Chapter 1753: Battle To Be Monarch

"The life crystal of the Flame Devil King?"

Taurus snarled. Seeing the blazing meteor coming, he did not panic. "You are not him, how much of his power can you use?"

"Pew pew!"

Glittering golden light shone from Taurus's enormous body. The giant hammer he held also gleamed with golden sheen.


In a flash, Taurus's thousand meter tall body flashed to the right side, making way for the blazing ball.

He did not try to clash with the Flame Devil King's life crystal.


Taurus made his way around the blazing meteor and swung his golden giant hammer at Qin Lie's head.

Rays of sharp metal energy fell down like arrows.

The giant hammer suddenly disappeared.

Qin Lie looked up and found the tens of thousands of strands of golden energy forcibly changing the laws of the Flaming Sun Abyss.

The nearby abyss devil energy was turned into golden energy under Taurus's bloodline power.

In a flash, he felt he lost control of the Flaming Sun Purgatory. He felt he was trapped in Taurus's world and was being controlled.

Even the deep connection between his soul and Flaming Sun Purgatory seemed to be temporarily cut off when Taurus arrived and released his bloodline power.

In this moment, he seemed to not be Flaming Sun Purgatory's creator.

It seemed that the core laws of the Abyss was creating balance and stopping him from using the power of Flaming Sun Purgatory to defeat Taurus.

"I cannot use the power of Flaming Sun Purgatory..."

In a flash, Qin Lie understood the mystery and immediately changed his fighting style.

"Bloodline ability—Golden Armor!"

His heart suddenly surged with power that flowed like rivers through his tendons.

Golden-scaled armor immediately covered his body, making him just as shiny as the golden spectacle.

They were both metal power, but the energies that Taurus released bounced off Qin Lie's golden armor.


Qin Lie's enormous body gave off blinding energy.


Qin Lie twisted his body. He moved away from Taurus's attacking range and closer to the blazing meteor.

"Metal power!"

Taurus stilled. His enormous Abyss Devil hand casually grabbed.


The sparking golden energies gathered together back into the golden giant hammer once again.

"Your bloodline is too heterogeneous, and contains too many Abyss Devil Race bloodlines. A person like you cannot rule over an Abyss Purgatory!" Taurus felt with his mind and snorted coldly.

He could feel bloodlines of different systems from Qin Lie's body and those bloodline vibrations... seemed to be in conflict.

Moreover, even just the Abyss Devil Race bloodline seemed to have many minor bloodlines and abilities mixed together. For Taurus, it was a reason to look down on Qin Lie.

In his view, a bloodline too heterogeneous would affect the ultimate limit of the main bloodline. Someone like Qin Lie couldn’t exert true power of his bloodline.

"Perfect Blood my ass. In my view, this is just a joke that Lieyan Yuan created!" Taurus laughed.

"Pew pew!"

His golden giant hammer turned into a glittering golden blade.


Taurus waved the golden blade as he cut down from the sky. He seemed to want to cut the spatial barrier around Flaming Sun Purgatory in half.


A narrow golden ray of light came from the heavens and cut down.


Qin Lie was forced to move aside.

After the golden ray fell, it seems to have split the Origin Sea in half and created enormous waves in the sea.

At this time, Qin Lie noticed that the golden giant hammer that Taurus held was really... just a bright golden ball of light.

That golden ball of light looked like a round hammer just because it was spherical.

But when he sensed it, Qin Lie knew that the golden ball of light contained the purest laws of metal!

This was a sharp blade formed from the essence of Taurus's bloodline!

"Metal power!"

Qin Lie's thoughts shifted. He immediately sensed the existence of the metal spirit and pointed at the empty air.

A dot of light flashed where he looked and turned into the rank nine bloodline metal spirit.

The metal spirit looked greedily at the golden blade that Taurus held. It squeaked as it spoke its desires to Qin Lie.

"I want to help you take the bloodline essence of this person." Qin Lie grimaced.

Taurus was a top-tier Great Lord of the Abyss. His power was second only to true Devil Monarchs like Auston. His power of metal was a notch higher than the one metal spirit had absorbed before.

Just now, if he had not used similar metal power to cover himself with an armor, he may have been riddled with holes already.

Taurus, after his first failure, seemed to see the secret of the metal power in his golden armor.

When Taurus attacked the second time with his golden blade, the golden-scaled armor covering his body grew hot and intolerable.

He instinctively felt as though Taurus was using his armor against him, so he deactivated it and immediately dodged the golden blade’s slash.

He now considered Taurus as his terrifying opponent to date.


Taurus swung his enormous blade again towards him and shouted arrogantly, "Will you keep dodging?"

"Do you believe that I can use my bloodline power to cut your Flaming Sun Purgatory into pieces?"

"When I challenged you, you stopped being able to use power of the Flaming Sun Purgatory. If you allow me to do as I please, even if you win against me in the end, Flaming Sun Purgatory will be seriously damaged!"

"Is that what you want?"

Taurus attacked Qin Lie again, this time psychologically, hoping to discourage Qin Lie from dodging.

Qin Lie also noticed that the spatial crystals in Flaming Sun Purgatory seemed to have cracked due to Taurus's attacks and the ground was split into large pieces.

He realized that Taurus was not just trying to scare him.

If he kept on dodging, he might not be hit by Taurus's blade, but Flaming Sun Purgatory... would be turned into a mess.

He was the creator of Flaming Sun Purgatory. He naturally did not want to see Flaming Sun Purgatory so damaged just after its transformation.

Therefore, when Taurus swung his blade again, the life crystal of the Flame Devil King flew  towards Taurus.

"Come out!"

At the same time, the Flesh Filling Tombstone of the Blaze Family suddenly came out and blocked Taurus's golden blade like a giant shield.

Divine light shone from the Flesh Filling Tombstone which remained unharmed under the attacks of Taurus's golden blade.

"God Race’s sacred relic!" Taurus shouted in shock.

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