Chapter 1756: Aschnaz's Hesitation...

In the abyss passageway.

The Great Lords of the Abyss, led by Aschnaz, were gathered here and waiting for the results of the battle between Taurus and Qin Lie.

Since Taurus entered Flaming Sun Purgatory, another dozen Great Lords of the Abyss arrived from upper Abyss levels.

Like Taurus, they all wanted to become a Devil Monarch through Qin Lie.

"Commander, in your view, how long will this battle last?"

Another Great Lord of the Abyss who had also come with Aschnaz asked in the ancient language of the Abyss.

"That Qin Lie just reached rank ten bloodline. He may not have even had the time to refine his body. Taurus is equal to me in combat power." Aschnaz thought for a moment and grinned. "It should not take long. With Taurus’s strength, he will not need much time to kill Qin Lie. In my view, Taurus should have killed Qin Lie already and is consuming his heart now."

"Then..." The Great Lord of the Black Bog Abyss laughed lowly and said, "Commander is going to act."

Aschnaz's eyes flashed with cruel light. He said coldly, "Taurus has been an eyesore to me for a long time now."

Because of his promise to Cohen, his son, he did not go into Flaming Sun Purgatory first and let Taurus go ahead.

He wanted to use Qin Lie to use up Taurus's power.

He knew that he was equal to Taurus. If he fought Taurus in the abyss passageway before entering Flaming Sun Purgatory, he did not have the confidence he would win.

Therefore, he wasn’t in a hurry to clash with the bull-headed Abyss Devil.

"With Lord Taurus's power, the fight in Flaming Sun Purgatory... should be finished?"

"It's been two hours. I feel it is about time."

"Haha, those that want to fight Lord Taurus should prepare."

The rank ten bloodline Great Lords of the Abyss rubbed their hands together and waited for the moment the spatial lock around Flaming Sun Purgatory would disappear.

They all thought that Taurus would be the victor.

"That may not be true," an ill-timed voice sounded.

The one who spoke was the commander of the Frost Desolation Abyss, Dawson. He came… just to watch.

"Dawson, I heard that you are close with the person from Flaming Sun Purgatory. You think that he can win against Taurus?" Aschnaz said curiously.

He knew Dawson and his extraordinary strength. Of the twenty something Abyss Devils, Dawson would surely rank in top five.

He was also very familiar with Qin Lie.

"We'll know the result if we keep watching,” Dawson snickered, feigning solemnity.

The Abyss Devils were shocked and clearly dissatisfied with Dawson's words.


Yet at this time, the spatial boundary that had sealed up after Taurus entered suddenly was torn apart.

"The battle should be finished!"

"Taurus must have killed him!"

"It's now time to fight Taurus!"

Seeing the passageway to Flaming Sun Purgatory open again, those Great Lords of the Abyss became excited.

They activated their bloodline powers and were charging into Flaming Sun Purgatory. They wanted to attack Taurus while his power was used up.

Of the twenty something Great Lords of the Abyss present, there were three equal to Taurus.

Aschnaz was one of them.


He howled, his body releasing poisonous miasma that the other nearby Great Lords of the Abyss hurriedly dodged.

He displayed his power as he went toward the passageway. Aschnaz wanted to become the second Great Lord of the Abyss to enter Flaming Sun Purgatory.

However, when he came close to the entrance, he abruptly frowned.

"Move aside!"

Taurus's roar came from the passageway.

In the next moment, Aschnaz found Taurus, a third of his previous size and covered in bloody and deep wounds, wanting to charge out of the passageway.

Taurus wanted to escape Flaming Sun Purgatory!

Aschnaz was shocked. He instinctively moved aside, wanting Taurus to come out.

"Crack crack crack!"

The bright Galaxy Spirit Crystals suddenly flew out of nearby black holes.

In a flash, a shining barrier formed at the entrance.

Taurus's shrunken body collided head-on with the newly formed crystal barrier and was bounced back into Flaming Sun Purgatory.

Aschnaz could clearly hear when Taurus was being thrown back into Flaming Sun Purgatory, he screamed "No!"

Aschnaz, who was prepared to be the second to enter Flaming Sun Purgatory, stood at the entrance. He watched as the crystalline barrier was influenced by laws of the Abyss and cracked again.

He suddenly realized the crystalline barrier had been formed by Qin Lie.

That crystalline barrier served to stop Taurus from fleeing.

Evidently, Taurus was about to die. The ancient laws of the Abyss even released the ban on the entrance to Flaming Sun Purgatory.

This was the Abyss laws allowing new Abyss Devils to challenge Qin Lie.

Aschnaz knew that the laws of the Abyss reopened the entrance because they were certain that Taurus would die.

"Lord Aschnaz!"

"What are you doing there? Aren't you entering Flaming Sun Purgatory to fight Taurus?"

"If you aren't going, please move aside. I am going in!"

The Great Lords of the Abyss behind him did not see Taurus urgently wanting to flee back into the abyss passageway because they were far from the entrance.

They also had not seen the crystal barrier that had formed and then disappeared suddenly.

Aschnaz's thousand meter tall body obstructed their gazes and senses. They did not know what had happened and only thought that Aschnaz was hesitating.


Aschnaz gradually refocused. He made a sound and looked back at the impatient Abyss Devils.

He suddenly moved aside from the passageway to Flaming Sun Purgatory. He said, "You’re in such hurry? Go ahead first then."

"This..." Many Abyss Devils stilled.

Dozens of seconds ago, Aschnaz released his corrosive aura to prevent others from charging in first.

But mere moments later, he was telling others to go ahead first?

They did not know what had happened to Aschnaz in the short dozen seconds that he would change his decision.

Only the Great Lord of the Frost Desolation Abyss, Dawson, laughed lowly, his gaze thoughtful.

"Thank you!"

Some fearless Great Lords of the Abyss hurriedly charged in after Aschnaz moved aside.

There was a limited time to replace other Abyss Devils and become the Devil Monarch. This time was not also fixed.

Sometimes, it would take a long period of killing and a dozen of Great Lords of the Abyss perishing before the new Devil Monarch was determined.

Sometimes, the new Devil Monarch was determined after three to five battles.

Aschnaz had been in a hurry to be the second to enter because he worried if he was too late, the mysterious laws of the Abyss would appoint the new Devil Monarch before he even entered Flaming Sun Purgatory.

At that time, he would not even have time to regret.

"The entrance is not blocked. Another one can enter. Who will go?" Aschnaz said.

The other Abyss Devils found that the entrance still existed after that Abyss Devil had charged in.

Usually, this meant the Abyss Devil who just entered had a great disparity in power with the victor inside of Flaming Sun Purgatory.

The mysterious laws of the Abyss would only allow another Abyss Devil to enter in a case like this.

"Something's off," one Abyss Devil murmured.

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