Chapter 1732: The Transcendent Races

A Dark Shadow World was swimming inside the Spirit Race’s star system. Many shadow beings could be seen lurking inside it.

The Spirit Race’s war chariots roared across the icy space to meet them.


The Spirit Race’s patriarch, Assad, motioned for his clansmen to calm themselves from atop a demon pet.

The warriors clad in exquisite armor were standing atop their demon pets or sitting inside the war chariots. Everyone looked steady and calm.

They weren’t terribly afraid of the shadow beings, unlike most foreign races.

“We wait for the Great Sage,” Assad said.


It was at this moment the Great Sage Tian Qi tore open a spatial rift and appeared before them.

After nodding slightly at Assad, he turned into an icy blue–colored beam and flew into the Dark Shadow World.

The Spirit Race warriors waited patiently for him to finish.

The Light of Annihilation occasionally flashed from inside the Dark Shadow World. They looked like worms that could corrode anything.

However, the blue light that was Tian Qi wasn’t affected by it in the slightest.

Any Winged Race clansman or Spirit Realm expert was present would be astonished by this sight.

It was because Tian Qi could disregard the Light of Annihilation!

Tian Qi’s soul activity was incredibly obvious despite him being inside the Dark Shadow World. The Spirit Race’s bloodline warriors could sense him communicating with the shadow beings clearly.

About fifteen minutes later.


Tian Qi flew back out of the Dark Shadow World and stopped in front of the Spirit Race army.

“Great Sage…” A rank ten bloodline warrior started tentatively.

Tian Qi gave him a smile before putting a finger to his lips.

All Spirit Race warriors who wanted to speak shut up and waited quietly for whatever was going to happen.

In the next moment, they discovered that the Dark Shadow World was slowly moving away from them.

The shadow beings had actually decided to retreat from their star system!

“Let’s return. They won’t appear in our star system in the near future,” Tian Qi said with a smile.

The bloodline warriors shot him a reverent look before departing the area quietly.

They knew that the shadow beings had appeared en masse in many star systems. They also knew that many realms and stars had succumbed to the Dark Shadow World already.

At first, they thought that a war between them and the shadow beings was inevitable. However, Great Sage Tian Qi had somehow persuaded them to leave after entering the Dark Shadow World just once.

His skill was truly admirable.


Meanwhile, a Dark Shadow World had appeared in God Realm’s star system as well.

As the fires of war slowly settled in God Realm, Lieyan Yuan left alone while wrapped in flames.

He too entered the Dark Shadow World alone.

Not long after, the shadow beings and the Dark Shadow World that had appeared in God Realm wisely chose to retreat.

They seemed to be aware of how powerful Lieyan Yuan was. They knew that they would have to face his fury if they attacked God Realm.

They didn’t wish to tear down all pretenses with God Realm just yet. They had no choice but to leave their star system.

When the shadow beings appeared, the God Race was of course alerted of their presence.

When Lieyan Yuan went to meet with the shadow beings alone and drove them away, the God Race’s civil war suddenly screeched to a halt.

The elders who had disagreed with Lieyan Yuan’s appointment as the God King suddenly changed their minds after the latter had chased away the shadow beings.

Just like that, Lieyan Yuan successfully swept aside all the obstacles in his way and became the God King.

Even Kuang Jue of the Bloodthirst Family and Yu Xi of the Light Family had no choice but to hide their fangs for the moment and acknowledge Lieyan Yuan’s status.

After all, they couldn’t do what Lieyan Yuan just did.

The shadow beings had invaded countless realms and stars. They were only stopped and persuaded to leave by Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan.


Meanwhile, at the Soul Race’s galaxy.

Soul Beasts occasionally appeared amidst clusters of lightless stars and quiet space.

The Soul Race clansmen were patrolling their galaxy.


A giant Soul Beast landed on top of a cold, grayish brown star.

Greenish flames rose from the underground. They slowly transformed into many Soul Trees.

Each Soul Tree represented a Soul Race clansman.

“Are there any signs of the shadow beings?”

The high rank Soul Race expert with a Soul Beast body asked in the Soul Race’s secret language.

“Reporting! We’ve found no shadow being activity in our domains at all.”

“Heh, the other races may be afraid of the shadow beings, but not us.”

“That’s right, the Light of Annihilation is useless against us. The Dark Shadow World can’t stop us either.”

“If the shadow beings dare to challenge us in our star systems, they’ll only be culling their own numbers. For many years, we’ve fought the shadow beings in the gaps between our realms or the chaotic streams of space. We were always evenly matched.”

“We, the Soul Race, are probably the only race who can challenge the shadow beings to a fair fight and not lose.”

Most of the Soul Race experts gathered in this area were without a physical body.

This was their true appearance. Normally, they possessed a flesh puppet only when they were engaging other physical races in battle.

They didn’t appear afraid of the shadow beings in the slightest. Everyone looked extremely relaxed.

“That’s true. Still, we should be careful even if we have nothing to fear from the shadow beings. An incredible amount of shadow beings have appeared this time, and their movements are extremely obvious. It looks like they’re gearing up for a real fight this time.” The Soul Race expert advised, “It’s better to be safe than sorry, so be careful and make sure that no shadow being manages to trespass into our territory. Don’t forget, their invasion presents a huge opportunity to us. Unlike us, the other races will be hardpressed to defeat the shadow beings. This means they’ll coming begging for our help eventually.”

“There is no race who knows the shadow beings better than we do. This is our greatest advantage.”

“So we wait. We wait until those races crumble and come begging to become our vassals and puppets.”

“The shadow beings’ invasion may be a disaster to the other races, but it brings us nothing but benefits.”

The Soul Race expert’s declaration was filled with pride.

“Hehe, maybe they actually came to strengthen our race.”

“We are the ones who know how to deal with them.”

“Their final opponent can only be us, and no one else.”

The Soul Race clansmen chatting with each other in the form of a Soul Tree looked incredibly relaxed.

It looked like they had never considered the shadow beings as a real threat. In fact, it sounded like they had fought the shadow beings in many strange places of the universe.


At Flaming Sun Purgatory.

Qin Lie’s main body had only one soul, but it was capable of many things. Right now, he was studying all sorts of rare powers inside the Soul Suppressing Orb, the Soul Altar and the bloodline.

Among them, the wisp of a soul that had entered the crystal chains of Spirit Void and Chaos bloodline seemed to realize something after a long period of research.

His main soul suddenly released a strange soul ripple.

His main soul and subsouls were able to disregard Lieyan Yuan’s spatial restriction and communicate instantly with each other.

Inside Sky Bearing City, Spirit Realm’s experts were still arguing with each other.

It was at this moment Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar suddenly trembled.

“Quiet!” he yelled.

The noisy hall immediately turned quiet. Everyone was looking at him.

“I’ve found something.”

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