Chapter 1757: Spreading Fear

“Does anyone else want to go?”

Aschnaz of the Black Bog Abyss stared coldly at the rest of the Great Lords of the Abyss while standing at the open entrance.

“Heh, I’m not going in one way or the other,” Dawson said with a grin.

“Obviously, Rathain isn’t as strong as Taurus at his peak, but he isn’t too far behind either,” said a Great Lord of the Abyss. He then hesitated for moment before continuing, “We all know that the Abyss wouldn’t keep the entrance to a new purgatory open unless the difference in power between the challenger and the current holder is too big. Taurus must’ve expended some bloodline power when he killed Qin Lie, so he couldn’t possibly be at peak strength right now. Rathain went in knowing that this would be the case.”

“But now…”

A bitter look suddenly overcame the speaker’s expression. “If Rathain knew that the entrance was still open after he stepped into Flaming Sun Purgatory… I wonder if he would’ve changed his mind.”

The dozen or so Great Lords of the Abyss all fell silent.

Everyone obviously understood what he meant.

“Is there anyone else who’d like to go in?” Aschnaz asked coldly.

He didn’t tell any Great Lord of the Abyss what he saw earlier. He wanted another Great Lord of the Abyss to head in and confirm his suspicions.

“My advice to you all is to stay here if you don’t want to die,” Dawson said with a smile that didn’t reach the eye.

“Let’s wait a bit longer,” a Great Lord of the Abyss said calmly.

“It doesn’t matter who the victor is, the difference in power is too big. If no one goes in to help Rathain, he’s dead for sure,” Aschnaz said.

“Why don’t you go in then?” Dawson stared at him with eyes full of ridicule. “Lord Aschnaz, I know you’re as strong as Taurus at his peak, so I’m very curious as to what you saw that made you change your mind suddenly.”

“Yes, Aschnaz, why didn’t you go in after Taurus?”

“You’re stronger than Rathain. I thought you would rush in as soon as you can?”

“What the hell happened just now?”

Dawson’s words snapped a lot of Great Lords of the Abyss out of their dreams of glory.

Everyone realized that something was amiss now.

However, Aschnaz didn’t respond to their doubts at all. He simply watched them coldly from the open entrance.

The puzzled Great Lords of the Abyss were even more reluctant to act carelessly after that.

At Flaming Sun Purgatory.

The second person to enter the new purgatory, Rathain, shouted loudly while flapping his giant  wings, “Taurus! I, Rathain have come!”

He thought that Taurus must’ve beaten Qin Lie already.

He thought that Taurus would be his opponent.

“F*ck off!”

However, all he got in reply was an angry and panicked shout from Taurus.

Surprised, Rathain finally stared the battlefield in front of him seriously.

He immediately noticed that Taurus, the Great Lord of the Abyss who was brimming with arrogance and confidence when he charged into Flaming Sun Purgatory wasn’t far away from the entrance at all. Moreover, he had become twice as small as he was originally, and his body was covered in bloody wounds.


Even now, a torrent of spatial power was carving up Taurus like he was nothing more but a piece of meat.

Taurus’s roar was mixed with heartending pain. He was clearly on his last legs already.

Standing on the opposite side of Taurus was a huge Abyss Devil about seven thousand meters tall. He was wrapped in natural black armor, and his elbow, knee and shoulder areas were covered in sinister-looking spikes.

The Abyss Devil figure grew clearer over time. Thick abyss devil energy ran all over his body like purple clouds.

The Abyss Devil was standing above a violent sea of fire. The red and purple tinge dancing inside the flames were brimming with an aura of destruction that shook even him.


A bolt of lightning as thick as a living dragon flashed from time to time inside the sea of fire. The destructive energy it gave off was earthshaking to say the least.

“I told you, you cannot escape.”

Purple and red danced behind the eyes of the strange Abyss Devil. He was staring coldly at Taurus.

The bull-snake’s current size was a joke compared to this strange Abyss Devil!

The difference in physical size was normally a reflection of an Abyss Devil’s bloodline power. It was how Raithain realized that Taurus’s bloodline power was far, far inferior to his opponent’s.

They weren’t even in the same weight class!

“Is that him? Is that Qin Lie?” Rathain finally realized who the strange Abyss Devil was.

“Rest in peace.”

The giant Abyss Devil standing above a sea of fire pulled his arm backward before striking out at Taurus. A gigantic Flesh Filling Tombstone dropped down from above and smashed into Taurus’s back like it was the sky itself.


Taurus’s body exploded like firecrackers under the attack.

“Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!”

Chains of godly light slithered out of the Flesh Filling Tombstone and plowed themselves into Taurus’s body like tentacles.

Rathain was in the perfect position to watch Taurus’s blood being drained into the Flesh Filling Tombstone. His body started shrinking rapidly like a deflated balloon.

In that moment, Rathain knew that Taurus was dead.

He wasn’t unfamiliar with the God Race’s Flesh Filling Tombstone. The God Race always used the Flesh Filling Tombstones to refine Abyss Devils into refined flesh and blood energy every time they invaded.

Not even a Great Lord of the Abyss was an exception to the rule!

Taurus’s death was certain the moment the godly chains pierced into his flesh.

Rathain sucked in a deep breath and checked the giant Abyss Devil’s current bloodline energy. Suddenly, a chill coursed through his entire body.


He coughed unnaturally before turning his back toward Qin Lie and Taurus. Then, he rushed back toward the abyss passageway without another word.

“F*ck! That guy is way too scary! Not only did he take down Taurus in a short time, his power is growing at a ridiculous rate!”

Rathain’s scalp was turning numb with fear.

“Damn that Aschnaz! He must’ve known how powerful this guy is. That’s why he allowed Taurus to enter Flaming Sun Purgatory first!”

“He was putting on a show to bait me into entering Flaming Sun Purgatory!”

“I was tricked by Aschnaz!”

Rathain swore loudly in his head as he tried to escape through the abyss passageway.

From the moment he turned tail and ran, he had given up on trying to become the Devil Monarch. All he wanted to do know was to return to his own Abyss level.


Suddenly, he slammed head first into a glittering spatial wall.

The impact was so powerful that he saw stars.


Behind the spatial wall, he could see Aschnaz watching him with a strange look in his eyes.

He saw puzzlement, shock and… fear in his eyes.

“That’s Rathain, isn’t it?”

Hearing a strange noise coming from the entrance of Flaming Sun Purgatory, Dawson shot Aschnaz and asked casually.

“What’s going on?”

Sensing that something else had happened, the Great Lords of the Abyss rushed to Aschnaz’s side to see with their own eyes what was happening inside Flaming Sun Purgatory.

It was then they noticed that someone was hitting a spatial wall loudly behind the open entrance.

“Thump thump! Thump thump!”

The person hitting the spatial wall was none other than Rathain.

All they could see in his eyes was despair and fear.

Everyone’s heart suddenly skipped a beat.

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