Chapter 1760: Arrival!

Dawson did not stay long in Flaming Sun Purgatory. He gave his congratulations, stated his intentions and left Flaming Sun Purgatory.

Qin Lie continued to refine Taurus and Rathain's hearts.

His seven thousand meter tall body returned to hovering above the Origin Sea like a mountain.

After his bloodline had reached rank ten, he was successfully acknowledged by the ancient laws of the Abyss and transformed into the eighth Devil Monarch. He could then multitask.

As he refined the two hearts, he communicated with his two Soul Beast avatars, comprehended the different bloodline secret arts and deconstructed the advanced ancient diagrams in the Soul Suppressing Orb.

With each second, he felt himself growing stronger.

"Qin Lie..."

Suddenly, Auston's voice sounded in his soul.

In this moment, the mysterious Abyss laws seemed to connect him to Auston.

His body was in Flaming Sun Purgatory but he could feel Auston's existence and he knew that Auston was in Nine Hells Purgatory next to Ling Yushi.

They were both Devil Monarchs and they had mysterious means to communicate. As long as the Eight Purgatories were not sealed, the eight Devil Monarchs could communicate with secret arts.

When Auston communicated with him, his soul shifted, and he immediately mastered the secret art.

"Thank you for looking out for Yushi," Qin Lie answered.

"Ha, she is my bloodline descendant in name. Of course I will be responsible for her." Auston laughed and said, "Congratulations. I knew you would become the eighth Devil Monarch. You did not disappoint me."

"Why have you find me?" Qin Lie said.

"Castor's other six avatars are gradually waking up and he is quickly gathering power." Auston's tone was serious.

Inside Flaming Sun Purgatory, Qin Lie grinned from high above the Origin Sea. Then he said, "For some reason, when my bloodline reached rank ten, and I became a Devil Monarch, I suddenly do not fear Castor so much."

He spoke the truth.

When his bloodline was at rank nine, Castor was like an insurmountable mountain to him.

Back then, his heart would shake whenever he thought of Castor.

But when his bloodline reached rank ten, and he killed Taurus and Rathain to pass the trial of the Abyss laws to become a true Devil Monarch, he suddenly felt great confidence.

He believed if any of Castor's avatars dared to stand in front of him at their peak, he would not fear fighting!

"I know that you have become much stronger but you cannot underestimate Castor. He was once the Abyss Master." Auston thought and then said, "In my perception, your combat power can match any of his avatars at their peak. But Castor possesses eight avatars. If his eight avatars all recover to their peak and he uses all eight against you, I feel... you may not be the victor."

"Then what should I be doing at this time?" Qin Lie said.

He knew that the eight Devil Monarchs had an unspoken agreement. As Flaming Sun Purgatory’s Devil Monarch, he usually would not be allowed to step into other purgatories.

That would cause great resistance from the other seven monarchs.

He did not think any of the six Devil Monarchs other than Auston would welcome his arrival.

"At a suitable time, you and I will work together to kill one or two of Castor's avatars!" Auston said immediately.

Qin Lie said, "Alright!"

"I will track Castor," Auston said.

"Thank you," Qin Lie said.

"I also dislike Castor and do not hope he becomes the Abyss Master again." Auston snorted. "The other six think the same."


Auston discussed Ling Yushi with him for a while, and told him that Ling Yushi started to use the vast spirit energies of Spirit Realm to refine her body after becoming Spirit Realm’s Mother of Earth.

Ling Yushi's Abyss Devil Race bloodline was starting to advance toward rank ten after this miracle.

Qin Lie had had a feeling but when he learned that Ling Yushi was going to become a powerful rank ten bloodline Abyss Devil like him, he was inwardly excited.

He knew with Ling Yushi's soul abilities, if she merged with the Geocentric Motherlode of Spirit Realm, and became a Great Lord of the Abyss, she would be one of the more powerful Abyss Devils.

Maybe, soon, Ling Yushi could become another Devil Monarch like him!

In the regions of the Bone Race.

The lonely stars flashed with dim light in the dark and cold space.

Enormous Corpse Demons carrying the Bone Race clansmen looked towards the stars in the distance.

The Giant Star Beast that Bredo had refined stood with Qin Lie's Blood Soul Beast, Bredo, and Salleh among the Corpse Demons.

Ahead of them, a Dark Shadow World wriggled and covered another of the Bone Race's realms.

The members of the Bone Race had moved the people on that realm away a long time ago.

While there were no Bone Race clansmen in the realm, the realm was covered in bone-burying grounds of the Bone Race and had many low rank Corpse Demons there.

However, because they could not resist the Light of Annihilation of the shadow beings, the Bone Race could only watch as the Dark Shadow World gradually consume the realm.

Not long ago, the patriarch Lartigau and Bredo had arranged for some Corpse Demons to attack the shadow beings in the Dark Shadow World.

The Corpse Demons swiftly turned to ash under the corrosion of the radiant Light of Annihilation.

This meant that the Light of Annihilation also had terrifying effect on the Bone Race's Corpse Demons.

The Bone Race was skilled in fighting with Corpse Demons. If the Corpse Demons could not block the first round of attacks, the Bone Race would have a difficult time obtaining victory in the end.

"This will not work."

Bredo stared with hateful and dark eyes at the Dark Shadow World and said, "Once they start, they are almost unstoppable. This realm may not house any of our clansmen, but what of the next one? And the one after that? That’s not certain."

"If we can fend against the Light of Annihilation, we can fight the shadow beings!" Lartigau said, unresigned.

"Why have you not tried to use the power of the Geocentric Motherlode in the Bone World?" Qin Lie's Blood Soul Beast avatar asked.

"The Bone Race is different from other living race. We..." Bredo hesitated and said, "We are unable to use the power of the Geocentric Motherlode. We cultivate the power of death. The power of death conflicts with the power of the Geocentric Motherlode."

Qin Lie stilled and then gradually understood. Geocentric Motherlode overflowed with abundant lifeforce.

The power of death and the power of life were usually in conflict.

Due to this, the members of the Bone Race could not easily assimilate the power of the Geocentric Motherlode in their bloodline or soul.

This caused them to not be able to resist the Light of Annihilation.

"Never mind, I will help you this time," Qin Lie suddenly said.

The Bone Race clansmen were shocked.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

A burst of strange spatial fluctuations appeared in front of them.

In the next moment, an enormous star door opened. Then Qin Lie's seven thousand meter tall main body suddenly arrived in the snarling state of a Devil Monarch!

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