Chapter 1747: Center of The Universe

At the Winged Race’s star system.

The Dark Shadow World that escaped from Spirit Realm immediately merged with the Dark Shadow World here upon returning.

The shadow beings gradually gathered together until the strongest of them all started communicating with each other.

“The Geocentric Motherlode of Spirit Realm suddenly gained a new master.”

“The man who stole the Light of Destruction has also returned.”

“We’ve suffered huge casualties!”

“We shouldn’t return to Spirit Realm until much later!”

“We wait for the Saint!”

These powerful shadow beings gradually grew silent after discussing.

An unknown amount of time later, a dot of Light of Annihilation suddenly appeared between them.

The dot grew bigger and bigger until it became a blazing ball of light.

The ball eventually transformed into a huge shadow being. Unlike most shadow beings, this one looked like it was composed of millions of rays of divine light.

“Lord Saint!”


The shadow beings saluted the Saint respectfully after he appeared. Then, they told him everything that had happened in Spirit Realm. It looked like they were leaving it to this shiny shadow being to decide their future course.

“We will bide our time since an intelligent being has merged with Spirit Realm’s Geocentric Motherlode.” The new shadow being pondered for a moment before continuing, “We will take out the other star systems first. Spirit Realm’s Geocentric Motherlode will definitely be ours once we’ve accumulated enough life cores. The Light of Destruction will return to our race and become the blade we need to destroy this universe.”

“We shall obey.”

The shadow beings echoed.


At Heaven Wood Realm.

Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar had returned from the Frost Desolation Abyss. He was currently standing in front of the Winged Race’s patriarch, Kermit.

“The crisis of Spirit Realm is over,” Qin Lie said.

Earlier, his Blood Soul Beast avatar had gone to the Frost Desolation Abyss with Stanca’s help.

He had contacted the Nine Hells Monarch, Auston, through Dawson and learned that Ling Yushi’s body was doing fine.

Later on, he informed Auston that Ling Yushi’s soul had merged with Spirit Realm’s Geocentric Motherlode and told him to take good care of her.

The shadow beings retreated from Spirit Realm, and the realm entrance between Frost Desolation Abyss and Boluo Realm was stable once more. Since his Dark Soul Beast avatar could enter the Frost Desolation Abyss anytime he wanted to, there was no point in hanging around there any longer.

Thus, he and Stance returned to Heavenly Wood Realm.

“How did you deal with the shadow beings?” Kermit was extremely shocked to hear this.

Up until now, no races beside the God Race, the Spirit Race and the Soul Race had ever succeeded in kicking out the shadow beings from their galaxy.

It was the same with the Winged Race and the Bone Race.

To the Winged Race’s knowledge, Spirit Realm wasn’t exactly powerful either.

That was why he was curious how Spirit Realm was able to repel the shadow beings with just their strength.

“My fiancee’s soul had merged with the Geocentric Motherlode, and my father had returned through a spatial rift. That was all it took,” Qin Lie replied.

“Merged with the Geocentric Motherlode!?” Kermit exclaimed in shock.

The rest of the Winged Race elders wore thoughtful looks after hearing his answer.

“I’d like to head to the Bone World,” Qin Lie said.

Spirit Realm had dealt with their own problems, so he no longer needed to rely on the Winged Race to defend Spirit Realm. He had no intention of helping the Winged Race using Spirit Realm’s or his father’s power.

He had his own plans.

“A-alright,” Kermit replied in a helpless tone.


Right now, a lot of powerful races were being invaded by the shadow beings.

Thanks to the Wood Race and the Bone Race’s efforts, everyone had heard that the Geocentric Motherlode could be used to resist the Light of Annihilation.

A lot of races were currently trying to extract shards of their Geocentric Motherlode and use them against the shadow beings.

Then, the Winged Race suddenly revealed that Spirit Realm had successfully beaten back the shadow beings.

Suddenly, Spirit Realm became the center of attention of the universe.

A lot of outer realm experts started seeing Qin Lie and Spirit Realm in a whole new light.

Many powerful races who couldn’t do anything against the shadow beings started looking for ways to travel to Spirit Realm and learn the way to fight back against the shadow beings.

It wasn’t long before a couple of resourceful races successfully arrived at Spirit Realm through some ancient and forgotten spatial passages.

At Sky Bearing City.

Foreign experts from other realms kept appearing from every realm entrance.

A giant man over nine meters tall with six arms and green skin walked out of a realm entrance.

He said, “I’m Tutan of the Multihand Race. I’ve come to meet your city lord.”

The man’s voice was so loud that every Sky Bearing City expert was alerted of his presence.

Qin Shan, the Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor hurriedly flew out to meet him.


Behind him, another foreigner who looked like a human, except that he was glittering like a star suddenly appeared.

“I am Manon of the Star Moon Race. I would like to meet with the city lord of Sky Bearing City.”

Clansman of the Star Moon Race had orifices just like a human. However, theirs seemed capable of communicating with the stars, shining.

They were also brimming with evident star energy. That was why they looked like they were adorned with stars.

If the Genesis Realm experts of Starry Hall hadn’t left Sky Bearing City, they would’ve been shocked to see this Star Moon Race clansman.

It was because their cultivation methods were very similar to this figure.

In fact, the martial practitioners of Starry Hall had obtained their first cultivation art from the God Race, and the God Race had obtained it from the Star Moon Race.

When the God Race had conquered Spirit Realm, they had gifted the human race the cultivation art for being the first to submit to them.

That human was the first Hall Master of Starry Hall. After cultivating the cultivation art and exploring its depths, he taught it to other humans and founded Starry Hall.

“Manon! Patriarch of the Star Moon Race!”

The Ice Emperor shouted in astonishment when he saw the Star Moon Race clansman.

He and the Flame Emperor roamed the universe for a long time, so he was more familiar about the universe and the races that resided within it than the people of Spirit Realm.

The Star Moon Race was at the same level as the Winged Race and the Bone Race. They were a powerful race inferior only to the transcendent races.

He never thought that the Star Moon Race’s patriarch himself would visit Spirit Realm.

Before the Ice Emperor could recover from his shock, even more foreign experts flew of Sky Bearing City’s realm entrances through unknown methods.

It was as if Spirit Realm had suddenly become the center of the universe.

“What’s going on?”

The Ice Emperor had no idea why the foreign experts are showing up.

The Qin Family, Sky Mender Palace and the Ji Family were equally confused.

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