Chapter 1751: The Challengers

“Dawson, can you feel it? Qin Lie is starting to transform into Devil Monarch!”

At the Frost Desolation Abyss, its Great Lord, Belle, said while floating high up in the air.

Next to her blurry humongous form were three equally huge rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss.

Of course, Dawson and Russell were present too.

They weren’t the only ones who sensed Qin Lie’s ascension. A lot of rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss had felt the same thing.

For them, this was a chance to prove themselves—all they needed to do was kill Qin Lie! 

Every new Devil Monarch was challenged by the entire Abyss when they rose to power.

Qin Lie was no exception.

“I have no intentions of challenging him.” Dawson stared coldly at his fellow Great Lords of the Abyss and said, “And I’d advise all of you to cease such thoughts.”

Russell let out a chuckle and replied, “We know Qin Lie and how scary he is, so we have no problems keeping our desires in check.”


He paused for a second before grinning. “The same can’t be said for everyone else. In their opinion, Qin Lie’s roots are shallow because the Flaming Sun Abyss has started absorbing Yellow Springs Purgatory while he was still at rank nine. They think that everything he obtained was a product of sheer luck.”

“Dawson, I heard that a lot of people are vying to replace Qin Lie,” Belle said.

“Let them,” Dawson said indifferently. “They’ll soon realize that Qin Lie is a bone tougher than anything they’d ever chewed in their life.”

“Alright. Then we’ll wait and watch.” Belle nodded.


At the Black Bog Abyss.

The high rank Abyss Devil Cohen descended onto a black sea filled with foul air and said respectfully, “Lord Father!”

“Splash splash splash!”

An Abyss Devil that looked like a venomous dragon flew out of the black sea and glared at Cohen with its huge, purple eyes.

“Lord Father, are you… planning to challenge the new Devil Monarch at Flaming Sun Purgatory?” Cohen asked carefully.


More Great Lords of the Abyss rose from the pitch black water. They were all Great Lords of the Black Bog Abyss.

Not counting the Eight Purgatories, the Black Bog Abyss was one of the strongest of Abyss levels out there.

The number one Great Lord of the Black Bog Abyss, Aschnaz, was an ambitious being. Just like the two brothers Auston and Austin, his goal was to become a Devil Monarch.

He wanted to turn the Black Bog Abyss into Black Bog Purgatory one day!

In fact, Aschnaz had been working toward this goal for a long time. Grom, the deceased Yellow Springs Monarch, was originally his target.

If Qin Lie hadn’t replaced Grom, Aschnaz would’ve challenged Grom himself in a million years.

It was something he had plotted for a very long time.

“You know that I’ve always targeted Yellow Springs Purgatory, but that boy stole my opportunity while the Eight Purgatories were closed.” Aschnaz let out a snort before continuing, “He only became the monarch of Flaming Sun Purgatory by luck. It hasn’t even been a century since the Origin World transformed into the Flaming Sun Abyss, and now it’s evolving into an Abyss Purgatory!”

“His foundation is too weak. Even if I didn’t challenge him, it’s only a matter of time before he is replaced by other Abyss Devils.”

“In that case, I may as well benefit off his corpse!”

Aschnaz’s eyes glowed purple when he spoke. His breath was literally poisonous miasma.

“I know you share a good relationship with that boy, but you should understand that evolving the Black Bog Abyss to a purgatory takes priority before everything!”

“Cohen! You’re not a child anymore! You should understand what’s best for our Abyss!”

“We’ve waited far too long for this day to come. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”

“Even if we didn’t act, Flaming Sun Purgatory will be destroyed by other Abyss Devils. We simply cannot surrender this opportunity to our rivals!”

The other Great Lords of the Abyss that surfaced from the black sea also scolded Cohen for being childish.

“Father, uncles, I beg you to reconsider your decision. If you must act, at least don’t be the first to test Qin Lie’s might,” Cohen said in a helpless and sincere tone. “I’ve been meaning to tell you this, but Qin Lie… is not the pushover you imagine he is. I’ve made contact with him before, and based on the miracles I’ve seen from him, I have a feeling that he may become the new Abyss Master.”


“Cohen! What are you talking about?”

“His blood isn’t even pure. How can he possibly become the Abyss Master?”

The company of Great Lords of the Abyss replied incredulously.

Cohen sucked in a deep breath and explained, “The rise of an Abyss Master has always been unlike any other. Too many miracles have happened around him, and I simply can’t believe it to be a coincidence.”

“Lord Father! You have to be careful! You mustn’t risk offending an Abyss Master beyond reparation!”

The rank ten Aschnaz finally showed a trace of hesitation. He said, “Alright, I promise you that I won’t be the first to challenge Flaming Sun Purgatory.”

“That’s good.” Cohen let out a sigh of relief after hearing that.


“That boy from Flaming Sun Purgatory is starting to transform into a Devil Monarch. Our chance has arrived.”

“That guy didn’t have the true blood of the Abyss! His bloodline is stolen!”

“He stole what was supposed to be our opportunity!”

“If he hadn’t replaced Grom while the Eight Purgatories were sealed, the opportunity would never have fallen into his lap!”

“The God Race are the ones who are helping him!”

“We cannot allow someone like him to become the monarch of a purgatory! This is unacceptable!”

“Just wait, when he reaches rank ten and Flaming Sun Purgatory opens, I’ll head to Flaming Sun Purgatory immediately!”

“Me too!”


Many rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss of various levels were waiting eagerly for the opportunity to challenge Qin Lie, kill him, devour his heart and become the ruler of an Abyss Purgatory.

In their opinion, Qin Lie’s bloodline was impure, and his rise to power had been too short.

It was why they all thought that Qin Lie was a pushover.

They thought Qin Lie was their shortcut to become a Devil Monarch!

“Qin Lie is in quite a lot of danger this time.”

Auston said to Ming Xiao inside a secret room at Nine Hells Purgatory.

As usual, Ling Yushi was seated quietly next to them.

Ling Yushi’s purple hair danced gently. She was absorbing world spirit energy from Spirit Realm and tempering her body.

Although she hadn’t evolved into an Abyss Devil yet, Auston knew that she would become a Great Lord of the Abyss the moment her bloodline accumulated the required amount of power.

That was why he was guarding by her side.

“A lot of people must think that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Ming Xiao said coldly. “They’ll learn how hard Qin Lie really is when they face him.”

“Haha, these people also have no idea that an Abyss Devil as strong as Qin Lie is undergoing an unprecedented transformation in Nine Hells Purgatory.” Auston laughed loudly while looking at Ling Yushi. He said, “I look forward to the day they reach rank ten bloodline and become legends. I believe they will surprise the entire Abyss.”

“That is for sure,” Ming Xiao replied with a smile.

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