Chapter 1748: Huge Pressure

“We are here to look for help.”

Patriarch Manon of the Star Moon Race revealed his intentions directly and sincerely.

“We’ve all been driven to a corner by the shadow beings,” Tutan of the Multihand Race also said helplessly.

Countless races existed in the universe, but the God Race, the Spirit Race and the Soul Race were the only ones who weren’t affected by the shadow beings’ invasion for now.

The shadow beings had automatically retreated when Lieyan Yuan and Tian Qi showed up, so no damage had been dealt to the God Race or the Spirit Race.

The Soul Race did even better than those two. The shadow beings didn’t even bother entering into their domain.

However, the shadow beings were appearing in other star systems that didn’t belong to the three transcendent bloodline races.

The Multihand Race and the Star Moon Race’s star systems especially were crawling with shadow beings. Their stars and realms were being devoured one after another by the Dark Shadow Worlds.

A new conflict had begun at God Realm after An Hao, Han Che and Lieyan Zhao’s return, so Lieyan Yuan was too busy to deal with the shadow beings.

Great Sage Tian Qi was as elusive as a ghost, and not even the experts of the Spirit Race were aware of his whereabouts.

As for the Soul Race, they’d declared that any race who wished to obtain their assistance must submit to them completely and become their vassal.

The Star Moon Race and the Multihand Race were inferior only to the transcendent bloodline races, so of course they weren’t willing to lose their free will just to resist the shadow beings.

Everyone was busy dealing with their own crises when the news that Spirit Realm had successfully defeated the shadow beings suddenly came from the Winged Race and the Bone Race, giving hope to this foreign experts.

That was why they had come to Spirit Realm in search for the power to defeat the shadow beings.

Manon of the Star Moon Race told them his goal after introducing himself and describing the conundrum he and the other races were in.

More foreigners were pouring into Sky Bearing City still while he was speaking.

They all had the same goal as Manon.

When the initial shock had passed, Qin Shan calmed down and arranged for the foreigners to take a seat at the main hall. At the same time, he told Chen Lin and the others to lead the guests who hadn’t arrived yet to the main hall when they did.

At the meeting hall, the Qin Family, Sky Mender Palace and the Ji Family’s experts were seated on one side while the foreigners led by Manon and Tutan were seated on the other.

“The Star Moon Race and Multihand Race are two of the most powerful races in the universe just like the Winged Race and the Bone Race.”

Standing beside Qin Shan, the Ice Emperor introduced Qin Hao, Qin Lie, Ji Dan and Hua Tianqiong to the foreigners seated on the opposite of them.

“I never thought that these powerful races would come to beg for our help one day. I believe that this is the fastest way for Spirit Realm to join the universe and make ourselves known to even more outer realm races.”

The Ice Emperor lowered his voice, but he couldn’t contain the excitement in his eyes. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”

Ji Dan and Hua Tianqiong were excited as well.

Their lifelong dream was to step out of the boundaries of Spirit Realm and join the universe one day.

They wanted the human race to become a great race just like the God Race and the Spirit Race.

It was something they wished to realize even in their dreams.

At first, they thought that they would climb up the stairs to their dream slowly and steadily with the God Race’s help.

However, the God Race was embroiled in civil war right now…

Just when they were feeling dejected, the invasion of the shadow beings somehow urged these powerful races to come to Spirit Realm for help.

It made them feel like a new world had opened up to them.

“The shadow beings have ten Saints. They’re not much weaker than Tian Qi or Lieyan Yuan,” Qin Hao said suddenly.

Everyone fell silent and listened to him seriously when he spoke.

Even Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar was fully focused.

He knew little about the shadow beings. He wanted to know as much as possible about this strange race.

Before this, Qin Hao wasn’t willing to reveal much about the shadow beings to him.

This was the first time Qin Hao mentioned about the power structure of the shadow beings of his own accord.

“Ten Saints? Ten shadow beings who aren’t much inferior to Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan? Are they really that terrifying?” Tutan of the Multihand Race exclaimed in shock.

Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan were Blood and Soul Mentors appointed by the Imperial Soul Monarch himself.

They were terrifying existences who were one step away from the ultimate realm.

But now, Qin Hao was telling them that there were ten such experts among the shadow beings.

Everyone fell silent after hearing this. No one looked like they were joking around.

“The ten Saints aren’t the strongest of the shadow beings. A shadow being called the ‘Saint God’ is.” Qin Hao’s expression finally changed a little when he reached this point. He continued, “I don’t know much about this ‘Saint God’ myself. I’ve only ever heard of the shadow beings talking about him. In my opinion, this ‘Saint God’ is probably at the same level as the Imperial Soul Monarch. It is said that the ‘Saint God’ often devises his plans in the Sea of Annihilation, and that he has even fought against the Imperial Soul Monarch before.”

“There are plenty of people who entered the Dark Shadow World. Tian Qi, Lieyan Yuan and I have all entered the Dark Shadow World and come out alive.”

“However, it seems that the Imperial Soul Monarch is the only one who entered the Dark Shadow World and intruded their forbidden land, the Sea of Annihilation.”

“Moreover, the Imperial Soul Monarch was the only one to have wreaked havoc in the Sea of Annihilation and come out alive.”

“I heard that the Imperial Soul Monarch fell into a long slumber after his battle against the Saint God.”

“The Saint God of the shadow beings also hasn’t made a move for a long time.”

A pause later, Qin Hao continued, “But now, the shadow beings are invading our universe en masse. It’s very possible that their Saint God is to soon to awake, if he hasn’t awakened already.”

“Ten Saints and a Saint God as powerful as the Imperial Soul Monarch?!” Manon of the Star Moon Race exclaimed in shock. “This force is enough to sweep across the whole universe and turn all races and realms to dust!”

“Is there no one who can fight them besides the Imperial Soul Monarch?” Tutan asked solemnly.

“I can maybe deal with one Saint, but two… will put huge pressure on me. Any more than that is impossible for me to defeat.” Qin Hao hesitated for a moment before saying, “Even Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan can probably fight against two Saints at most unless they enter the ultimate realm. Otherwise…”

“What if that so-called Saint God has awakened?” Manon asked.

“Then we must wait for the Imperial Soul Monarch to show himself, or Lieyan Yuan and Tian Qi to enter the ultimate realm. No one can defeat the Saint God otherwise,” Qin Hao replied.

Qin Lie’s knowledge of the shadow beings was fully refreshed for the first time.

Ten Saints who could fight on even footing against Lieyan Yuan and Tian Qi, a Saint God who was the equal of the Imperial Soul Monarch, countless powerful shadow beings, the strange Dark Shadow World, and the Light of Annihilation that could corrode anything…

He could almost imagine billions of shadow beings consuming the world and corrupting the future of the universe.

It was only a matter of time before the shadow beings invade Spirit Realm once more.

How could they possibly resist if one or more Saints were to show up next time?

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