Chapter 1737: Recognition

“What’s Qin Lie doing?”

The Ice Emperor was puzzled. He didn’t understand why Qin Lie was extending his soul toward every direction.

“He’s exploring the geography of Spirit Realm’s geocenter.” Qin Shan smiled at the Ice Emperor and explained, “Obviously, Qin Lie had neglected his study of spirit diagrams as his power and realm grew stronger. At the beginning however, he was actually quite interested and talented in artifact forging. My original plan was for him to learn artifact forging, but he took after his father and ventured deeper and deeper along the path of ultimate power.”

“Artifact forging and spirit diagrams are an expression of power as well,” An Hao of the God Race said. “Any artificer who can forge Divine Grade spirit artifacts normally wields great power too.”

“Tian Qi, Lieyan Yuan and the Imperial Soul Monarch are all versed in the way of artifact forging.”

“More accurately speaking, they are masters in all kinds of powers.”

Qin Shan nodded in agreement and said, “The patriarch of the Darkness Family is wise.”

An Hao’s understanding was exactly identical to his opinion on spirit diagrams. He too believed that anyone whose understanding of the truths of power had reached a certain height could become a most outstanding artificer.

It was because the way of power and artifact forging were ultimately connected to each other.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

Qin Lie’s split soul continued to travel toward every direction. The interconnected structure of the underground crystal veins were clearly imprinted in his mind.

His understanding of the realms, the crystal veins and the structure of the earth was completely renewed thanks to this.

The speed at which his main body analyzed of the high grade ancient spirit diagrams inside the Soul Suppressing Orb had improved tremendously as well.

In fact, he felt like his analysis of the high grade ancient spirit diagrams was deepening his experience of bloodline power, frost concept, thunder spirit arts and dead souls as well.

Even his transformation to a Devil Monarch was progressing faster than normal.

A long time later.

“Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!”

The split souls joined back as one and turned back into a Soul Tree.

The Soul Tree then returned to the Dark Soul Beast avatar.

Qin Lie took on his human form and exhaled a breath of rich spirit energy. He sighed. “A super-sized realm is basically a super-sized spirit artifact. Not only is it a creation of nature, its depths contain infinite mysteries and secrets.”

Qin Shan looked very glad with Qin Lie’s outburst.

He knew that Qin Lie’s knowledge of the power of nature, spirit diagrams and the strangeness of the galaxy was completely refreshed thanks to his exploration of Spirit Realm’s crystal veins.

It might not look like Qin Lie had gained anything substantial today, but the unseen benefits he received were really innumerable.

“Did you sense the Geocentric Motherlode?” Qin Shan asked with a smile.

“No, I didn’t,” Qin Lie replied with puzzlement. “My soul traveled millions of kilometers in every direction, but I haven’t sensed the Geocentric Motherlode at all.”

“The Geocentric Motherlode can be located at the largest intersection of the crystal veins. You can’t sense it… because I’ve hidden it from everyone’s perception,” Qin Shan said proudly.

In fact, An Hao, Lieyan Zhao and Han Che had been probing around since they entered the underground.

However, even they couldn’t detect the Geocentric Motherlode. They were wondering why this was the case until Qin Shan revealed to them the truth.

“The main reason our ancestor had built Sky Bearing City was to protect the Geocentric Motherlode,” Qin Shan said seriously. “Funnily enough, those who understood the true power of the Geocentric Motherlode are the foreigners, not the locals. Since neither the ancient races nor the human Gold rank forces of Spirit Realm know much about the Geocentric Motherlode, we were able to guard it even when were chased out of Sky Bearing City hundreds of years ago. Pei Dehong and his people had no idea what kind of secret Sky Bearing City was hiding.”

“Of course, even if they somehow made it here, they won’t be able to find the Geocentric Motherlode easily without my guidance.”

Qin Shan suddenly looked at the group and said, “We’ll have to stop here, everyone. From hereon, Qin Lie is the only one who’ll be coming with me.”

“Qin Shan, am I not trustworthy enough?” Hua Tianqiong complained.

Ji Dan was surprised by Qin Shan’s declaration as well.

“I’m sorry, everyone. The Qin Family has always guarded the Geocentric Motherlode. This is as far as I can bring all of you.” Qin Shan looked at the ground and said, “Qin Lie and I will bring out some Geocentric Motherlode in a moment. We can discuss how to use it against the shadow beings later.”

“But I simply cannot lead you to the Geocentric Motherlode.”

After that, Qin Shan took out a wooden sculpture from his spatial ring.

It was a very familiar wooden sculpture. It was a sculpture of Qin Shan himself.

“Let’s go.”

Qin Shan patted Qin Lie once in the shoulder while gripping the wooden sculpture. A strange spirit diagram made of light flew out of the object after that.

The spirit diagram wrapped around him and Qin Lie. An instant later, the two people vanished right under everyone’s noses.

“I don’t sense any spatial disturbances at all. This means that the teleportation isn’t a product of the power of space. Strange…” Han Che said in puzzlement after closing his eyes and probing for a bit. 

“This Qin Shan is no ordinary person,” An Hao commented.

“We haven’t even met Qin Hao yet.” Lieyan Zhao rubbed his chin and said, “I heard that he was bold enough to challenge Tian Qi and Castor into a fight. Not even Assad was able to gain the upper hand on him, so I imagine that he’s even more enigmatic than Qin Shan.”

“Every generation of the Qin Family is better than the previous one,” the ancestor of the Ji Family, Ji Dan also said.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie had appeared in a strange world filled with crystalline light.

His very first sensation was that he was at a node where countless crystal veins intersected one another. He almost felt like he was inside a crystal.

“This is the place,” Qin Shan said suddenly from beside him.

A short pause later, Qin Lie examined his surroundings and saw a huge, translucent bubble.

The bubble shone colorfully like rainbows. Countless light could be seen swimming inside it.

The cluster of light were tightly connected to the crystal veins. They looked like they corresponded to a crystal vein each. 

A mysterious, soothing aura spread out inside his heart. Every time he inhaled the air coming out of the giant bubble, he felt like his body was strengthened a bit.

“This is…”

Qin Lie stared at the crystalline world around him and the giant, floating bubble in shock.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Shan asked.

“The high grade ancient spirit diagrams inside the innermost space of the Soul Suppressing Orb are stored inside a bubble like this,” Qin Lie replied.

Currently, his main body was studying a high grade ancient spirit diagram inside a giant bubble.

In fact, there were plenty more light-filled bubbles like this inside the Soul Suppressing Orb.

Each mysterious bubble was a world of its own. Every time he went into one, he felt like he was entering a realm filled covered in the direct expressions of laws.

Qin Lie had entered these bubbles again and again to feel their strange, transient presence.

Since he had never seen something like this in the physical world, he thought that these bubbles were just illusions inside the Soul Suppressing Orb.

“You mean this?” Qin Shan pointed at the giant bubble in front of them.

Qin Lie nodded.

“This is the Geocentric Motherlode,” Qin Shan said seriously.


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