Chapter 1762: Perplexity

Inside Dark Shadow World.

The Spirits of Void and Chaos that Qin Lie had summoned from Flaming Sun Purgatory were consuming the Light of Annihilation. He could feel the joy and exuberation of the Spirits of Void and Chaos!

It seemed that the Light of Annihilation was a great nourishment to the Spirits of Void and Chaos!

He was certain the Spirits of Void and Chaos would need to rely on the Light of Annihilation to break through again and reach rank ten.

"The shadow beings are just so."

Qin Lie felt with his soul and he found that all the shadow beings were turning to dust under his flames.

There seemed to be a strange stickiness in the Dark Shadow World. That stickiness... gradually weakened when all the shadow beings died.


His thousand meter tall body easily broke free of the Dark Shadow World, and he appeared in the cold space of the Bone Race.

"It really is done."

Lartigau of the Bone Race sensed warily and murmured blankly when he found no other shadow being remained.

The many Bone Race clansmen cheered in joy.

They controlled their Corpse Demons and excitedly gathered around the border of the Dark Shadow World.

"The shadow beings were killed so easily?" Bredo was stunned for a long while, his eyes filled with bitterness.

The Bone Race, with the power of their entire race, did not dare to fight the invading shadow beings.

They were not the only ones. The other powerful races attacked by the shadow beings had also conducted a strategy of avoidant because they were similarly helpless against the Light of Annihilation.

The result was that many realms had been consumed by the Dark Shadow Worlds and the shadow beings grew more unrestrained.

Qin Lie, whose main body had just become a Great Lord of the Abyss, used only an hour to kill all the shadow beings after arriving.

This efficiency... put them to shame.

"In reality, the invading shadow beings are not strong. They are much weaker than the shadow beings that invaded Spirit Realm or the ones over at Winged Race’s galaxy." Qin Lie's Blood Soul Beast avatar comforted Bredo. "Had you been able to find a way against the Light of Annihilation, you could have easily won against the shadow beings here. Unfortunately, you had no solution to the Light of Annihilation and could only retreat. The more you retreat, the less the shadow beings think of you."

"From beginning to end, I did not encounter a truly powerful shadow being. This means... they did not care about the Bone Race."

He was not deliberately mocking the Bone Race.

Because he knew the fighting methods of the shadow beings, he was seriously teaching the Bone Race and telling them the shadow beings were not so terrifying.

The experts of the Bone Race maintained their silence after he finished his speech.

A long time later, Bredo sighed deeply. "We just have no solution against the Light of Annihilation."

"I know." Qin Lie nodded gently. "Give me some time. I will find a better way that you can also use to fend off the Light of Annihilation."

"Qin Lie, how are you able to ignore the Light of Annihilation?" Lartigau said curiously.

The powerful Bone Race clansmen all looked towards him and were curious about this question.

After hesitating for a while, Qin Lie said uncertainly, "It may be due to my father."

Through the battle just now, he felt he could subdue the Light of Annihilation because of the destructive aura in his body.

That destructive power's true source was the Light of Destruction of the shadow beings. His father had stolen the Light of Destruction from the shadow beings.

"Light of Annihilation, Light of Destruction..."

He thought to himself. He felt that these two strange powers might be special laws of power unique to the shadow beings.

The shadow beings lived in the Dark Shadow World where it was eternally dark and dim.

However, in a restricted place in the Dark Shadow World that never saw the light of the sun, there was the Sea of Annihilation!

The Sea of Annihilation was the source of the Light of Annihilation, and seemed to be the birthplace of the shadow beings.

The Saint God of the shadow beings seemed to be slumbering in the Sea of Annihilation!

"Does my Light of Destruction come from the Sea of Annihilation, and can therefore affect the Light of Annihilation?" He was perplexed.

Then he thought about the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos were also rare beings that did not fear the Light of Annihilation. They actually... greatly desired the Light of Annihilation.

He couldn't help but think of the birth process of the six Spirits of Void and Chaos.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos had been born in the Soul Suppressing Orb because of his blood essence and his separated soul.

Did the Spirits of Void and Chaos not fear the Light of Annihilation because they were born from his bloodline and soul?

Or maybe the Spirits of Void and Chaos could ignore the Light of Annihilation to begin with?

The Soul Suppressing Orb. They were born in the Soul Suppressing Orb. Was this related to the Soul Suppressing Orb?

The Soul Suppressing Orb was the holy relic of the Soul Race and seemed to have a magical connection to the Imperial Soul Monarch.

The Imperial Soul Monarch was a great power able to rival the Saint God of the shadow beings who had the Light of Annihilation.

"Is the birth of the Spirits of Void and Chaos connected to me? Or to the Soul Suppressing Orb? "

The more he thought, the more puzzled he was. He found that the truth was not simple.

Lartigau and the other Bone Race experts were shocked when they heard he did not fear the Light of Annihilation due to his father.

"No wonder..."

Bredo said emotionally, "No wonder the Multihand Race, the Star Moon Race, and the Winged Race were using all ancient spatial rifts to head to Sky Bearing City in Spirit Realm."

"It seems that the solution lies in your father."

Lartigau said, "Father and son."

"Sky Bearing City..."

As Bredo and Lartigau talked, Qin Lie thought of how the various races’ experts were all gathered at Sky Bearing City right now.

As the shadow beings spread around, more and more foreign race experts headed to Sky Bearing City through the realm entrances.

Those foreign races were searching for a solution against the shadow beings.


In the Dark Shadow World, the six Spirits of Void and Chaos consumed the scattered Light of Annihilation and called for more, still hungry.

Without the Light of Annihilation, all the shadow beings had died. A sudden suction force came from inside the Dark Shadow World.

That suction was so strong and terrifying!

"Come out! he immediately ordered.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos immediately flew out of the Dark Shadow World.

The Dark Shadow World that had consumed the Bone Race realms was contracting weirdly. It turned into a rice-sized grain in a brief moment.

The black dot flashed and then disappeared into thin air under everyone's burning gazes!

"It's disappeared!"

"The Dark Shadow World disappeared!"

"What happened?"

The members of the Bone Race shouted in bewilderment.

Qin Lie, who controlled the Galaxy Mirror, had not detected any spatial abnormality from where the black dot had disappeared.

"Strange." He frowned slightly.

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