Chapter 1744: Unreasonable!

"Lieyan Yuan has already ascended the throne of the God Race. If you return now, what will you do?"

Hearing An Hao and the others say they were returning to God Realm, Qin Lie frowned and immediately stated the present situation.

According to the news he obtained, after Lieyan Yuan successfully drove out the shadow beings, the voices opposing Lieyan Yuan gradually disappeared.

Many of the old people of the God Race gradually accepted Lieyan Yuan as the God King. Even Kuang Jue and Yu Xi had silently accepted it.

The Blaze Family, Lieyan Zhao being gone, supported Lieyan Yuan in large numbers.

After many years, even though Lieyan Yuan had not been in God Realm, there were still many experts in the Blaze Family loyal to him.

When he displayed enough strength, the experts of Blaze Family would follow him faithfully.

Lieyan Zhao... started to be overlooked.

"Kuang Jue and Yu Xi chose to stay silent because we were not present." An Hao thought for a moment and said, "The two Flesh Filling Tombstones that I and Han Che have are able to create waves in God Realm."

Qin Lie nodded. "Up to you."

"I hope that you can fend off the shadow beings. Temporarily... we cannot give you any help," An Hao said.

"I understand," Qin Lie answered.

"Let's go."

Han Che urged. Then, An Hao and Lieyan Zhao flew towards the realm entrance of God Realm.

"Are you alright?" Qin Lie asked Ling Yushi softly.

In her soul form, Ling Yushi nodded slightly and said with a smile, "I will be fine."

"Good." Qin Lie was reassured.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The realm entrance that had changed previously shone with light when An Hao and the others came close.

Powerful space ripples slowly formed and a realm entrance gradually opened.

A group of three passed through.

"Qin Shan, what about the shadow beings?" Ji Dan had a grave expression.

In his view, Qin Hao wanting to fight the shadow beings by himself was too arrogant.

He wanted to organize the experts while they were here and attack the gathering place of the shadow beings again.

Qin Shan frowned. His gaze scanned the ancient races’ experts.

He noticed that those foreign race experts had uneasy expressions after Qin Hao displayed his strong attitude towards Zu Han, Ao Changsheng and the others.

While the human Gold rank forces had not said anything, he feared... it would not be so easy to get them to use their full power.

In the minds of many people, Ling Yushi merging with the Geocentric Motherlode was akin to stealing their things.

Those people would naturally be dissatisfied.

However, because everyone was facing the threat of the shadow beings, they did not display their dissatisfaction.

"Miss, Miss Ling?" Pina of the Sea Race hesitated and asked Ling Yushi, "Since the spatial restriction have been released, then has our connection to outside the realm recovered?"

Ling Yushi nodded. "Yes."

"Then... that is great." Pina sighed in relief.

Qin Lie also found when Ling Yushi said these words, all the ancient races’ clansmen suddenly relaxed.

Qin Lie understood their thoughts and he frowned inside.

Previously, Lieyan Yuan had sealed all the spatial rifts between Spirit Realm and the other realms. This caused the beings of Spirit Realm and the surrounding realms to have no place to hide even if they could not win against the shadow beings.

However, when the spatial cracks all recovered, when they were unable to defeat the shadow beings, the foreign races’ experts would not fight to the death for the survival of their race.

—Because they had a hope of fleeing alive.

Qin Lie realized from these small details it was not realistic to rely on the foreign race clansmen to fight to the end.

"Send me to the gathering place of the shadow beings," Qin Lie said softly.

Ling Yushi immediately used her newfound power to open a spatial rift towards the shadow beings without a word.

After merging with the Geocentric Motherlode, she received large amounts of secret arts and could do many things she would have never imagined before.

A spatial crack suddenly appeared.

"Take care of my body for me."

Leaving behind these words, Qin Lie's rank ten subsoul flew out of the Dark Soul Beast and entered the spatial crack.

He ignored the undercurrents in Sky Bearing City.

In the next second, his rank ten subsoul appeared in the Wood Race’s region.


Ling Yushi's soul also appeared behind him.

The two souls floated alone in the stars.

"Will there be any problems over in Sky Bearing City?" Ling Yushi said.

"No." Qin Lie snorted. "After they learned about the wonders of the Geocentric Motherlode from the God Race, many people became greedy. They all want to comprehend the mysteries of the Geocentric Motherlode. We were not able to divide the Geocentric Motherlode and you magically merged with it. In the eyes of some people, this is the Qin Family stuffing our own pockets, and using the interests of all beings of Spirit Realm to help you. So this is why they are dissatisfied. This is a sensitive time. I do not want to explain anything. When I am powerful enough, I can intimidate all others!"

"Father's approach is correct. Sometimes, there is no point reasoning with small-minded people."

"When we are strong enough for the beings of Spirit Realm will tremble, our words will be law."

Ling Yushi laughed softly. "That is true."


At this time, a dot of light appeared from the Dark Shadow World ahead.

In the light, Qin Hao's nine-level Soul Altar grew brighter.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Countless unusual energies with a terrifying presence to destroy all things splashed in all directions.

Qin Lie sensed with his soul. He could see the shadow beings turning to nothing when hit with the unusual lights.

The unusual energy with its destructive power seemed able to disassemble the shadow beings in a flash.

The dim Dark Shadow World released more light due to Qin Hao's unusual existence.

Through those lights, Qin Lie could see those shadow beings die. He found that their bodies refined by the universal laws collapse in split second.


A powerful shadow being came from another area rather than from the Dark Shadow World.

That shadow being clearly had refined its body back in Spirit Realm and returned to its primitive state.

His soul presence was terrifying. The Light of Annihilation sparking off him made Qin Lie feel anxious.

"Qin Hao! You stole our Light of Destruction and dare to use it to kill my clansmen. Do you not fear that we will destroy Spirit Realm?"

He howled in the common language and suddenly burrowed into the Dark Shadow World.

Inside the Dark Shadow World, many rays of scattered Light of Annihilation immediately gathered on him.

He was an exception formed from the Light of Annihilation. He was much more powerful than the other shadow beings and could ignore the Light of Destruction. He immediately tangled together with Qin Hao's nine-level Soul Altar.

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