Chapter 1743: Queen

Sky Bearing City. 

Ling Yushi's soul disappeared from the spatial crack and suddenly appeared next to Qin Lie.


The torn spatial crack disappeared from Sky Bearing City when her soul appeared.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Almost at the same time, countless multicolored flowing lights criss-crossed over Sky Bearing City and formed a new defensive barrier.

"How..." Qin Lie was shocked.

Ling Yushi's soul shadow smiled slightly and said, "And how do you feel after merging with the Origin Sea of the Flaming Sun Abyss?"

Qin Lie stilled.

He narrowed his eyes and attempted to feel the sensations of his main body.

Suddenly, he seemed to return to Flaming Sun Purgatory and his soul could stretch to every corner.

He could also feel the powerful Abyss Devils inside Flaming Sun Purgatory.

As the creator, he could sense the soul fluctuations of every Abyss Devil born in Flaming Sun Purgatory.

The more powerful Abyss Devils were like bright stars in his soul perception.

If he wanted to, his soul could immediately appear next to those Abyss Devils and know everything about them.

This was a wondrous experience unique to the Abyss Creators.

He felt once again. He found the six Spirits of Void and Chaos were even brighter in his soul perception and even more closely related to him.

He suddenly understood what Ling Yushi meant.

Ling Yushi, after being recognized by the Geocentric Motherlode and becoming the Spirit Realm’s Mother of Earth, could sense all the living beings there.

Existences like his father were the brightest in Ling Yushi's perception.

Due to this, no matter where his father was, Ling Yushi could find him and bring him back to Spirit Realm.

"I understand." Qin Lie nodded softly.

"Qin Lie, what is going on? Weren't you going to extract a part of the Geocentric Motherlode?"

Zu Han of Reincarnation Sect had a dark expression as he looked at Ling Yushi and then at Qin Hao. He said, "Why is it like this?"

"Yes, why was this girl able to merge with the Geocentric Motherlode?" Ao Changsheng of the Ao Family said in dissatisfaction.

Through An Hao, Han Che and Lieyan Zhao, they knew that Ling Yushi had merged with the Geocentric Motherlode and had become the Mother of Earth all of a sudden.

They did not know what the "Mother of Earth” was but they knew Ling Yushi was able to bring Qin Hao back and she had also merged with the Geocentric Motherlode.

In their view, the Geocentric Motherlode was the communal treasure of Spirit Realm and could not benefit a single person.

They misunderstood that Ling Yushi had refined the Geocentric Motherlode.

"It is not like you imagine." Qin Lie attempted to explain.

However, Qin Hao, who just returned from the spatial gap, moved his hand to indicate for him to stop.

"Father, how is the situation?" Qin Hao asked Qin Shan.

"The shadow beings have come through a spatial crack connected to the Winged Race’s territory. They have already consumed a few nearby realms of the Wood Race." Qin Shan grimaced. "The Light of Annihilation that the shadow beings have created is able to corrode all things. We attempted to stop them but suffered a great loss. Temporarily, we cannot find a way to fight them. We can only hide in Sky Bearing City. Little Lie said that the Geocentric Motherlode is able to resist the Light of Annihilation so..." he narrated the occurrences in detail.

"Only some small realms? That's good, better than I imagined," Qin Hao said calmly.

"What about the Geocentric Motherlode?" Zu Han of Reincarnation Sect asked again.

"It’s none of your concern, we have other plans for it!" Qin Hao had an impatient expression. He looked coldly at Zu Han and said, "If you want to keep yapping, go back to your sect!"

"Qin Hao! You, you!" Zu Han's face turned red.

"You think I don’t know what you’re thinking?” Qin Hao snorted coldly. "Don't you just want a share after learning of the Geocentric Motherlode's abilities?"

"That was not our intention," Zu Han said stubbornly.

"In the future, no one will  think of the Geocentric Motherlode, it already has an owner." Qin Hao's gaze swept everyone and then he said, "As for the shadow beings, I will deal with them. There is no need for you to do anything."

The Gold rank faction martial practitioners frowned slightly upon seeing Qin Hao's steely attitude.

The members of the ancient races grew silent after a momentary pause.

"Father, Little Lie, take care of Sky Bearing City. I will go face the shadow beings." Qin Hao walked towards the realm entrances, wanting to head to the realms of the Wood Race.

"Father-in-law, no need for such trouble. I will send you there," Ling Yushi said softly.

Another spatial crack formed next to Qin Hao. It was possible to see a surging Dark Shadow World from inside the spatial crack.

Qin Hao looked at her and laughed brightly. Then he flew without hesitation into the spatial crack.

In her soul state, Ling Yushi moved her finger slightly and the space crack healed again.

She smiled, then turned to look at Zu Han and the others of Reincarnation Sect. She said, "Maybe you do not know what I have obtained after merging with the Geocentric Motherlode. Let me explain simply."

"If I want to, I can have nothing grow in the lands of Reincarnation Sect, Starry Hall, the Ao Family, the Lu Family and the Six Ways Alliance. I can pull all the world spirit energy from those places."

"I can change the power flow of all of Spirit Realm."

"Like this."

As she finished speaking, she did not seem to move but the world spirit energy within a thousand miles of Sky Bearing City seemed to fly towards the city as though it had been affected by a magnetic field.

Zu Han and the others were stunned.

"Also, if I am willing, I can have the beings born in Spirit Realm fail during their breakthroughs and even die."

"When you reach the late stage of the Genesis Realm and build a nine-level Soul Altar, you might be able to resist me."

"But if I deliberately act, your descendants' accomplishments will be limited here."

Ling Yushi smiled as she threatened.

"The Mother of Earth does have such abilities," Han Che said coldly.

Ao Changsheng and the others felt they were encased in eyes after hearing Han Che's words. They didn't dare to say more.

Zu Han had an awkward expression. He smiled anxiously and said, "We, we have no other intentions. You may have misunderstood."

"Oh, misunderstood? I surely hope so," Ling Yushi said carelessly.

Qin Lie looked easily as she intimidated Zu Han and the others.

He suddenly realized that after the hardship in Nine Hells Purgatory and the successive opportunities, the soft girl of the past had transformed and become a queen that could rule a region.

"Miss Ling? Are you able to send us back to God Realm?" An Hao said.

"The realm entrance connected to God Realm recovered when I merged with the Geocentric Motherlode." Ling Yushi nodded.

"Thank you," An Hao said.

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