Chapter 176: Beauties Entering the City

Chapter 176: Beauties Entering the City

“This is Armament City.”

Lu Li stood at the entrance to the city and looked at the closed gates. Her pretty eyebrows were slightly furrowed.

Ling Yushi wore a long, blue skirt. A light purple ribbon was tied around her thin waist, and her left arm was holding an exquisite beastskin handbag. Her beautiful face looked worn out, and she was looking upwards at the Armament Sect martial practitioners standing on top of the city walls.

Ling Xuanxuan had worn a fiery red leather skirt. The skirt covered only up to her thighs, and her two snow-white legs were shining with an attractive luster.

One of the sisters was simple and elegant, the other hot and lovely. They had attracted the attention of many Armament Sect martial practitioners on top of the city wall after they had appeared at the entrance.

“I am Dark Fiend Valley’s Lu Li. Please open the city gates.” Below, Lu Li’s voice coldly sounded out.

If this was in the past, then none of Armament City’s gates would be closed. All martial practitioners who came would be free to enter.

But since Armament Sect had come into conflict with Dark Shadow Tower and fought against each other frequently outside the city as of late, all the city gates had been closed to prevent Dark Shadow Tower martial practitioners from slipping inside.

Every person who wanted to enter the gate must be inspected closely to verify their identity before they were allowed to enter the city.

“Seven Fiends Valley? What proof do you have?” a person yelled out from above the city gates.

“Proof?” Lu Li’s eyes were cold, “Since when is Armament Sect so cautious? It’s not the first time I’ve come to Armament City, and it was never this troublesome before.”

“I’m sorry, but this is how it is right now.” The martial practitioner above the city wasn’t of Dark Fiend Valley and acted casually.

Lu Li’s expression had turned even colder.

This was the first time Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan had arrived at such a huge city. Their expressions were still a little cautious, and they did not even dare to answer from below.

“Ling Xuanxuan!” It was at this moment a cry came from above the city walls.

Han Qingrui’s head popped up as he glanced downwards from above before hurriedly explaining to the people beside him, “I know this girl. She definitely someone from Dark Fiend Valley, there’s no mistake.”

“You know her, Old Han?” someone cried out.

“Yes, she is Granny Jiu’s disciple. Her identity is definitely fine,” Han Qingrui answered.

After Han Qingrui escaped danger last time, he had been assigned a new task by Cheng Ping, to get an update of the situation at each of the city’s major gates and report back to the sect posthaste.

This was a simple errand and could be done within the city. There would be no risk of danger.

“Elder Han? Are you Elder Han from Nebula Pavilion?” When Ling Xuanxuan suddenly saw Han Qingrui at Armament City from below, she had also become surprised.

“Looks like you really know each other.” A person on the city walls smiled and ordered, “Open the door and let them in.”

And so, Lu Li, Ling Yushi, and Ling Xuanxuan were finally allowed to enter the city.

“Elder Han, why are you at Armament City?” After Ling Xuanxuan had come in and saw Han Qingrui walking down from the wall, she hurriedly walked over and asked that.

“It’s hard to explain it all at once,” Han Qingrui smiled bitterly.

“Elder Han. I heard that Qin Lie respects you the most out of everyone back at Nebula Pavilion. Do you know where he is right now?” A gray hue covered Ling Yushi’s bright eyes as she looked at him expectantly. “If you know his whereabouts then please, you must tell me. I just want to see him and know how he’s doing.”

Ever since Qin Lie had gone missing, she had gone against Dark Fiend Valley’s rules and quietly sneaked out of the valley to search around Icestone City and Ling Town for two months.

She had checked out many places that Qin Lie might have showed up and even gone to the natural stone forest outside Icestone City, the Arctic Mountain Range, ventured for a time into the deep forest, and even went to Celestial Wolf Mountain.

After she came back, while she passed by Herb Mountain, she had even attempted to open the cave blocked by rocks.

She thought that Qin Lie would be hiding inside Herb Mountain...

Unfortunately, her realm wasn’t enough, and she did not have the strength to destroy the obstacles. Therefore, she couldn’t enter the sealed part of Herb Mountain.

She had searched everywhere around Ling Town and Icestone City for Qin Lie’s whereabouts, but in the end, it was futile.

“No one knows where Qin Lie is. Ever since he left Icestone City with Li Mu, he has gone completely missing. I heard that Dark Asura Hall and other Black Iron forces are also searching for him, but unfortunately, they couldn’t find him either,” Han Qingrui smiled bitterly.

As of late, he had also used his power to check on this matter since he was responsible for relaying information within the city.

Just like Ling Yushi, he also could not find any information regarding Qin Lie. He slowly gave up as well.

“Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.” Lu Li said indifferently with a cold expression, “That shop owner of Li’s Shop could make even Yuan Tianya afraid of going against him. As long as they are cautious and don’t look for trouble in the sacred grounds of this continent’s two Copper forces, it’s almost impossible that they would run into any danger.”

“Mn, Qin Lie should be fine. You do not have to worry,” Han Qingrui also consoled her.

“Let’s go. We will go to Armament Sect’s entrance and ask Jingjing about that matter,” Lu Li said impatiently.

Ling Xuanxuan was slightly more afraid of her and did not dare to reminisce about old times with Han Qingrui. She followed behind Lu Li with Ling Yushi beside her, and the trio walked on Armament Sect’s streets while looking at the dazzling number of shops on their way to Armament Sect.

Two hours later, the trio arrived at Armament Sect’s entrance.

The guards’ eyes at the entrance lit up when they saw the three beautiful girls of excellent disposition standing right before them. They immediately turn spirited.

“I want to see Ouyang Jingjing,” Lu Li said coldly.

“I’ll go and report this.” One of them was still rational as he hurriedly headed to the yard.

The rest of the guards chuckled and gazed up and down their bodies wantonly.

Lu Li’s expression was cold as she narrowed her eyes and ignored their gazes. Ling Yushi was as elegant and calm as water, standing there leisurely. Ling Xuanxuan had suffered humiliation at Nebula Pavilion’s entrance before and didn’t dared to say anything. She simply pursed her lips and kept quiet.

After a while Ouyang Jingjing walked over cheerfully and cried out from afar, “Senior Sister Lu, Ling Family’s sisters, you’re finally here. Come, let’s talk inside.”

“You can’t.” A guard stopped them at the entrance with an apologetic look. He bowed slightly and explained, “You can talk with them outside, but you cannot take them into the sect. This is the rule set by the elders.”

“They are my friends!” Ouyang Jingjing’s expression turned to one of displeasure.

“You really can’t.” The guard smiled bitterly with a helpless expression, “Even inner sect disciples aren’t allowed to bring their personal friends in and out of the sect as of late.”

“That damnable Qin Bing!” Ouyang Jingjing humphed coldly, “Because of him, the sect rules have changed again and again. In the sect master and three great reverends’ eyes, it’s as if he’s more important than Armament Sect itself!”

“I’m sorry. This is our duty.” The guard bowed.

“Let’s go, we’ll talk outside.” Lu Li herself didn’t mind.

“Give me a moment.” Ouyang Jingjing left behind these words before swiftly entering the inner yard again. She went all the way until a stone building beside the plaza and yelled out beneath Yi Yuan’s building, “Yi Yuan!”

Yi Yuan’s head popped out of the window as he smiled gently, “Yes?”

“My friends are here. How’s that business of yours?” Ouyang Jingjing humphed.

Yi Yuan’s expression turned bitter, “Qin Bing is at Blood Spear’s cultivation land at the back of the mountain. Recently, he hasn’t come out, so I don’t have the time to talk with him.”

“Aren’t you part of Blood Spear as well?” Ouyang Jingjing smiled coldly, “If you can’t get this done soon, then let’s abolish our deal!”

“D-don’t! My dear grandaunt, just give me three more days. Three days later I’ll be able to enter that area and see Qin Bing again. I will definitely treat this matter seriously,” Yi Yuan quickly begged.

“Alright, I’ll give you three more days. Three days later I want to bring them into the sect. Have this arranged as well!”

“I’ll do my best, I’ll do my best to arrange it. Sigh, what a headache, I really don’t want to go to the back of the mountain.


Inside a blood pool.

Qin Lie’s entire body was red. Many green veins that were like earthworms twisted and coiled on the surface of his body, causing him to look incredibly hideous.

“Gurgle gurgle!”

The fist-sized blood bubbles exploded as wisps of bloody red air floated to the surface and formed a thick, bloody mist around him.

The immense and heavy energy of the earth mingled with the geocentric flames and emerged from beneath the blood pool. They merged into the bloodwater itself and slowly slipped into his body and his dantian’s spirit sea.

Inside his spirit sea, the earthen-yellow Natal Palace, consisting of the energy of geocentric magnetism, was swiftly forming.

While Records of Geocentric Magnetism was channeled, a bright yellow film faintly formed on the surface of Qin Lie’s body . The film caused Qin Lie’s flesh to grow more flexible and to be able to endure the spirit blood’s invasion in the blood pool.

Compared to a few days before, the bloodwater inside the pool had grown much thinner.

The essence of the spirit blood inside had been absorbed by him bit by bit and merged into his flesh, muscles, veins, and bones as of late.

“Add another bucket of Blue-eyed Toad blood!” Feng Rong suddenly cried out.

On the side, a rank three Blue-eyed Toad was shackled by a silver rope. Its neck was stabbed with a blood spear, and its crimson blood flowed down the spear into the wooden bucket as blood slowly filled the bucket to the brim.

Hearing Feng Rong’s instructions, the two blood guards’ expression tightened as they looked pitifully at Qin Lie before pouring the spirit blood into Qin Lie’s blood pool.

Qin Lie, who was gritting his teeth and holding on, suddenly quivered immensely as a blood red light shone from within his eyes.

A bloody aura that was so thick that it could be solid abruptly exploded from Qin Lie’s body, causing the two blood guards’ expressions to change.

“Holy shit, what a lunatic!” both of them muttered under their breaths.

“Instructor Feng, today is the day new members will return to soak in the blood pool. Lord Lang Xie is not around, so we need to you take charge.” A blood guard cried from the outside, “Also, there’s a guy called Yi Yuan who said he wants to see Qin Bing. He says that he has something important to tell him.”

“Yi Yuan?” Feng Rong kept a straight face, “I forbid it!”

“I want to see him,” exclaimed Qin Lie as he was inside the blood pool while baring his teeth and trembling all over.

“Then you can tell Yi Yuan that he can see Qin Bing, but he must soak for six more hours inside the blood pool.” Feng Rong said.

The person nodded and left.

Ten minutes later, he brought a distressed-looking Yi Yuan over and said, “He’s here.”

Seeing Yi Yuan’s expression, Feng Rong could not help but chuckle before pointing at the blood pool Qin Lie had soaked in. Then she said, “Jump in yourself.”

Yi Yuan grit his teeth, and under Feng Rong’s gloating gaze jumped helplessly into the blood pool. Then, he immediately began to howl like a demon.

“Hehe, what a happy day. The two of you shall stay here like good boys, okay?” Feng Rong smiled cheerfully and walked out, a feeling of coziness soaking her bones. Then, she went out and tortured the new members outside.

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