Chapter 1754: Bloodthirst!

Taurus's enormous golden blade was the peak of metal power and contained the essence of his bloodline.

As the golden giant blade sliced down, the spatial crystals of Flaming Sun Purgatory were torn apart, and the Origin Sea was cut in half.

The land of Flaming Sun Purgatory was cut into pieces by the sharp attacks.

Even Qin Lie, whose bloodline had reached rank ten and had a body several thousand meters tall, would most likely be cut in half if he was hit by the giant blade.

However, the Flesh Filling Tombstone from the Blaze Family remained untouched after taking on a strike from the golden blade.

This was the power of a top race’s sacred relic!

"As expected, the God Race is supporting you!"

Seeing the Flesh Filling Tombstone appearing, Taurus grew even more furious. His long python tail took the opportunity to dart across the sky.

"Pu pu pu!"

Sharp noise came from the tip of Taurus's tail, as if it was a golden drill.

Qin Lie's Flesh Filling Tombstone just blocked Taurus's previous attack. He had not had the time to move the life crystal of the Flame Devil King with his soul when he saw Taurus's giant tail flying upwards.

Just as Taurus's giant tail was about to burrow into Qin Lie's belly, dots of strange golden lights suddenly erupted out.


Taurus roared.

Qin Lie looked down and found Taurus's giant tail had split into small golden giant pythons!

The three golden pythons flashed with a cold metal sheen and had cold eyes.

They hissed, their bodies spinning like drills as they burrowed into Qin Lie's legs and back of his waist.

The enormous pain caused Qin Lie's soul to tremble. The strand of consciousness controlling the Flame Devil King's life crystal suddenly collapsed.

The falling speed of the Flame Devil King's life crystal quickly decreased.

Taurus snarled as he pulled back his golden blade. He easily dodged the life crystal of the Flame Devil King.

His formerly thousand-meter-tall body was greatly shorter at this moment.

Below, Vitas, Miao Fengtian and the others looked closely and found that Taurus's body seemed to be missing from the waist below

At a glance, this powerful Abyss Devil seemed to be cut in half.

But he did not spill a drop of purple blood.

The three golden giant pythons that wrapped around Qin Lie became unusually thick and powerful as they roared and wildly feed on Qin Lie's flesh and blood.


The Abyss Devil bones in Qin Lie's legs suddenly shattered under the two giant golden pythons.

At the back of his waist, the other golden giant python had bitten him hard and was sucking on his blood.

He could clearly feel his refined flesh and blood energy slipping away.

"Flesh Condensation!" Qin Lie roared.

Recently, as he comprehended the laws of the Abyss, he knew that the rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss possessed all kinds of bloodline secret arts.

Flesh Condensation was a secret bloodline art that only rank ten Abyss Devils could master.

They could use their flesh and bloodline to form many Abyss beings of different shapes.

Taurus used his tail and lower half to manifest three golden pythons.

The three golden pythons came from Taurus's blood and body. They could use Taurus's bloodline abilities and they could be treated as Taurus himself!

"Perfect Blood, haha!"

Much shorter, Taurus waved his golden blade as he snarled.

He easily avoided the Flame Devil King's life crystal and looked coldly at Qin Lie with eyes flashing with greed.

In this moment, Qin Lie understood. He suddenly realized that everything Taurus had said before was not sincere.

Taurus seemed to mock Perfect Blood, but inside, he greatly desired Perfect Blood!

The three golden giant pythons he formed with his blood were meant to steal his Perfect Blood!

The three pythons were madly devouring his flesh and blood to turn it into power for himself.

He finally detected Taurus's intentions.

He knew that Taurus would not swing the golden blade and immediately kill him.

Taurus would use the three golden pythons and consume most of his flesh and blood before killing him.

"Even you want my Perfect Blood?"

Four thousand meters tall, Qin Lie looked at the three golden giant pythons and did not feel any pain.

"Too naive."

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

In a flash, Qin Lie was drowned in burning flame. His bloodline presence suddenly changed.

The wild flames were released from every one of his pores and contained both lightning and thunder.

That was the God Race Blaze Family bloodline in his body!

At the same time, a destructive presence formed in the Blaze Family bloodline.

The destructive flames did not come from his Blaze Family bloodline but from his father Qin Hao who had stolen it from the shadow beings!

"Sizz sizz!"

In this moment, Qin Lie became a burning giant Abyss Devil with flames roaring into the sky.

Among the flames, lightning flashed and thunder roared. A destructive presence formed and spread outwards.

"Argh! Argh! Argh!"

The three golden pythons that had been chewing on his back and legs suddenly gave off screams in Taurus's voice. The three pythons immediately gave up on feasting on Qin Lie's flesh and blood.

However, the blood that the three pythons had previously consumed started to give off terrifying flames as well.

Among those flames, there was a dominant and strange destructive presence, and also a corrosive power unique to Black Bog Abyss Devils.

The golden pythons that had formed from Taurus's body were burning. They quickly turned to bloody water, as though they were ice thrown into lava.


Taurus, who was waving his golden giant blade, immediately felt the pain of his three projections, letting out a guttural howl.

The three golden pythons were originally a part of him, extensions of his body.

Their sudden annihilation dealt Taurus a severe blow, his bloodline power greatly reduced.

"You should have never thought of refining my bloodline." Drowning in flames, Qin Lie suddenly became calm. "If you fought me normally without using your avatars to feed on my flesh and blood, I temporarily would have been helpless against you. However, you are too greedy and you underestimated the dominance of my bloodline."

As he spoke, the three golden pythons from Taurus turned to bloody water.

"It is delusional to think you can refine my blood. The other way around however, it is easy." Qin Lie smiled darkly.

As Qin Lie spoke, burning blood droplets carried drops of blood and flew over to enter his wounds.

These burning droplets had been previously consumed by the golden pythons, and the blood they carried along was from the three pythons made from bloodline essence of Taurus. 

In the blink of an eye, the three pythons turned into drops of blood and entered Qin Lie's wounds.

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