the same reason, despite having entered the ultimate realm a long time ago.”

“Today, the five Flesh Filling Tombstones are gathered once more. So, Senior Byron… do you think me and the five Flesh Filling Tombstones together are enough to beat Lieyan Yuan?”

The expressions of the elders of the Darkness Family and the Profound Ice Family changed drastically when they heard this.

On the other hand, the Profound Ice Family members that walked out of their palaces such as Mia and Xuan Luo looked deeply excited by the idea.

“Must… must we do this?” Byron said helplessly.

It was true that the God Race’s five Flesh Filling Tombstones were incredibly destructive when combined.

He didn’t believe that Lieyan Yuan could defeat the five Flesh Filling Tombstones without entering the ultimate realm. This was even more true considering that he would be fighting Qin Lie as well.

Looking at the power Qin Lie displayed just now, he probably wasn’t too far behind Lieyan Yuan right now.

If Qin Lie, the five patriarchs and the five Flesh Filling Tombstones were to work together, then…

“It’s time to make the right decision,” An Hao said coolly with dark eyes. “It’s true that Lieyan Yuan had gathered some foreign races such as the Three-Eyed Race and the Night Devil Race in his fold, but we’d done the exact same thing. The Bone Race and the Winged Race are on our side now.”

He then looked at Qin Lie and said, “Moreover, Qin Lie has the ability to destroy the shadow beings. This alone will attract even more foreign races to our side!”

“It’s obvious who’ll attract the bigger support!”

Qin Lie smiled and supported the statement. “Right now, Manon of the Star Moon Race, Tutan of the Multihand Race and a dozen or so foreign experts are gathered at Sky Bearing City.”

Byron was surprised yet again.

The Bone Race, the Winged Race, the Star Moon Race and the Multihand Race were stronger than the Three-Eyed Race and the Earth Demon Race who had sworn loyalty to Lieyan Yuan. If those races chose to grow closer to the God Race because of Qin Lie, then supporting him would obviously benefit the God Race more than supporting Lieyan Yuan.

Also, Qin Lie was a powerful expert in his own right, and none of the patriarchs were pleased with Lieyan Yuan. It was only a matter of time before the God Race erupted in civil war again.

He and the prestigious elders had to make a decision soon, whether they liked it or not.

In the end, Byron gave in and said, “I understand. I’ll return to God Realm and check in with Yu Xi and Kuang Jue. I’ll also speak with the elders and see what they think.”

An Hao couldn’t hide his happiness at the elder’s decision. He said, “There’s absolutely no way Yu Xi and Kuang Jue would reject this. Just focus on convincing the elders and make them see the truth.”

“Well… alright,” Byron said with a nod.

After meeting Qin Lie and given a taste of the latter’s true strength, Byron was forced to change his mind.

He immediately passed through the realm entrance and returned to God Realm.

“Let’s get ready to fight Lieyan Yuan,” Han Che declared.

Qin Lie grinned and said, “I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time.”

Ever since he learned that Lieyan Yuan wanted to trick him through the Ancient Life Tree, and that his ultimate goal was to take over his Perfect Blood like Castor, his impression of his maternal grandfather in name had completely soured.

What’s even worse, Lieyan Yuan had barricaded the entire Spirit Realm and prevented its denizens from escaping during the invasion of the shadow beings, and made it so that the God Race’s reinforcements went missing.

Even his father was thrown into a spatial rift while he was rushing back to Spirit Realm through the abyss passageway.

All these things made Qin Lie hate Lieyan Yuan to the bone. The only reason he hadn’t done anything about it was because his strength was insufficient.

However, he was a Devil Monarch now, and he was learning new laws of power with every passing second. The miracles of the Soul Suppressing Orb’s also gave him confidence in his own abilities.

He was confident that he could battle against Lieyan Yuan with the support of the five Flesh Filling Tombstones and the five patriarchs.

He didn’t want to wait any longer!

After Byron had left Ice Night Realm, Qin Lie pointed at a random direction and tore open a spatial rift to the Flaming Sun Abyss.


Eight Undying Titans stepped into Ice Night Realm one by one.

All of them had reached rank ten. All of them had become towering giants at least three thousand meters tall!

Their bronze skin glowed brightly with divine light, and their bloodline energy threatened to explode out of their bodies.

“Titans! The Undying Titans of the Blaze Family! They’re all at rank ten bloodline!”

The elders’ expressions changed drastically when they saw the eight Titans.


The eight Undying Titans saluted Qin Lie respectfully after appearing.

“It’s them. To think that they’d all come back to life,” Lieyan Zhao muttered to himself.

Eight rank ten Undying Titans were were as strong as eight Great Lords of the Abyss or eight rank ten God Race bloodline warriors.

An Hao and Han Che had to hide their surprise when the eight Undying Titans were summoned to this Ice Night Realm.

These eight Undying Titans alone were quite the sizable force, but Qin Lie was also a Devil Monarch…

After Qin Lie had become a Devil Monarch, he had brought many subordinates into Flaming Sun Purgatory. They knew that. They also knew that Qin Lie was supported by the six great Spirits of Void and Chaos.

“I can request the Bone Race and the Winged Race to keep Lieyan Yuan’s forces busy. The Three-Eyed Race, Earth Demon Race and Dragon Lion Race won’t be able to do anything,” Qin Lie said.

“This is enough! This is definitely enough!” Lieyan Zhao looked overjoyed.

“I’ve sent a secret message to Yu Xi and Kuang Jue. They’ll coordinate with us from God Realm,” An Hao said.

“All we have to do now is wait for Lord Byron to transmit the news to the elders.” Han Che was growing restless as well.


At God Realm.

Lieyan Yuan was sitting on the God King’s throne in the Temple of Gods while surrounded by fire.

A Blaze Family bloodline warrior quietly presented him a report on the latest happenings.

He quickly learned that Qin Lie had evolved into a Devil Monarch and killed a large number of shadow beings at the Winged Race and Bone Race’s galaxy.

“The fruit I planted has finally matured,” he muttered to himself.

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