Chapter 1734: Temptation

“Why don’t we go check how much Geocentric Motherlode there is first?”

While Qin Lie was reconsidering his decision, the Ice Emperor suddenly spoke up after a moment of hesitation.

Considering that even the emperor of the human race had agreed to try this, Ji Dan and Qin Shan were growing more and more moved.


It was at this moment a person rushed into the hall.

“The Wood Race’s Boundless Green Realm is gone!”

It was Qin Ye. His expression was serious when he made the report.


The few Wood Race clansmen inside the hall changed their expressions immediately.

The Boundless Green Realm wasn’t the Wood Race’s main realm, but it was one of their territories. Unfortunately for them, it was one of the closer realms to the spatial rifts.

The disappearance of the Boundless Green Realm probably meant that the Dark Shadow World had completely crossed over to this star system.

It wouldn’t be long before the Dark Shadow World started devouring all the surrounding realms and stars of the Wood Race.

The Wood Race could finally wait no longer. They immediately urged Qin Shan and Qin Lie to take action.

“Please decide as soon as possible! The Wood Race… probably won’t be able to hold out for long!”

“Please find a way to deal with the shadow beings as soon as possible.”

“Right now it’s just the Boundless Green Realm, but Asura Realm, Dragon Realm and Ancient Beast Realm can easily be the next realm to go! The situation is critical already.”

“If all these realms are to perish, it’s only a matter of time before Spirit Realm succumbs to the Dark Shadow World as well!”

The ancient races immediately urged the humans to take action.

“Let’s go then. Let’s go to the underground and take a look,” Qin Shan said with a sigh.

He knew that the disappearance of Boundless Green Realm had shattered the patience of the ancient races completely. If they couldn’t find a way to solve this as quickly as possible… the situation would only become more and more uncontrollable.

Qin Lie shot An Hao a glance and sighed on the inside. He knew that his suggestion had given the ancient races new hope.

If he went against his own his idea right now, the ancient clansmen were sure to hate him for this.

If Spirit Realm couldn’t unite against a threat like the shadow beings, then there was no hope for all of them.

“Alright, let us go to the underground and check it out right now,” Qin Lie had no choice but to suggest.

“I, Ji Dan, Hua Tianqiong, the Flame Emperor, the Ice Emperor, and Little Lie will be going then.” Qin Shan declared a list of people after thinking for a moment. He then looked at the three God Race patriarchs and said, “You three know the Geocentric Motherlode pretty well too. Would you like to come with us?”

“Why not?” An Hao didn’t turn down the offer.

“Senior Qin, what about us?” Scott of the Demon Dragon Race asked.

“Please wait here at Sky Bearing City until we return,” Qin Shan said casually. “Since the rest of you know nothing about the Geocentric Motherlode, you can’t help even if you go with us.”

“Alright, we agree. We believe in Qin Lie and the Qin Family.”

Crimson Blood Ape King interrupted before Scott could reply. “The shadow beings are our common enemy. If we cannot deal with this threat properly, everyone and everything will be destroyed. We all share the same goal here.”

Scott nodded in agreement and stopped talking after that.

The Genesis Realm experts of the Reincarnation Sect and Starry Hall looked like they wanted to say something.

They were humans too, and they had lived in Spirit Realm for many years. Naturally, they also wanted to catch a glimpse of the Geocentric Motherlode.

However, they knew that they used to be enemies with the Qin Family, the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace. Of course the latter didn’t trust them fully.

Since this was a sensitive moment, they didn’t want to make trouble either. In the end, they chose to stay quiet.

“Alright, please wait for us at Sky Bearing City and pay close attention to the shadow beings’ movements. We’ll move underground right now,” Qin Shan said seriously.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Come with me.” Qin Shan led the way toward outside.

All the people who were called out earlier followed Qin Shan out of the meeting hall.

They walked to an inconspicuous-looking manor inside Sky Bearing City and stopped at a hidden room crawling with spider webs.

“This is the place.”

Inside the hidden room, Qin Shan sucked in a deep breath and unleashed his soul.

“Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!”

Countless invisible soul threads joined together to form a strange and complex diagram with Qin Shan at the center.

The diagram could only be sensed with the soul. It suddenly fell through the stone floor of the hidden room.


A passage suddenly appeared on the flat ground. It went straight to the underground.

Qin Shan shot the group a look before leading the way into the secret passage.

Ji Dan and Hua Tianqiong followed them right after.

The Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor didn’t hesitate for too long. They also leaped into the secret passage after Ji Dan and Hua Tianqiong.

However, An Hao, Han Che and Lieyan Zhao didn’t hurry into the passage. They simply stood at the entrance and stared at Qin Lie.

It was clear that they had been communicating with each other through their bloodline secret art.

“Qin Lie, no matter how much Geocentric Motherlode Spirit Realm might have, it’s highly possible that those ancient race experts won’t return them.” An Hao hesitated for a moment before continuing, “I don’t think you realize just how attractive the Geocentric Motherlode is to them. Hell, even the three of us… can’t always resist the pull of the Geocentric Motherlode.”

Qin Lie stared at them in astonishment.

“Let me put it this way.” Han Che didn’t try to mince his words. “All three of us are at peak rank ten, right? If anyone of us can refine the Spirit Realm’s Geocentric Motherlode, well, it’ll be an exaggeration to say that we’ll enter the ultimate realm immediately, but our strength will skyrocket at the very least!”

“Once we’ve refined the Geocentric Motherlode, we may even be strong enough to tear apart Lieyan Yuan’s spatial restriction with the Flesh Filling Tombstone and return to God Realm.”

“In the future, this person will have a real chance of entering the ultimate realm just like Lieyan Yuan.”

Qin Lie exclaimed in shock, “You won’t steal Spirit Realm’s Geocentric Motherlode, right?”

Lieyan Zhao gave him a bitter smile and said, “If it wasn’t for you, Spirit Realm’s Geocentric Motherlode would’ve been ours a long time ago.”

“I…” Qin Lie’s eyes flashed uncertainly.

He suddenly regretted revealing the Geocentric Motherlode’s restrictive properties to the three God Race patriarchs.

The God Realm was in trouble right now, and the three patriarchs were trapped in Spirit Realm with him. They must be feeling pretty anxious.

Therefore, Spirit Realm’s Geocentric Motherlode must be incredibly tempting to them…

He was starting to worry if An Hao and the others could keep their desire in check.

“Actually, you should be the one refine the Geocentric Motherlode and leave Spirit Realm,” An Hao said suddenly.

“What?” A tremor coursed through Qin Lie’s body.

“The Geocentric Motherlode has the ability to strengthen any lifeform including your rank ten subsoul,” An Hao explained. If you refine the Geocentric Motherlode for yourself, there’s a chance your subsoul can reach the Imperial Soul Monarch’s level. I’m sure the shadow beings are invading Spirit Realm because they desire its Geocentric Motherlode. If the Geocentric Motherlode was refined by another person, they may just lose interest in your galaxy altogether.”

“Refining the Geocentric Motherlode is greatly beneficial to your main body and soul too.”

“Who knows, you may even be able to fight against Castor and beat him after your main self has evolved into a Devil Monarch completely!”

“The people of Spirit Realm can migrate to other realms. The shadow beings may lose interest in the surrounding realms of Spirit Realm after the Geocentric Motherlode is gone.”

“This is a viable way to solve Spirit Realm’s crisis.”

Qin Lie frowned and asked, “Why am I the one who should refine the Geocentric Motherlode? Why not the three of you?”

“None of us are one hundred percent sure that we’ll enter the ultimate realm after we refined the Geocentric Motherlode. Moreover, only one of us will benefit from this.” An Hao inhaled deeply before continuing, “But you are different. The chances that you’ll enter the ultimate realm after refining the Geocentric Motherlode far exceed ours! Once you’ve entered the ultimate realm, you can alter our race’s bloodline and benefit our entire race single-handedly!”

“It’s because you have the Perfect Blood, and we don’t.”

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