Chapter 1733: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

“You found something?” The Ice Emperor didn’t catch Qin Lie’s meaning the first time. He asked again, “What do you mean?”

“I think I found a clue to defend against the Light of Annihilation,” Qin Lie explained.

Right now, the greatest human and foreign experts of Spirit Realm were gathered inside the hall. Everyone was worrying over the shadow beings.

Even the three God Race patriarchs were feeling hopeless facing the shadow beings because they couldn’t contact their clansmen.

That was why Qin Lie’s declaration had stunned every expert inside the hall.

“What did you say?” The Flame Emperor got up to his feet excitedly.

“My main body found a clue.” Qin Lie looked at Qin Shan before asking, “Grandpa, the Geocentric Motherlode is beneath Sky Bearing City, isn’t it?”

Qin Shan was surprised at first, but he nodded immediately and said, “That’s right.”

“The Geocentric Motherlode!” An Hao said with tremble.

The Geocentric Motherlode was the strangest object in the world. It only appeared in super-sized realms, and even then its existence wasn’t a certainty.

There were many super-sized realms in the galaxy, but not all of them contained a Geocentric Motherlode.

A Geocentric Motherlode could fill a super-sized realm with rich life energy, birth countless creatures, and fill the whole world with spirit energy.

A realm with a Geocentric Motherlode almost seemed to have a life and soul of its own. It could absorb stray energy from nearby space and replenish its realm’s energy and lifeforce constantly.

The Ancient Beast Race, the Dragon Race and the Asura Race might be living in other realms right  now, but their birthplace was actually Spirit Realm.

Almost all the races of this star system had been born in Spirit Realm.

The Geocentric Motherlode was the life and soul of a super-sized realm!

The reason the God Race and the Soul Race had invaded Spirit Realm back then was for its Geocentric Motherlode.

It was rumored that any peak rank ten bloodline expert who successfully refined the Geocentric Motherlode had a chance to enter the ultimate realm!

Moreover, a Geocentric Motherlode could be merged with a different realm. If Spirit Realm’s Geocentric Motherlode was merged with God Realm, it would double its world spirit energy density!

Any God Race clansman who was born after the fusion would possess greater lifeforce from the start. It might even be possible to better the entire race’s future.

Not long ago, Narsen of the Spirit Race and the two Soul Race princes had come with the Geocentric Motherlode in mind.

It showed just how rare and precious a Geocentric Motherlode was.

“It’s not like other realms and stars don’t have Geocentric Motherlodes in them, but… they are small enough to be almost negligible,” Qin Lie said while staring at the group. “For example, Dragon Realm, Ancient Beast Realm, Asura Realm and other realms all have a bit of Geocentric Motherlode in them, but they are so small that we can’t even detect them. However, the shadow beings’ Dark Shadow World has the ability to refine those miniscule shards of Geocentric Motherlode and convert them into their main source of energy.”

“The main reason the shadow beings devour stars and realms using the Dark Shadow World is for the Geocentric Motherlodes they contain.”

“The Geocentric Motherlode is the Dark Shadow World’s main source of energy and the key to birthing more shadow beings!”

Qin Lie said confidently.

“H-how do you know all these?” An Hao asked in astonishment.

Everyone else was confused by Qin Lie’s sudden revelation as well.

Instead of giving an explanation, Qin Lie said, “According to secrets I’ve analyzed, I realized that the Geocentric Motherlode probably has the power to resist the Light of Annihilation’s corrosion.”

“If we refine a special spirit armor and imbue it with a bit of the Geocentric Motherlode’s power, the wearer should be able to traverse through the Light of Annihilation without trouble,” Qin Lie said seriously.

“What? Refine a spirit armor and imbue it with the Geocentric Motherlode’s energy?” The ancestor of the Ji Family, Ji Dan said abruptly, “Absolutely not!”

“Why?” Qin Lie asked with a frown.

Qin Shan smiled bitterly and explained, “The Geocentric Motherlode is the life and soul of Spirit Realm. If it is exhausted… Spirit Realm will be completely destroyed.”

“If a Geocentric Motherlode is depleted, all the world spirit energy in Spirit Realm will vanish, and all its plants will perish. We won’t be able to obtain any cultivation resources from Spirit Realm any longer.”

“Not only that, all kinds of precious treasures will disappear from Spirit Realm, the earth will sunder itself, and the common people will start dying rapidly.”

“That will be the end of Spirit Realm.”

Crimson Blood Ape King pondered for a moment before saying, “If Qin Lie’s idea can work, then we can defeat the shadow beings using the Geocentric Motherlode. Even if Spirit Realm is the price, we can still live in other realms!”

“I think this is doable,” Pina of the Sea Race said.

“If we don’t do this, it’s not like we’ll be able to protect Spirit Realm either. It’s only a matter of time before the Dark Shadow World consumes Spirit Realm and devours the Geocentric Motherlode for itself.” Scott of the Demon Dragon Race also agreed.

Spirit Realm was the Crimson Blood Ape King, Pina and Scott’s ancestral ground, but their homes were somewhere else.

Therefore, they could accept the loss of Spirit Realm if it meant defeating the shadow beings.

However, the Ji Family, the Qin Family, Sky Mender Palace and the human race viewed Spirit Realm as their home.

It was no wonder that Ji Dan couldn’t accept sacrificing their home to obtain victory against the shadow beings.

An elderly like him found the image of Spirit Realm’s decline and death too much to bear.

“Qin Lie, are you sure… the Geocentric Motherlode can resist the Light of Annihilation?” An Hao asked seriously.

“I admit I’m not absolutely sure about this,” Qin Lie paused for a moment before continuing, “but according to the knowledge I analyzed, it is very likely to be the case. Moreover, we don’t need to use all of Spirit Realm’s Geocentric Motherlode. We just need enough to protect everyone here from the Light of Annihilation, and the shadow beings won’t dare to act as they please. Once the war is over… we may even be able to reinject these shards back into Spirit Realm’s core.”

“So, what do you all think?”

“This idea is great!” Scott of the Demon Dragon Race expressed his opinion immediately, “Let’s just borrow Spirit Realm’s Geocentric Motherlode and defeat the shadow beings first. Then we can return it back to Spirit Realm!”

“Yeah, we’re just borrowing it for a moment,” Pina also said.

The rest of the ancient races also agreed with the suggestion. They all hoped that the human race of Spirit Realm could support this plan.

Ji Dan, Qin Shan and Hua Tianqiong looked a bit persuaded as well.

It was at this moment An Hao shot Qin Lie a glance before sending him a secret message, “The Geocentric Motherlode can influence every creature’s soul and life magnetic field in mysterious ways. The experts who obtained it may not be willing to return it after they realized just how amazing it is. They may even try to absorb it into themselves in secret.”

“Moreover, no one can tell just how much Geocentric Motherlode there is in Spirit Realm. Excessive mining may just kill Spirit Realm before the war against the shadow beings is finished.”

“Do weigh the merits and demerits carefully before you decide. This is not a decision to be made lightly.”

The three patriarchs’ knowledge of the Geocentric Motherlode clearly exceeded Qin Shan and Ji Dan’s.

Qin Shan and Ji Dan didn’t know the risks, but they did.

Qin Lie’s expression changed slightly when he heard An Hao’s warning. He fell silent and reconsidered the viability of his plan.

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