Chapter 1761: Sweep!

"Rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss!"

"No! A Devil Monarch! This is a Devil Monarch!"

The members of the Bone Race were shocked after Qin Lie's main body arrived.

His enormous body seven thousand meters tall released a world-shaking presence when it suddenly appeared in the Bone Race’s territory.

Lartigau, the patriarch of the Bone Race, and the race’s elder, Bredo, had vast knowledge of the Abyss Devils. They immediately recognized what bloodline rank Qin Lie had reached.

"You, you've already passed the trial of the Abyss laws?" Bredo shouted.

The one he spoke to was Qin Lie's Blood Soul Beast avatar next to him.

Qin Lie, who was standing on the Giant Star Beast in his true form, grinned and said, "I killed Rathain and Taurus. No other Abyss Devils entered Flaming Sun Purgatory. I... have been acknowledged by the Abyss."

"Why was it so easy?" Bredo was shocked. "According to my knowledge, the Devil Monarchs have a difficult time passing the trial."

"The time you took to become the master of Flaming Sun Purgatory is too short. After all, many Great Lords of the Abyss must have wanted to kill you..."

"You only killed Taurus and Rathain and intimidated all the Abyss Devils. This efficiency..."

Bredo shook his head and found it hard to believe.


Qin Lie's main body glanced at Lartigau and Bredo after coming through the star door and then charged towards the Dark Shadow World.

He wanted to fight these shadow beings!

After reaching rank ten bloodline, his body transformed into a Great Lord of the Abyss under the prompt of his Abyss Devil Race bloodline.

At this time, he was feeling the secrets in his bloodline at every second, and comprehending the ancient diagrams in the Soul Suppressing Orb.

He knew he was growing stronger!

In the past, he knew his main body’s true power was far inferior to his two Soul Beast avatars’.

At that time, he had not given up on the refinement of his main body. He always believed his main body, which possessed Perfect Blood, would be his foundation in the future.

After being tested by the Abyss laws and becoming the eighth Devil Monarch, he was sure his judgement was correct!

At this time, he knew the combat power of his main body far surpassed his two Soul Beast avatars!

He could achieve much greater things with his main body and rank ten bloodline!


His enormous body flashed with purple lightning as he abruptly charged into Dark Shadow World.

"Abyss Devil! A Great Lord of the Abyss!"

"A Great Lord of the Abyss has entered!"

Many scattered sounds came from the mouths of the shadow beings. Those sounds... were the unique language of the shadow beings.

But Qin Lie, who flew into the Dark Shadow World, could understand.

He did not know the reason but he felt a wave of coldness after he entered the Dark Shadow World.

He used his enormous soul perception to detect the shadow beings in this Dark Shadow World. There were just slightly more than a hundred.

There were none that could pose a threat to him!

"Pew pew!"

The dots of the Light of Annihilation flew toward him under the control of the shadow beings in the Dark Shadow World.

He knew that the Light of Annihilation was the trump cards of these shadow beings. This was why the members of the Bone Race did not dare to charge into the Dark Shadow World.

"The Light of Annihilation..."

In the Dark Shadow World, he smiled coldly and remained motionless.

Dots of light flashed and fell towards him.


He called softly. A destructive presence spread outwards with him as the center.

All the bits of Light of Annihilation immediately stopped as though they were trapped in space.

Not a single ray of Light of Annihilation was able to touch his enormous body.


Burning balls of flame flew out of his body and spread to every corner of the Dark Shadow World in this moment.

The burning flames contained truths of fire, with a hint of destructive presence.

The shadow beings that the flames touched had the unique laws shaping their bodies forcibly altered.

Their bodies into balls of flame, their souls immediately ignited upon contact of the destructive, inextinguishable flames.

The souls of the shadow beings gradually turned to ash.

"The Light of Destruction!"

"It is the power of the Light of Destruction!"

"Is he Qin Hao?"

The many shadow beings screamed grievously in the Dark Shadow World.

The Light of Destruction was originally a mysterious product of the Dark Shadow World. They knew its terror.

Even they would use up all their soul origin if their souls were touched with the destructive power.

Qin Lie floated in the sky of this small Dark Shadow World. His body burned as he used his recently comprehended power to kill these shadow beings.

This place was not the main battlefield of the shadow beings. No Saints had been stationed here.

In reality, the shadow beings felt that they only needed to take along a bit of the Light of Annihilation to get the Bone Race to docilely retreat.

They had not sent much manpower against the Bone Race.

As a result, when Qin Lie's main body was not affected by the Light of Annihilation and could use it against them instead, shadow beings began dying in swathes.

"The shadow beings are dying in large numbers. I can feel it!"

Bredo of the Bone Race shouted in joy, his eyes flashing, from farther away.

Lartigau, the patriarch of the Bone Race, looked deeply at Qin Lie's Blood Soul Beast avatar and said, "You... can ignore the corrosion of the Light of Annihilation."

He knew that talking with the Qin Lie in front of him was in reality talking with Qin Lie's main body that was in the Dark Shadow World.

"Yes, the Light of Annihilation cannot threaten me." Qin Lie, who stood next to Bredo, smiled coolly and said in a relaxed manner, "You are pretty lucky that there are no Saints among the shadow beings who are invading. Now that my main body's bloodline reached rank ten, those shadow beings... are just lambs to the slaughter. They will die within the Dark Shadow World."

"Yes, those shadow beings... are almost all dead," Bredo murmured.

He could feel the strange souls in the Dark Shadow World were gradually going out like candles blown out by the wind.

This meant that the soul fires of the shadow beings were being extinguished.

"It is done."

Qin Lie's Blood Soul Beast avatar narrowed its eyes and looked coldly at the Dark Shadow World in front of it.

Bredo and Lartigau who were skilled in power of death did not sense any shadow beings at this moment.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

Six blinding lights suddenly came from the star door that Qin Lie's main body had passed through and landed in the Dark Shadow World.

Bredo and the others focused and found the Light of Annihilation in the Dark Shadow World seemed to be gradually disappearing.

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