Chapter 1766: Internal Strife

The Profound Ice Family member was a rank nine bloodline warrior. He repeatedly glanced at Qin Lie with curiosity while he was leading the latter through a series of glaciers.

His name was Idun. He had heard far too many stories regarding Qin Lie as of late.

Ever since Han Che returned from Spirit Realm, he would often bring up Qin Lie while communicating with his experts.

According to Han Che, Qin Lie was a man who could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of Lieyan Yuan one day. Many of the elders didn’t think that his opinion was realistic.

Even better, all three patriarchs thought that Qin Lie was the key to fixing the chaos that was ravaging their race.

Idun had never seen Qin Lie in his life. Just like most of the experts in the God Race, he doubted the three patriarchs’ claims.

Lieyan Yuan had made his name known many years ago, and he was appointed the Blood and Soul Mentor by the Imperial Soul Monarch of the Soul Race himself. Many people believed that Lieyan Yuan was someone who had a high chance of entering the ultimate realm.

Right now, Tian Qi was the only other person in the galaxy who shared an equal level of fame as him. After Lieyan Yuan had returned to the God Race, his formidable strength and powerful subordinates had won him prestige in just a short time.

Right now, most of the elders in the five families had admitted Lieyan Yuan’s status as the God King.

Many of the elderly within the Profound Ice Family believed that Lieyan Yuan was the God Race’s hope as well.

As a result, Han Che, An Hao and Lieyan Zhao dared not return to God Realm openly despite being able to leave Spirit Realm.

Instead, they moved far away from God Realm and hid themselves in one of the Profound Ice Family’s private realms, the Ice Night Realm.

“They’re there, in front of us.”

Idun suddenly stopped and pointed a gorgeous palace made of icestone built amidst  seven giant ice mountains.

The moonlight reflecting off the palace’s surface looked cold and lonely.

There was a giant realm entrance outside the palace. It was connected to God Realm.

Not long ago, A bunch of Profound Ice and Darkness Families’ elders had arrived through the realm entrance.

These once famous family elders whose bloodline power had declined due to various reasons shook their heads and sighed when they saw Han Che, An Hao and Lieyan Zhao.

“Give it up already. No one here likes Lieyan Yuan, but the war has already been decided.”

“He is a powerful bloodline warrior to begin with, and he recruited the Three-Eyed Race, the Night Devil Race, the Dragon Lion Race and the Earth Demon Race while he was gone. Now, he even has the support of the Blaze Family. He’s just too strong to fight against.”

“If we continue to disrupt and reject his right to become the God King, a great conflict will break out within the God Race.”

“Yes, resistance just isn’t worth the price.”

The elders of the Profound Ice Family and the Darkness Family tried to persuade An Hao, Han Che and Lieyan Zhao to submit and acknowledge Lieyan Yuan’s new status.

When the elders heard that the three patriarchs had returned and hidden themselves in the Profound Ice Family’s Ice Night Realm, they already knew that they were probably plotting something.

However, it was already too late. All five families had submitted to Lieyan Yuan and acknowledged his status while they were gone.

In fact, they were the ones who pushed it to happen. They didn’t want the God Race to fall into chaos.

“Everyone thought that the Perfect Blood project was impossible, and that he was crazy back then. We gave you his seat precisely because his project had killed many of our clansmen,” a Darkness Family elder said while looking at Lieyan Zhao. “However, the existence Qin Lie proved that his project wasn’t a failure after all. It had taken him far too long to prove himself, but he ultimately succeeded, didn’t he? Right now his strength is worthy, and he has the support of many races. We should take a step backward.”

“Han Che, An Hao, Lieyan Zhao. Can we end this here?”

“Please don’t start another war.”

“Don’t worry, we will persuade Lieyan Yuan to back down as long as you submit to him. You’ll all still be the patriarchs of the Profound Ice Family, Darkness Family and Blaze Family. The only difference is that his authority will supercede yours.”

“Once he enters the ultimate realm, the God Race will enter a new golden age.”


The elders from God Realm worked very hard to change their minds.

The conversation took place right next to the realm entrance front of the palace. Therefore, Qin Lie heard everything they said to An Hao, Han Che and Lieyan Zhao.

“Lieyan Yuan is a madman, and it’s not like we don’t have a better choice! If we must have a God King, then Qin Lie is obviously the better candidate between the two!” Lieyan Zhao yelled.

“Just give him some time! He really does have the potential to replace Lieyan Yuan!” An Hao said.

“All three of us believe that Qin Lie… would be a better God King than Lieyan Yuan!” Han Che also said.

“No, no, that’s unacceptable,” one of the elders said while shaking his head. “How can an inexperienced kid possibly bear such a heavy burden?”

“Yes, he’s nowhere as strong as Lieyan Yuan at all!”

“I heard that Castor had his eyes on him. I don’t think he can survive Castor, let alone replace Lieyan Yuan.”

“It won’t work. He’s destined to shine as briefly as a shooting star.”

All the elders were astonished to hear An Hao, Han Che and Lieyan Zhao’s support of Qin Lie.

They almost thought they had gone insane.

How could a Qin Lie possibly be mentioned in the same breath as Lieyan Yuan, a pinnacle existence who had stood firm at the apex of the universe for millions of years?

Moreover, Lieyan Yuan was the one who created Qin Lie’s Perfect Blood in the first place. 


Qin Lie chose this moment to let out a cough before flying toward the realm entrance. At the side, Idun looked embarrassed.

“Qin Lie!”

An Hao turned toward him in astonishment.

Han Che looked a bit confused as well.

Qin Lie hadn’t been too far away, so they should’ve noticed him immediately when he got close.

However, they only noticed Qin Lie after he coughed and flew toward them.

When they were speaking with the elders just now, not one of them had noticed Qin Lie’s presence.

It meant that Qin Lie had hidden his presence so well that not even they could detect him.

Only the strongest experts could get close to them without being detected.

When Han Che thought up to this point, he immediately probed Qin Lie carefully before exclaiming, “Is this your main body?”

An Hao and Lieyan Zhao shook when they heard Han Che’s exclamation of surprise.

“What? His main body?”

They all thought that Qin Lie’s main body was studying the laws of the Abyss at Flaming Sun Purgatory.

It had only been a short while since Qin Lie emerged from Flaming Sun Purgatory and slaughtered the shadow beings plaguing the Bone Race and the Winged Race.

That was why his shocking feats hadn’t reached the Ice Night Realm yet.

“You’re Qin Lie?” an elder asked while the rest looked at him in astonishment.

“That’s right.”

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