Chapter 1755: You Cannot Escape!

Inside Flaming Sun Purgatory, Qin Lie laughed joyfully.

Taurus's three golden pythons became medicine for Qin Lie to recover after they were refined by his blood.

He recovered the physical energy he had lost, and absorbed refined flesh and blood energy of Taurus as well.

The three wounds created by the pythons visibly healed and his shattered bones grew back.

Having recovered with Taurus’s help, Qin Lie’s four-thousand-meter tall body quickly expanded

In the blink of an eye, his body grew more than five thousand meters tall!

If Taurus had not been greedy and instead of targeting Perfect Blood burrowed into his flesh instead, Qin Lie would have been helpless.

Unfortunately for him, Taurus did not know how powerful his blood was!

Each drop of his blood contained the Abyss Devil Race bloodline, the God Race bloodline, the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline, and the Spirit of Void and Chaos bloodline.

The four bloodline systems could release powerful bloodline power through any drop of blood.

When his bloodline was catalyzed by the Abyss Devil Race bloodline to reach rank ten, the other three bloodlines were also strengthened to different degrees.

The blood Taurus's three pythons had consumed contained Nivitt's corrosive power, inextinguishable flames of the Blaze Family, and the Light of Destruction from his father.

The explosion of three wild bloodline powers was not something that Taurus's pythons could tolerate!

Therefore, his snake-like projections immediately turned into blood drops!

"Why! Why is it like this?"

Taurus, now shorter, felt the weakness in his body and hissed in discontent.

Before he entered Flaming Sun Purgatory, he had done his homework. He knew the Abyss Master Castor greatly desired Qin Lie's Perfect Blood.

And so did Lieyan Yuan!

The allure of Perfect Blood was the testament to its strength!

He came to Flaming Sun Purgatory both to replace Qin Lie as the eighth Devil Monarch and for the Perfect Blood.

He thought he could refine Qin Lie's Perfect Blood. For that goal, he purposefully mocked the Perfect Blood to hide his intentions and secretly formed three pythons to burrow into Qin Lie’s vessels.

He thought that he could turn Qin Lie's Perfect Blood into his own power before he devoured Qin Lie's heart.

But he underestimated the power of Perfect Blood.

"Even Castor only wants to use his soul to take over my body and everything I have," Qin Lie snarled. "He did not dare to use his avatar, even at its peak, to directly refine my bloodline. Taurus, who do you think you are? You dare do something that even Castor didn't dare to do?"

Qin Lie was wary of Castor because he knew the Abyss Master would attack him from his very soul to obtain his Perfect Blood.

Castor did not want to refine his bloodline to have it become a part of him.


Qin Lie released a world-shaking presence. The Flesh Filling Tombstone of the God Race shone with rays of blinding light under his control.

At the same time, his connection to the Flame Devil King's life crystal deepened.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

The enormous blazing meteor hurled towards Taurus with an ear-deafening boom.

As Qin Lie's body grew larger, and Taurus lost a part of his body, the two's aura and bloodline fluctuations were suddenly at the same level.

Previously, Vitas and the others below felt that Taurus was slightly stronger.

But now, Qin Lie and Taurus's power and body were about the same in their senses.

"Taurus, you are finished."

Qin Lie laughed. His body was still rapidly growing, and so did his presence!

The hot flames burning and turned him into a flaming Abyss Devil.

That blazing meteor seemed to become a part of his body, a terrifying flame Divine Grade artifact.


The blazing meteor once again flew by Taurus with many crimson fireballs suddenly flying out of the meteor.


Within the flames, Qin Lie laughed wildly as his terrifying Flame World shrouded Taurus.

Taurus suddenly found the world around him turn into an ocean of flames.

His body, which had lost some of its flesh, was sizzling in the heat of the ocean.

He hurriedly used his bloodline power to transform into a golden combat Abyss Devil.


He waved his golden blade as he cut and slashed, wanting to tear this domain apart.


The golden blade suddenly split into millions of golden energy strands.

Taurus's body shot out of the flame ocean in this moment.

"Space! Seal!"

Qin Lie snorted. His fingers with sharp nails pulled in the air.

Invisible spatial power roamed around Taurus and formed layers of mysterious spatial patterns.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

Bright blades of light appeared within those spatial patterns. Those were spatial blades!

A prism mirror suddenly appeared at Qin Lie's chest.

"The Galaxy Mirror!" Taurus was shocked.

"You cannot escape." Qin Lie controlled the spatial laws as he said coldly, "Thank you for your blood essence which has helped me complete my transformation faster. Saved me half an hour."

As he spoke, Taurus found to his shock the millions of golden dots he had scattered before were uncontrollably flying toward Qin Lie.

The golden specks of light shone like stars.

An unusual beast that flickered between intangibility and tangibility suddenly appeared began consuming them.

These specks that had been gathered in the golden blade contained core laws of Taurus’s power!

That beast... was the metal-attribute Spirit of Void and Chaos!

"My bloodline essence!" Taurus roared.

"You should not have created those three pythons. Do you know, the greatest secret of my Perfect Blood... is that it can assimilate the bloodlines of other beings," Qin Lie said with narrowed eyes.

At this time, he was deconstructing the laws contained within Taurus's essence blood.

He used Taurus's fighting method and the laws that Taurus had comprehended to control those golden specks.

As his body slowly finished its final transformation, and he started to comprehend Taurus's bloodline power, he knew that Taurus had no chance of victory.

When Taurus arrived, he had just raised his bloodline to rank ten, and his body had not been truly refined and formed.

His body would only be completely formed when he grew seven thousand meters tall.

At that time, his bloodline would stabilize and he could easily use the special powers in his bloodline.

As Taurus’s body became shorter due to losing his avatars and half of his body, Qin Lie's body had reached six thousand meters.

Taurus could try to resist, but ultimately, he would be the first Great Lord of the Abyss to perish in Flaming Sun Purgatory.

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