Chapter 1752: The Eighth Monarch!

So far, the hundred and eight levels of the Abyss had not been invaded by the shadow beings.

Perhaps, due to this, the Abyss Devils of the other levels had the energy to challenge Qin Lie after learning he was about to transform into a Devil Monarch.

The Eight Purgatories, other than the temporarily closed Yellow Springs Purgatory and Nine Hells Purgatory which had just experienced a catastrophe, were in chaos because of Castor.

The Great Lords of the upper hundred Abyss levels were even more reassured.

In the dark and long abyss passageway.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

Abyss Devils with rank ten bloodlines came out of various black holes and slowly gathered at the abyss passageway’s entrance to Flaming Sun Purgatory.

Soon, a dozen had made their way to the place.

A boundary powered by laws of the Abyss prevented them from entering.

However, they all knew that once Qin Lie’s bloodline finished its ascension, the ban would be lifted.

When that happened, Qin Lie would have become the Devil Monarch.

Qin Lie, having just reached this level, would be still oblivious to the laws of Flaming Sun Purgatory.

That was their best chance.


A dot of black light suddenly expanded. Aschnaz of the Black Bog Abyss slowly came out of the black light.


The Great Lords of the Abyss were shocked seeing Aschnaz arrive.

They looked warily at the famous Abyss Devil.

"Haha, I know you wouldn’t resist the urge to come."

A wild roar reverberated through the area. Its source was an Abyss Devil with long snake-like tail holding an enormous hammer..

This Abyss Devil had an enormous bull head. His body was muscled and filled with explosive power.


Aschnaz's eyes grew slightly serious when he saw the other arrive. "You also want to become a Devil Monarch through the boy?"

"Of course. I’ve heard you wanted to overthrow Grom since a long time ago." The Great Lord of the Abyss called Taurus laughed and said, "Honestly speaking, I had the same goal in mind. Alas, Grom fell short and was killed by a random mixed-blood."

Aschnaz looked at him and suddenly smiled. "Since you are interested, then .. I will let you go to Flaming Sun Purgatory first."

"Haha, thank you very much." Taurus laughed arrogantly.

In his view, Aschnaz taking a step back was because of fear.

The other Abyss Devils gathered here heard Aschnaz and Taurus's conversation. They thought that Aschnaz knew he wasn't a match for Taurus and retreated.

"Zzt zzt! Zzt zzt zzt!"

Threads of purple lightning suddenly climbed over the boundary made from the laws of the Abyss.

Those Abyss Devils stared with wide eyes and found cracks appearing on the boundary.

"It's about time." Aschnaz snorted and said, "That Qin Lie is about to complete his bloodline transformation. Taurus, your chance has come."

"Haha! I have waited for this day for two million years. The eighth Devil Monarch shall be me, Taurus!"

The bull-headed Taurus swung his giant hammer as he roared joyfully and charged first towards Flaming Sun Purgatory.

"Clap clap clap!"

Strangely, when Taurus's thousand meter tall body passed through the boundary, the boundary that had shown signs of cracking healed again, barring the rest.

Evidently, it would only allow a single person, or group, to enter at the same time.

Aschnaz and the other dozen Abyss Devils watched as Taurus charged into Flaming Sun Purgatory and waited silently for the result.

Either Taurus would kill Qin Lie and become the new Devil Monarch...

Or Qin Lie would kill Taurus and continue to rule over Flaming Sun Purgatory.

No matter who won, the result would soon be decided. After the battle was finished, they could continue and challenge the winner.

Flaming Sun Purgatory was fated to be chaotic in the following years. Several powerful Great Lords of the Abyss would perish trying to become a Devil Monarch.

Flaming Sun Purgatory. 

Near the Origin Sea, Qin Lie's body had grown four thousand meters tall after absorbing the nearby abyss devil energy.

Thick bolts of lightning wrapped around him like snakes and seemed to refine his blood and flesh.

Every beat of his Abyss Devil heart was like an ear-defeaning roar.

The sparks from the blazing meteor of Vermillion Bird Realm disappeared into his flesh.

The life crystal of the Flame Devil King seemed to be helping Qin Lie complete his bloodline transformation in another method.


An earth-shaking roar suddenly came from the clouds of Flaming Sun Purgatory.

"I am Taurus of the Black Herb Abyss. I will tear open your chest and eat your heart!"

Taurus started to shout madly once he passed through the abyss passageway and appeared in the Flaming Sun Abyss.

He deliberately used the power of his Abyss Devil Race bloodline to cause his voice to echo like thunder.

"Taurus! It is Taurus! He came so quickly!" Near the Origin Sea, Vitas frowned and said, "The eight Titan Race warriors have yet to reach rank ten. They temporarily cannot help Master."

"Master's bloodline appears to have just reached rank ten. The refinement of his body... has not completed." Miao Fengtian was also worried.

"Stop wasting my time and fight. I’ll have to face other Abyss Devils after killing you." Taurus turned into shadowy streak that quickly charged from the abyss passageway.

Everyone looked up to see a mountain of flesh flying through the dark red sky of Flaming Sun Purgatory.

Terrifying ripples of power spread downwards, suffocating them.

"Crack crack!"

Bones of the transforming Qin Lie gave off loud cracks, his eyes slowly opening.

Purple bolts of lightning danced in Qin Lie’s eyes.

"Black Herb Abyss, Taurus..."

Qin Lie muttered softly. He finally looked at the incoming bull-headed Abyss Devil and focused on the swinging giant hammer.


Qin Lie reached out, his finger pointing at Taurus, his voice calm.

The blazing meteor that had been absorbing abyss devil energy and refining Qin Lie’s body with its sparks hurled toward Taurus..

"Snap snap snap!"

When the meteor moved, the entire sky seemed to be set aflame. All the nearby beings flushed due to the heat.

Even if they were tens of kilometers away.

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