Chapter 1746: The One True God!

The creatures of Spirit Realm no longer had anything to fear from the Light of Annihilation after they had been infused with the Geocentric Motherlode. The shadow beings’ hands were tied as well due to Ling Yushi’s presence.

Ling Yushi alone could change the tide of the battle after merging with the Geocentric Motherlode, not to mention that Qin Hao had just returned from the spatial rift as well.


Another shadow being was frozen by the Ice Emperor’s frost power and shattered into bits.

The shadow being’s soul was extinguished in an instant.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie and Ling Yushi stood side by side as they stared at two Dark Shadow Worlds approaching their way.

Qin Lie noticed that the shadow beings from the second Dark Shadow World were dying en masse after the Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor arrived.

They could no longer temper their bodies with the scattered energies of the world, and they were no longer unstoppable after the Light of Annihilation had lost its effectiveness.

On one side, Qin Hao’s nine-level Soul Altar fired destructive beams at his enemies.

Any shadow being that came into contact with the power of destruction would turn incredibly fragile before exploding into nothing.

Thanks to Ling Yushi and Qin Hao, the disadvantageous situation had been completely turned on its head.


The two Dark Shadow Worlds finally combined into one.


A shadow being let out a screech from inside the combined Dark Shadow World, and the latter  suddenly flew toward the spatial rift like it had a mind of its own.

“The shadow beings are running!”

Inside the Dark Shadow World, the Ice Emperor sensed its movement and shouted urgently at the others.

“We need to get out of here!”

Qin Hao also shouted as his nine-level Soul Altar blazed like the sun.

The dazzling light from his Soul Altar cleared the way for the warriors of Spirit Realm.

At first, everyone in the Dark Shadow World felt like they were moving through a swamp.

But when Qin Hao unleashed his full strength, their shackles had been destroyed and they swiftly flew out of the Dark Shadow World.


The gigantic Dark Shadow World shrank like an illusory demon before passing through the spatial rift they had come from.

The Dark Shadow World was gone in the blink of an eye.

Qin Hao, the Ice Emperor, the Flame Emperor and everyone else continued to stare coldly at the spatial rift above their Soul Altars.

They were worried that more shadow beings would come after them.

“This is the end.”

Ling Yushi’s soul appeared next to the spatial rift in a flash.

Countless unknown lights suddenly appeared inside that spatial rift. They seemed to be traveling to other realms.

When Ling Yushi’s soul showed up, the spatial rift suddenly started healing itself like a wound. It was as if it was affected by an unknown power.

“This is…”

Shocked, the Ice Emperor stared at Ling Yushi and hesitated for a moment before asking, “Can you fix the spatial tears in Spirit Realm?”

Ling Yushi smiled and nodded at him, saying, “I have the ability, yes.”

Overjoyed, the Ice Emperor said, “Does that mean you’ll be the first to know if the shadow beings attempt to invade Spirit Realm once more?”

“I can do better. I’ll stop them from ever showing up,” Ling Yushi said confidently.

Every Genesis Realm expert and bloodline warrior of Spirit Realm went wild with joy when they heard this.

They were starting to realize what kind of change had overtaken Spirit Realm now that its Geocentric Motherlode had a master.

All of Spirit Realm seemed to have become sentient after Ling Yushi and the Geocentric Motherlode had merged with each other.

Right now, Ling Yushi was undoubtedly the protector and guardian of Spirit Realm!

“Wonderful, this is just wonderful,” Hua Tianqiong blurted in joy.

“Miss Ling, about my master…” Chen Lin said hesitatingly.

The demon dragon Scott also moved closer to ask, “Can you rescue my father?”

Chen Lin and Miao Yizi’s master, the Demon Dragon Race’s elderly patriarch and the Thunder Emperor were all trapped inside the Dark Shadow World.

They thought that these people were dead already, but Ling Yushi had told them that they were all still alive.

The shadow beings had imprisoned them at a strange place.

Hence, they hoped to borrow Ling Yushi’s power and rescue the Thunder Emperor, the patriarch of the Demon Dragon Race and Chen Lin’s master.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have the power to do that right now,” Ling Yushi said apologetically. “I haven’t merged with the Geocentric Motherlode completely, and even if I did, I dare not guarantee that I’ll be able to rescue them from the Dark Shadow World’s forbidden zone.”

“Where are they right now?” Scott asked urgently.

Ling Yushi hesitated for a moment before looking at Qin Hao. She replied, “They should be near the Sea of Annihilation.”

“The Sea of Annihilation!” Qin Hao’s expression changed suddenly.

“I’m going to withdraw the Geocentric Motherlode’s power now,” Ling Yushi said calmly.

Star-like light dots suddenly floated away from everyone’s body.

Not only did the light dots contain the purest and oldest aura of Spirit Realm, they looked like they were weaved by some sort of strange truths of life and laws of power.

The light dots only lasted for an instant before vanishing from sight.

Everyone who lost the power of the Geocentric Motherlode looked a bit reluctant and disappointed.

No one said a word or got angry with Ling Yushi, however. It was because the benefit of Ling Yushi and the Geocentric Motherlode merging as one was far bigger than them refining the Geocentric Motherlode for themselves.

“I’ve used up quite a lot of soul energy. I shouldn’t hang around outside for too long.” Ling Yushi told Qin Lie her intention to return to the Geocentric Motherlode with a soul voice that no one could hear or sense. She said, “I can sense everyone’s soul activity clearly. I can find them no matter where they go. But you, you’re the only one whose soul I cannot sense or capture. There’s nothing I can do to influence you.”

Qin Lie was stunned by Ling Yushi’s comment. He understood that Ling Yushi was speaking to him and him alone through the soul, but he didn’t understand what she was trying to say.

So he asked, “What do you mean? Does it mean anything in particular?”

Ling Yushi paused for a moment before replying in her unique voice, “It means that you don’t belong to Spirit Realm.”

Qin Lie trembled.

He understood what Ling Yushi was trying to say now. He was the creator of Flaming Sun Purgatory, so he could detect all Abyss Devils who were born in Flaming Sun Purgatory.

It was because he was the master of Flaming Sun Purgatory!

Ling Yushi was the same as him. She could sense any creature who was born in Spirit Realm with perfect clarity.

If she couldn’t sense him, that could only mean that he wasn’t born in Spirit Realm. He wasn’t considered a member of Spirit Realm.

“If you were a life of Spirit Realm, I would’ve been able to help you. I can use Spirit Realm’s powers and give you a taste of its core laws. But…” Ling Yushi ended with a sigh.

“You should rest and completely merge with the Geocentric Motherlode as soon as possible,” Qin Lie replied. His eyes were dark and unfathomable.

Ling Yushi gave him a long look before nodding in response.

Everything lay in what was left unsaid.

After that, everyone saw Ling Yushi disappearing gradually like a mirage while looking at Qin Lie.

In the end, she was completely gone.

However, all experts who had been injected with the Geocentric Motherlode earlier felt like she existed in every corner of the world!

It was a most profound sensation. It was as if Ling Yushi was an omnipresent god of Spirit Realm!

From this day onward, she was the one true god!

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