Chapter 1736: Enlightenment

“All Geocentric Motherlodes are surrounded by crystal veins. You can say that crystal veins are the veins of a super-sized realm,” the Ice Emperor explained after Qin Lie got close. “All places with crystal veins are filled with crystal mines of varying properties. If a crystal vein is connected to a mountain or a river, it’ll give birth to many precious natural resources. These natural resources are necessary to refine spirit artifacts or cultivate our bodies and Soul Altars. If the Geocentric Motherlode is drained, these crystal veins won’t be able to transfer any energy to its surroundings. The world spirit energy of Spirit Realm will gradually disappear as well.”

“Once that happens, Spirit Realm is basically on a course to self-destruction.”

The Ice Emperor pondered for a moment before adding, “The Geocentric Motherlode is the core of all crystal veins. It won’t be an exaggeration to call it the life and soul of all crystal veins.”

“The Geocentric Motherlode… is the miraculous object that can transform any lifeform.”

A pause later, the Ice Emperor looked at Qin Lie and said, “Qin Lie, are you sure you want to mine a portion of the Geocentric Motherlode into spirit armors and give it to the likes of Zu Han and foreign experts?”

“Are you sure they’ll return it after the shadow beings are defeated?”

“Can you guarantee that they won’t refine the Geocentric Motherlode immediately after they obtained the spirit armor?”

The Ice Emperor had wandered the depths of the galaxy for many years. He knew better than Qin Shan and Ji Dan just how amazing the Geocentric Motherlode was.

He knew that there were very few people who could resist the temptation presented by the Geocentric Motherlode.

“Right now, there are billions of humans living in Spirit Realm. Most of them are mere mortals, but they are the foundation of all martial practitioners.”

“If the Geocentric Motherlode is largely depleted, then Spirit Realm’s world spirit energy will definitely experience a decline. Less natural resources will be born to this world.”

“In the end, we’re the ones who’ll suffer because of this. A lot less humans will be able to cultivate in the future.”

“Our very foundation will be shaken if the Geocentric Motherlode is used.”

The Ice Emperor shook his head with a bitter smile.

He seemed certain that there was no way they would get back the Geocentric Motherlode after it was passed to the hands of the ancient races’ clansmen.

“I will do my best to get them back after all is said and done,” Qin Lie said solemnly.

“What if you fail?” The Ice Emperor asked.

Qin Lie hesitated for a moment before saying, “To my knowledge, Geocentric Motherlodes can fuse with each other. If the human race does suffer because too much of Spirit Realm’s Geocentric Motherlode was used, then…”

The Ice Emperor looked at him in surprise.

“Then I’ll travel to another super-sized realm and mine their Geocentric Motherlode to heal Spirit Realm’s damage,” Qin Lie declared.

The Ice Emperor exclaimed in shock, “Any super-sized realm that possesses a Geocentric Motherlode must be controlled by powerful races!”

The God Realm, the Spirit Race’s Spirit World, the Bone World, the Winged Race’s homeworld and other super-sized realms all had Geocentric Motherlodes in them.

However, the races living in those realms were all very powerful!

If Qin Lie robbed them of their Geocentric Motherlode to replenish the losses Spirit Realm had suffered, then he would be acting the same as the God Race that invaded Spirit Realm at the beginning.

It would be an all out war with only one victor in the end!

“If I manage to survive Castor, I will become one of the strongest experts in the entire universe,” Qin Lie said with determined eyes. “When that day comes, I should be powerful enough to get the Geocentric Motherlode I need from any race, no matter how powerful they are!”

The Ice Emperor shook when he heard this.

An Hao, Han Che and Lieyan Zhao also happened to hear his declaration while they were descending from above.

It was only then they realized why Qin Lie hadn’t changed his mind despite knowing the risks.

It was because he was possessed by great ambition.

The trio who had strongly disagreed with Qin Lie’s decision earlier looked very excited.

“If this is your solution… then it’s a gamble worth taking!” Lieyan Zhao laughed loudly.

The God Race had always acted like this toward other races.

The God Race’s history was a history of blood and invasion. It was how they kept strengthening themselves and became a ruler of the universe.

That was why Qin Lie’s idea was exciting to them.

It meant that the God Race would continue dominating the universe even after Qin Lie had replaced Lieyan Yuan as the new master of the God Race.

It was an outcome they were all happy to see.


Qin Lie, the Ice Emperor and the three patriarchs suddenly entered a crystalline world while they were talking.

A brief check told Qin Lie that this section of the underground was filled with tens of thousands of crystal veins.

The crystal veins looked like a giant, complex spider web. It covered the entire underground space of Spirit Realm.

“The earth is a spirit diagram too!”

Suddenly, he recalled his grandfather's words and felt enlightened.

He didn’t realize that there were so many crystal veins at the bottom of Spirit Realm.

It was only after he probed around with his soul did he realize that the web of crystal veins was like a complex spirit diagram. They completely filled up the underground.

“I’d visited the geocenter of Spirit Realm a long time ago, so I know what lies down here.” Standing on top of a crystal pillar, Qin Shan gave him a small smile and said, “Back when you were still in a muddled state, the knowledge and theory I taught you were really life experiences I’d seen with my own eyes. I was just as stunned as you are when I first came down here. As an artificer, I never imagined that these crystal veins would exist in such a complex and miraculous pattern.”

“Every super-sized realm is really a gigantic lifeform.”

“And the Geocentric Motherlode is the heart and soul of this creature!”

“These crystal veins carry out a function very similar to the veins in our bodies. They transfer world spirit energy to every corner of Spirit Realm!”

Qin Lie nodded with bright eyes and said, “I understand now.”

He had never had a deeper impression of the structure of realms, spirit diagrams and life itself until now!

“I’d like to probe around for a bit.”

He sat down and ejected his rank ten subsoul from the Dark Soul Beast avatar.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

His soul split apart into several bluish green flames and roamed the geocenter of Spirit Realm.

His senses were stretching to every corner of Spirit Realm as his split subsouls travelled along the crystal veins.

The underground world of Spirit Realm grew clearer and clearer to his soul senses.

Meanwhile, a wisp of his main body's soul was studying the high grade ancient spirit diagrams inside the Soul Suppressing Orb.

These high grade ancient spirit diagrams were all stored inside brilliant bubbles that looked like independent realms.

His soul was analyzing the most complex and mysterious secret of the ancient spirit diagrams.

At first, his progress was very slow…

But after his subsoul entered the geocenter of Spirit Realm and grasped the overarching structure of the crystal veins, enlightenment suddenly hit him.

Thanks to this, his analysis of the high grade ancient spirit diagrams suddenly became a lot faster.

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