Chapter 1745: Pull Strongly Against The Tide

"Whoosh whoosh!"

Another split of the Dark Shadow World moved from the direction of the spatial crack and attempted to merge with the Dark Shadow World where Qin Hao was.

The new Dark Shadow World had dozens of shadow beings that gave harsh screams.

"Pew pew!"

At this time, figures flew out of the spatial crack that Qin Lie had just come out of.

Crimson Blood Ape King, Ji Dan, Hua Tianqiong, the Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor came from Sky Bearing City.

"We cannot let the Qin Family face the shadow beings alone."

The Ice Emperor grinned after arriving and greeted Qin Lie.

After the Ice Emperor, Pina of the Sea Race, Scott of the Demon Dragon Race and others all flew out.

Other than Zu Han, Ao Changsheng and the human Gold rank faction experts, many foreign races’ clansmen appeared.

Qin Lie looked and nodded gently, his heart touched.

Ling Yushi smiled slightly and said confidently, "After I merged with the Geocentric Motherlode, I can be of great help."

As she spoke, she seemed to suddenly twisted the laws of space in her soul state.

"Poof poof!"

The star power that made up the bodies of the screaming shadow beings suddenly collapsed.

Qin Lie's rank ten subsoul could clearly feel the meridians and lines of the shadow beings were being cut by an unknown power!

Dots of light containing pure power gathered from all directions.

Nine-level Soul Altars of the Ice and Flame Emperors were the first to benefit as the dots of light merged.

In a flash, the two Soul Altars gave off blinding light.

More star power fell like rain towards Crimson Blood Ape King, Pina, Scott and the others under Ling Yushi's control.

All the ancient races’ clansmen that had come received great power after they recovered their original appearance and were flooded with a new kind of power.

These were threads of the Geocentric Motherlode's strange power.

The Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor stilled. They felt great trust towards this unfamiliar power.

"I lent you a bit of the Geocentric Motherlode's power so that you can resist the Light of Annihilation," Ling Yushi said coolly.

The Ice Emperor's eyes lit up. He laughed and charged toward the Dark Shadow World first.

He was able to ignore the splashing Light of Annihilation in the Dark Shadow World and fight the shadow beings.

"Fight!" The Flame Emperor laughed.

Ice Emperor's Soul Altar not being corroded by the Light of Annihilation after entering the Dark Shadow World caused them to be reassured.

He then charged into the Dark Shadow World.

"What? She is able to temporarily make our bodies resistant to the Light of Annihilation?"

Crimson Blood Ape King, who had resumed his hundred meter tall true form, felt the new power in his body and became extremely excited.

"Believe me. I can use the Geocentric Motherlode to form a layer of protection for all of you." Ling Yushi had a relaxed expression. "The corrosive power of the Light of Annihilation cannot destroy a boundary made from the Geocentric Motherlode. You will be safe when you fight."

At these words, the experts who feared the Light of Annihilation were moved.

They found what great upheaval Ling Yushi brought to the situation of Spirit Realm after merging with the Geocentric Motherlode.

As the Mother of Earth, Ling Yushi could change the flow of energies in Spirit Realm, and could also temporarily put the power of the Geocentric Motherlode into their bodies.

With the protection of the Geocentric Motherlode, the Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor proved they did not have to fear the Light of Annihilation in the Dark Shadow World.

"Scott, your father is not dead. He is trapped by the shadow beings in another Dark Shadow World. I can feel his existence."

Ling Yushi narrowed her eyes, her light purple eyes filled with an intelligent gleam.

"The Thunder Emperor is also alive!"

The Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor shook.

At these words, Ling Yushi looked over at Miao Yizi and Chen Lin who just arrived. He said, "Your master is still alive. But they are all temporarily trapped in a strange place by the shadow beings."

"What!" Miao Yizi and Chen Lin were overjoyed and stunned by the news.

"Not dead, not dead. They are... still alive?" Qin Shan who just arrived was stunned as well.

Only Qin Lie knew that Ling Yushi could sense the strongest beings born in Spirit Realm after becoming the Spirit Realm’s Mother of Earth.

As long as those people were still alive, no matter where they were, Ling Yushi could sense them.

However, those peak experts were in a very special place, perhaps even more mysterious than the spatial rift Qin Hao had been thrown into, s Ling Yushi had no way of bringing them back to Spirit Realm.

She needed everyone's help.



"For revenge!"

The Demon Dragon Race siblings, the two human race Emperors, Chen Lin and the others who learned the news from Ling Yushi were visibly invigorated by the news, their fighting spirit ignited.

With Ling Yushi's protection, they did not fear the corrosion of the Light of Annihilation.

Angry roars accompanied their charge into the Dark Shadow World as another fight began.

Qin Lie's rank ten subsoul could clearly sense the scattered star power in the area flow quickly from the bodies of the transformed shadow beings.

The special structure of the shadow beings’ bodies quickly changed under Ling Yushi's influence.

The new shadow beings were unable to change their primitive state in the present environment into a state suitable for fighting.

Everything was due to Ling Yushi locally disrupting the laws of power in Spirit Realm!


Qin Shan looked at Ling Yushi's soul and laughed with gratification on his face.

A long time ago, he arranged for Qin Lie to cultivate in Ling Town because he knew the Ling Family's identity and knew they had the bloodline of the Dark Nether Race.

He originally wanted Qin Lie and the Ling girl to be together, creating strong foundation for the future alliance.

But even he had not expected this pair that came out of Ling Town would reach their present heights.

He thought that his grandson Qin Lie would lazily live his life, never having reached Qin Hao's heights.

He never expected the Ling Family he secretly took care of for Ming Xiao would walk out of Spirit Realm and become highest nobility of the Abyss.

He had not expected that Ling Yushi would have a great opportunity and merge with the Geocentric Motherlode!

"It appears that we do not need to worry that Spirit Realm will be invaded by other races after you completely merge with the Geocentric Motherlode," Qin Lie said cheerfully.

Ling Yushi smiled slightly and said, "When my bloodline reaches rank ten, I think that I can become the pillar of Spirit Realm. Then, only people like Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan will be of threat to me within my world."

"Good!" Qin Shan laughed and clapped.

He noticed that the beings of Spirit Realm were not losing against the shadow beings because of Ling Yushi's help!

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