Chapter 1763: Firefighter

The Dark Shadow World disappeared without a trace. Even Qin Lie, who was the master of the Galaxy Mirror, could not detect its movement.

The Demon Spirits of Space and Time were unique beings born in the abyss passageway. The Galaxy Mirror was the relic of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time Race. It could allow Qin Lie to move about different realms as he wished.

Usually, if any being left using spatial rifts, he would be able to sense it.

But the Dark Shadow World disappeared suddenly under his gaze.

"The shadow beings..."

Qin Lie voice was quiet. He stared at where the Dark Shadow World had disappeared, his expression turning grim.

"Yiya, yiya!"

At this time, the six Spirits of Void and Chaos were still shouting, wanting to search for more Light of Annihilation.

Especially the metal spirit...

In the Flaming Sun Purgatory, Qin Lie had killed the Great Lord of the Abyss Taurus and given most of Taurus's bloodline essence to the metal spirit.

The metal spirit who had refined his own land of metal in the purgatory and reached rank nine bloodline became unusually excited after it refined Taurus's bloodline essence.

Qin Lie had a feeling if he could give the metal spirit more Light of Annihilation to eat, it could quickly advance another step—into a rank ten bloodline!

"The Winged Race space."

Qin Lie thought for a moment and turned to look at Lartigau of the Bone Race. He said, "The shadow beings should not come in the short term. If Castor dares to come, as long as my avatar is present, or you send a message to me, I will immediately come."

"Thank you," Lartigau said in joy.

"I will be going first."

As he finished speaking, the six Spirits of Void and Chaos flew into Qin Lie's body and disappeared.

His seven-thousand-meter-tall body burrowed into the star door and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

"My main body has gone to the Winged Race’s galaxy," Qin Lie's Blood Soul Beast avatar said.

Heaven Wood Realm.

Kermit, the patriarch of the Winged Race, was still at his wits' end against the shadow beings. He had arranged for Lina to go to Sky Bearing City in hopes of requesting Qin Hao to help them against the shadow beings.

However, there were too many foreign races gathered in Sky Bearing City. Lina was unable to bring Qin Hao here.

As the Winged Race painfully waited, a narrow spatial crack silently formed.

In the next moment, Qin Lie's main body walked out of the spatial crack.

"Rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss!"

The Winged Race experts showed shock when Qin Lie's main body arrived.

They did not know the identity of this Great Lord of the Abyss or their intentions. They just thought that yet another danger had befallen their race.

"I am Qin Lie. I'm here to tell you that I will be responsible for cleaning the shadow beings around here."

After saying this, Qin Lie's main body did not linger. He disappeared again in a flash.

Kermit and the other Winged Race experts looked dazedly at the gradually healing spatial passageway and were not able to react immediately.

"It is Qin Lie." Stanca, who had fought by Qin Lie's side in the Origin World once, took a deep breath. He frowned and said, "I had not expected him to successfully become a rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss!"

"No, that’s not right!" Kermit shook his head. "He has become the eighth Devil Monarch!"

"What?!" Stanca was shocked.

"That is a seven-thousand-meter-tall Great Lord of the Abyss!" Kermit believed in his judgement. "Not long ago, he was comprehending the Abyss laws in Flaming Sun Purgatory. When he reached rank ten bloodline, the Great Lords of the upper hundred Abyss levels must have gone to Flaming Sun Purgatory to challenge him and replace him as the Devil Monarch. He was able to easily walk out of Flaming Sun Purgatory, and came to Heaven Wood Realm. This means he has passed the trial of the ancient Abyss laws. If he passed the trial, he is now a true Devil Monarch, and rules his own purgatory like Auston!"

"One hundred and eight levels of the Abyss has hundreds of rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss but there are only eight Devil Monarchs!"

"Right now, Qin Lie is a true Devil Monarch. This means that his strength can rank among the top of the universe!"

"Right now, he is a being like the five God Race families’ patriarchs and Assad of the Spirit Race. He is only slightly weaker than Lieyan Yuan and Tian Qi!"

Stanca was silent for a while before he said, "So, unknowingly, he has reached such a stunning height. I... underestimated him."

"Go! Let's go see!"

Kermit arranged for the Winged Race clansmen to forcibly create a realm entrance. He led the Winged Race experts toward the stars that had been invaded by the shadow beings.

Inside Sky Bearing City.

Manon of the Star Moon Race, Tutan of the Multihand Race, Lina of the Winged Race as well as many other foreign races’ clansmen were still around Qin Hao and begging Qin Hao to help them defeat the shadow beings.

Qin Hao knew the shadow beings would not rest. They may gather more power next time and try to raze Spirit Realm.

He also worried if they provoked the shadow beings too early, and the Saint God of the shadow beings led the ten Saints to Spirit Realm, he would be helpless.

Therefore, he was still hesitating.

He did not want to infuriate the shadow beings for these unrelated foreign races and make the shadow beings mad.

Spirit Realm had just connected with the rest of the universe. Ling Yushi's assimilation with the Geocentric Motherlode had not finished.

During this period, he did not want to risk the extinction of Spirit Realm.

He only relayed his knowledge of the shadow beings to the begging experts and refused their invitations.

At the same time, the movements of the shadow beings grew more violent.

He heard that many races had been wiped out by the shadow beings. The Star Moon Race, the Multihand Race, and the Winged Race had been harmed by the shadow beings and they were about to collapse.

They were even more intense in wanting Qin Hao to act.

"Go to the Winged Race’s territory."

At this time, Qin Lie's Dark Soul Beast avatar suddenly shouted.

At his words, a star door formed between him and the main body.

At the other end of the star door was the Winged Race. His main body was sprinting through the dark void.

"Qin Lie, what... are you saying?" The Ice Emperor stilled. "The Winged Race are in the worst situation. If we go there, I fear we will immediately engage the shadow beings."

"Qin Lie! Are you going to help the Winged Race?" Lina of the Winged Race grew excited.

She came to Sky Bearing City wanting to ask Qin Hao to act but Qin Hao had not given clear answers.

She knew that at any moment, the Dark Shadow World may have consumed another of the Winged Race realms.

Kermit had constantly urged her in hopes that she could persuade Qin Hao as early as possible.

She had been hard-pressed and didn't know what to do. She was overjoyed that Qin Lie was going to the Winged Race

"Don't you want to kill the shadow beings?" Qin Lie grinned. He looked at Manon of the Star Moon Race, Tutan of the Multihand Race, and the other foreign races’ experts. He said, "Come with me."

"Alright!" the foreign race experts shouted.

"Little Lie, the Winged Race is not Spirit Realm. Over there... Ling Yushi cannot help us," Qin Shan said uncertainly.

The beings of Spirit Realm were able to defeat the shadow beings because of Qin Hao and also because Ling Yushi had used the power of the Geocentric Motherlode after merging with it so the Ice Emperor, the Flame Emperor and the others did not have to fear the Light of Annihilation.

Spirit Realm managed to fight the shadow beings and win because of Ling Yushi.

Once they left Spirit Realm, without Ling Yushi's presence, they would fight without their greatest shield.

This was also why they were not willing to act.

"Grandpa, it's fine. My main body has come out," Qin Lie said with a smile.

"Main body? Come out? What do you mean?" Qin Shan stilled.

"Ha, you will know when you come." Qin Lie laughed. He was the first to fly into the star door and leave Sky Bearing City.

"Come out?"

The Ice Emperor also had a puzzled expression but then he reacted in seconds.

The Ice Emperor shook. His voice trembled. "The boy, the boy most likely..."

Before he finished speaking, the Ice Emperor flew into the star door following Qin Lie.

"Dammit, would it hurt him to finish the sentence?" The Flame Emperor scratched his head. He did not understand Ice Emperor's words and shouted as he charged into the star door.

"Go! Let's go see!" Lina of the Winged Race shouted excitedly while flying into the star door.

Foreign races’ experts followed.

The Genesis Realm experts of Sky Mender Palace, the Ji and Qin Families also entered afterwards.

After a brief period of hesitation, all of Sky Bearing City’s experts entered the space under Winged Race’s control.

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