Chapter 1731: Wailing of Victims

The arrival of the shadow beings was like an endless shadow cast over the races of the universe.

Many races felt terrified and anxious at the appearance of the shadow beings in large numbers.

In the past, those powerful races would only encounter lone shadow beings in remote star realms.

This caused those race experts to misunderstand the shadow beings were just a small race and could not make any waves.

Even if the shadow beings were strange and unpredictable, if they were low in numbers, they were not worthy of attention.

The beings of Spirit Realm, the Winged Race, and the Bone Race all shared this opinion.

Yet when the news that the shadow beings had appeared in different star systemsexploded, the Winged and Bone Races felt great pressure.

Now they realized the shadow beings were not a small race.

"Salleh, we have to return to the Bone World."

Bredo, the elder of the Bone Race, could no longer sit still after learning the changes occurring in the Bone Race's territory from their patriarch.

He said apologetically to Kermit. "I cannot fulfill our earlier promise. We are in trouble ourselves."

Kermit and the Winged Race warriors, had dispirited expressions. 

Originally, they had hoped the Bone Race would help the Winged Race against the shadow beings for Qin Lie.

Now, they could not be hoped upon.

"I understand," Kermit nodded and said.

"Qin Lie, what about you? Are you staying in Heaven Wood Realm or returning to the Bone World with us?" Salleh asked.

Lina and Stanca looked pleadingly at Qin Lie.

"Because you are here, we can communicate with Spirit Realm. But if you leave... we and Spirit Realm will fight by ourselves," Kermit said, conflicted.

Qin Lie hesitated and said to Salleh, "I will remain for now."

Salleh did not try to persuade him. He nodded and said, "Take care."

"Qin Lie, just... ... if Castor returns to the Bone World, will you please..." Bredo halted.

"I will immediately go help you,” Qin Lie interjected confidently.

"Alright then." Bredo said no more.

The Bone Race was threatened by the shadow beings. As the great elder, he had the Corpse Demon made from a Giant Star Beast. Therefore, he had duty of protecting realms of the Bone Race.

And like that, he and Salleh used the realm entrance of Heaven Wood Realm to return to the Bone World.

After Bredo left, Qin Lie said to Kermit, "Do you best to gather news on the shadow beings. Also, it is best to get more information on the Light of Annihilation. If you can find a way to subdue the Light of Annihilation, the fight against shadow beings… will not be unwinnable."

"I understand." Kermit nodded.

Hesitating, Qin Lie said, "Tell what I saw in Spirit Realm, the fact that the shadow beings can change their body composition to suit environment, to the other races. Tell them if they cannot find a way to defeat the Light of Annihilation, they should avoid fighting the shadow beings."

Kermit shook and said, "Yes."

The present situation was that of thousands of races fighting the shadow beings all around the universe.The knowledge that Spirit Realm had regarding the shadow beings could help the other races understand their enemies better.

After stating the terrifying nature of the Light of Annihilation, all the races would gather their thoughts and search for a solution.

He did not believe the thousands of races with numerous wise men would be helpless against the Light of Annihilation.

if they found a way to subdue the Light of Annihilation, the rampaging shadow beings in the major realms would have to endure the anger of thousands of races.

"Lina, use my name and send messages to the races on good terms with our race. Speak of the traits of the shadow beings, and the terror of the Light of Annihilation," Kermit ordered.

"I will go immediately!" Lina shouted.


Sky Bearing City

Because of Lieyan Yuan's spatial restriction on Spirit Realm, An Hao and the others could not return to God Realm.

The beings of Spirit Realm were unable to go to other distant stars through the spatial cracks.

Spirit Realm was almost in a completely sealed-off state.

"Ah, not a match for the shadow beings, and unable to escape Spirit Realm. Is sitting and waiting for death the only thing we can do?"

Zu Han of Reincarnation Sect lamented from inside the large hall.

An Hao, Lieyan Zhao, Han Che, the Ice Emperor, the Flame Emperor, human race experts and rank ten bloodline warriors of the ancient races were gathered together.

It could be said that almost all the important people in Spirit Realm and the surrounding realms had come.

They were all considering Spirit Realm's future.

At this time, martial practitioners from the smaller realms were returning in large numbers, flooding the realm entrances of Spirit Realm’s forces.

The Qin Family also pulled back their martial practitioners stationed in Oldenwarm Realm.

The shadow beings had arrived. The realms other than Spirit Realm, Boluo Realm, Oldenwarm Realm, Asura Realm, Ancient Beast Realm and the other realms may become targets for the shadow beings.

Rather than be scattered, they could gather their forces and prepare for a grand fight in the future.

Due to this, Gold rank forces of the human race were pulling back their experts who were out of the realm.

They all knew the danger.

"If we can escape Spirit Realm, maybe... " Pina of the Sea Race murmured.

After experiencing that great defeat, many of the proud experts had almost collapsed mentally.

They couldn’t find a solution against the Light of Annihilation. Another fight with the shadow beings could only end in defeat.

Many people wanted to flee in terror and leave Spirit Realm altogether.

However, the spatial rifts connected to outer realms had been closed off by Lieyan Yuan’s power.

Otherwise, Qin Lie believed some of those who lost their confidence would have left already.


Qin Lie looked at Pina of the Sea Race and Zu Han who spoke earlier. He smirked coldly, "Escape where?"

"The realms of the Winged Race, or the Bone Race?"

Snorting, he continued, "Apologies, I have bad news to tell everyone."

"What?" Ice Emperor was stunned.

"It isn’t just Spirit Realm and realms of the Winged Race. Shadow beings have swarmed various realms in large numbers as well," Qin Lie said gravely.

When he said this, the hall was filled with wails. The experts had despairing expressions.

"The invasion of the shadow beings is large in scale. The other powerful races are also facing what we are facing." Qin Lie's expression was grim. "In a situation like this, you will have to face the shadow beings no matter what realm you flee to!"

"Escaping is not going to solve the problem."

Qin Shan said in shock, "Why is it like this?"

The God Race's An Hao, Lieyan Zhao, and Han Che were silent.

They were stunned by the news.

"Give me a bit of time. Maybe... I can find a way to defeat the Light of Annihilation," Qin Lie suddenly said.

The people who were despairing looked at him in puzzlement after hearing his words.

Their eyes did not shine with hope. They didn’t believe Qin Lie could suddenly change the state of the war.

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