Chapter 1759: Refinement

The eight Titan Race clansmen officially entered rank ten after obtaining the power of the Flesh Filling Tombstone!

Rathain’s body slowly shrank under the Flesh Filling Tombstone’s attack.

Soon, all that was left was a beating heart!


The Flesh Filling Tombstone let Rathain go and vanished into Qin Lie’s body.

“Thump thump!”

Two giant hearts were beating strongly in front of Qin Lie.

One of them belonged to Rathain, and the other one Taurus!

Qin Lie had decided to preserve Taurus and Rathain’s hearts.

An Abyss Devil’s heart was the object that stored all of a Great Lord of the Abyss’s bloodline power and ability.

If he wished to take everything Taurus and Rathain possessed, then he would need to refine their hearts personally instead of converting them into energy using the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

“It’s almost time.”

Qin Lie muttered to himself before holding Taurus and Rathain’s hearts in a palm each.

“Bloodline ability—devil devouring!” 

Purple blood light suddenly flew out of his palms and wrapped around the two hearts like ropes.

The two hearts were fully shackled in an instant.

“Thump thump!”

Even now, the two hearts were beating strongly with flesh and blood power.

Qin Lie grinned sinisterly as devil devouring analyzed all the bloodline abilities Taurus and Rathain used to possessed.

He planned to absorb their bloodline secrets into his Perfect Blood and complete his Abyss Devil Race bloodline crystals!

After his connection with Flaming Sun Purgatory was restored, he knew that he had passed the trial and become the eighth Devil Monarch of the Abyss Purgatory.

“It’s over.”

Dawson muttered to himself when the entrance to Flaming Sun Purgatory became fully unsealed.

All the Great Lords of the Abyss who had come, left.

Aschnaz’s departure made everyone realize that there was no way they could benefit off Qin Lie.

They didn’t know Qin Lie well either, so they had no intentions of entering Flaming Sun Purgatory to congratulate him.

They had no choice but to leave in defeat.

Dawson was the only one who stayed behind out of everyone. When he sensed that Flaming Sun Purgatory had returned to calm once more, he smiled and went in without hurry.

The moment he entered Flaming Sun Purgatory, he noticed that Qin Lie was refining the hearts right next to the abyss passageway.

“Seven thousand meters…”

Even Dawson couldn’t help but feel envy toward Qin Lie’s physical size.

When he had reached peak rank ten bloodline, his height was only slightly over six thousand meters.

Abyss Devils were very proud of their body size. It was because it was a direct reflection of their strength.

The bigger an Abyss Devil, the more flesh and blood power they possessed.

Qin Lie had just broken through to rank ten bloodline and become a Devil Monarch, but he was seven thousand meters tall already. This meant that Qin Lie’s power had exceeded his.

“No wonder…”

Dawson understood that Qin Lie was much stronger than Taurus and Rathain right now.

He also understood how wise Aschnaz’s decision to withdraw from this battle had been.

At this point, there was almost no way Aschnaz could beat Qin Lie in Flaming Sun Purgatory now.


Vitas, Jiang An and the others were caught off guard by Dawson’s appearance.

At first, they thought that he was here to challenge Qin Lie.

“Dawson is our eternal friend,” Qin Lie said with a loud laugh.

He spoke and refined Taurus and Rathain’s hearts at the same time.

Qin Lie knew that the trial of the Abyss that forced him to accept any Abyss Devil’s challenge was long over.

The fact that Dawson had waited until everything was over before coming in meant that he bore no ill will toward Qin Lie.

“I’m here to congratulate you,” Dawson said smilingly.

“I know.” Qin Lie’s grin didn’t lessen as he replied, “So? Did the rest of the crew leave already?”

“But of course. Even Aschnaz has chosen to leave. They’d be crazy to hang around any longer.” Dawson was also smiling. “I never thought you would solidify your position in just two kills though. Heh, it’s too fast. Grom had to kill ten Great Lords of the Abyss in a row before he managed to become Devil Monarch of Yellow Springs Purgatory. Even Auston had to kill seven Great Lords of the Abyss before he solidified his position.”

“I’ve always been a lucky man,” Qin Lie said jokingly.

“Of course you are. There’s no one in the world who’s luckier than you are… At the very least, there has never been an Abyss Devil became a Devil Monarch as quickly as you did,” Dawson said emotionally.

“I’ll spend some time with you right after I’m done refining these two’s hearts,” Qin Lie said.

“It’s okay, I’m just here to congratulate you and inform you that you’d won the respect of Aschnaz. He has invited you to visit him at the Black Bog Abyss,” Dawson said.

“...Black Bog Abyss? He’s Cohen’s father, isn’t he?” Qin Lie asked.

“Yes. He heeded Cohen’s warning and refrained from challenging you immediately, and thank goodness for that… he’d have suffered terribly otherwise,” Dawson said meaningfully.

“Haha, I should thank Cohen then. He saved me a lot of trouble,” Qin Lie replied.

“Watch out for Castor though. I heard that he’s making a huge commotion in the other six Abyss Purgatories. Apparently, his Yellow Springs and Nine Hells avatars have regained full strength as well,” Dawson said seriously. “No one in the first hundred levels of the Abyss is a threat to you. Your real opponents are Castor, Lieyan Yuan, Tian Qi and… the shadow beings.”

“Thank you again for your warning,” Qin Lie replied seriously.

“One last thing, don’t forget our promise, okay?” Dawson said softly.

Qin Lie nodded lightly in response after realizing what Dawson was saying.

“Haha!” Dawson laughed madly and returned to the abyss passageway in satisfaction.

There were two main reasons that brought him to Flaming Sun Purgatory today. One, he wanted to witness Qin Lie’s rise with his own eyes. Two, he wanted to remind Qin Lie of his promise.

Dawson relaxed completely when Qin Lie had responded with a full affirmative.

When Qin Lie was still weak, he had given him much aid because of the potential of Qin Lie’s bloodline.

It was his hope that Qin Lie could give a child to Enos.

Enos was his daughter and the inheritor of his bloodline. If Enos could have a child with Qin Lie, then the child was destined to become the ruler of the Frost Desolation Abyss one day.

Moreover, there was a high chance this descendant of his would become a Devil Monarch in the future!

Dawson knew that it was almost impossible for him to become a Devil Monarch himself. His talent and power were simply insufficient.

That was why he placed all his hopes and dreams on the unborn child of Enos and Qin Lie.

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