Chapter 1735: Beneath the Ground

“If I refine the Geocentric Motherlode for myself, Spirit Realm is done for, and… this star system itself will decline, won’t it?”

Qin Lie’s question was accompanied by a trouble look. He didn’t rush down the secret passage.

“You’re destined to leave Spirit Realm and spread your wings in bigger worlds. There are plenty of super-sized realms like Spirit Realm in the galaxy, and you’re perfectly capable of moving the denizens of Spirit Realm to a new realm once this crisis is over.”

An Hao shot him a deep look and pondered for a moment. Then, he persuaded again, “Once Flaming Sun Purgatory is fully formed, it can accommodate the people of Spirit Realm as well.”

“Thus, you don’t have to worry too much.”

Han Che and Lieyan Zhao were advising Qin Lie to refine the Geocentric Motherlode as well.

It was because they knew what the Geocentric Motherlode really represented.

Qin Lie had wanted to use the Geocentric Motherlode to refine spirit artifacts and pass them over to Genesis Realm experts as well as rank ten experts of the foreign races.

While it might be an effective plan, success wasn’t absolutely guaranteed.

If they failed, the shadow beings could do whatever they want to Spirit Realm. Spirit Realm would die, and the Geocentric Motherlode would be refined by the Dark Shadow World.

Even if they succeeded, the experts who were given spirit armors imbued with the Geocentric Motherlode might not be willing to return them to Spirit Realm.

This meant that Spirit Realm would never be able to return to its former glory even if it survived the mining.

After all, losing a huge amount of Geocentric Motherlode was the equivalent of suffering huge damage to Spirit Realm, irreversible damage even.

The three God Race patriarchs were making their point from Qin Lie’s point of view. They’d rather see Qin Lie reap the biggest rewards than anyone else.

“Just think about it,” Han Che said.

Qin Lie fell silent as he thought things through carefully.

A long while later, he finally shook his head and said, “I don’t want Spirit Realm to die.”

That was all he said before he flew into the secret underground passage.

An Hao, Han Che and Lieyan Zhao exchanged a glance with each other. The disappointment in everyone’s eyes was evident.

“Well, at least this proves that he’s unwilling to sacrifice everyone for his own sake,” Han Che of the Profound Ice Family said softly. “He is different from Lieyan Yuan after all. He wouldn’t try to sacrifice the God Race for selfish reasons.”

An Hao and Lieyan Zhao sighed once before nodding in agreement.

After that, they followed Qin Lie into the secret passage.


Inside the meeting hall.

The foreign experts talked about various things with each other after Qin Lie’s group had left for the Geocentric Motherlode.

“We have the right to see the Geocentric Motherlode too.” Zu Han of the Reincarnation Sect sighed with obvious displeasure.

He did not dare to say anything when Qin Shan and his people were around, but no Qin Family expert was present at the meeting hall right now. Naturally, he didn’t need to restrain himself.

“We are part of the human race, and we live in Spirit Realm as well. We should have the right to see it,” the Ao Family’s ancestor agreed too.

Their sentiment was echoed by a couple of Gold rank forces’ martial practitioners. Their demeanor and tone clearly expressed their dissatisfaction.

Zu Han sneaked a glance at Crimson Blood Ape King, Scott of the Demon Dragon Race, Pina of the Sea Race and other members of the ancient races.

He thought that they would support him.

“You?” But the Crimson Blood Ape King sneered at him and said, “You’re qualified? Is that a joke?”

Zu Han’s expression changed at the comment.

“You think you’re qualified to see the Geocentric Motherlode just because you live in Spirit Realm?” Crimson Blood Ape King said with cold smile on his face. “In that case, the Ancient Beast Race, the Dragon Race, the Sea Race, the Asura Race should qualify to see the Geocentric Motherlode too. After all, our ancestral ground is here, isn’t it? What have you done in Spirit Realm all these years, pray tell? All you ever did was encroach upon our profits!”

“Your footsteps never moved beyond Spirit Realm. You haven’t made any improvements at all!” Scott also said with a snort.

“On the other hand, the Qin Family had ventured into other star systems and beyond. They are way ahead of you,” Pina echoed.

“Without Qin Lie or the Qin Family, the two Soul Race princes would’ve destroyed you. And what did you do when the God Race showed up? You think you’re contributing somehow when all you do is hole up in your territories?” Crimson Blood Ape King taunted.

“Without Qin Lie or the Qin Family, Spirit Realm would’ve been subsumed by the Spirit Race or conquered by the God Race a second time. You people are completely useless,” said a Sky Mender Palace Genesis Realm expert.

“We support Qin Lie no matter what his decision may be,” Crimson Blood Ape King concluded in a forceful tone.

“We are the same.”

The foreign experts all expressed their support of Qin Lie before shooting disdainful looks at Zu Han.

Zu Han’s attempt to incite conflict and lure a few ancient clansmen to their side was shot down instantly.

He shot a look at the Ao Family’s ancestor and sighed in his mind. He did not dare to try anything else after that.

He finally understood that Qin Lie had become the backbone of the entire Spirit Realm before he realized it!

On the other hand, they would never be anything more but supporting characters on this stage.

They finally recognized this truth.

“It’s all because of Qin Lie,” Zu Han thought to himself.

He never imagined that that useless trash from before would become so powerful after he came back to life. He had practically changed the entire Spirit Realm single-handedly.

He suddenly regretted listening to Pei Dehong and chasing the Qin Family out of Spirit Realm a long time ago.

Unfortunately, it was too late to change anything.


Deep beneath the ground.

It took almost no time for Qin Lie to descend to the heart of Spirit Realm.

He suddenly saw a bit of sparkly light at the bottom of the dark passage.

In fact, the narrow passage was growing wider and wider.

The sparkly light around the passage contained pure spirit energy.

“Spirit stones.”

He immediately realized that they were tiny spirit stones.

Spirit stones took form wherever world spirit energy was extremely abundant.

Some time later, he could sense the Ice Emperor ahead of him.

The Ice Emperor purposely slowed down after sensing Qin Lie’s aura.

Qin Lie knew that the Ice Emperor was right in front of him when a chill hit him.

There were even more sparkly specks of light beneath them.

“What took you so long?” the Ice Emperor said while sitting on top of his nine-level frost Soul Altar. He looked up toward Qin Lie before continuing, “We’ve reached the underground crystal vein.”

When Qin Lie looked around him, he discovered that there were translucent crystals everywhere.

These crystals were brimming with world spirit energy. They filled him up with strength and spirit.

“These spirit crystals are even purer than spirit stones!”

He inhaled deeply and feel like his mind was washed clean by the overwhelming amount of world spirit energy.

He was here in the Dark Soul Beast’s body, but the world spirit energy in this area was so rich that just breathing in this area made him feel like his body was being tempered.

He hadn’t even reached the Geocentric Motherlode yet.

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