Chapter 1729: Dire Straits

Sky Bearing City.

Hua Tianqiong and Ji Dan who hurriedly returned immediately activated the city-protecting formation after Qin Shan returned.

In the night, countless bright rays of light shone in the sky above Sky Bearing City creating a spectacle that illuminated the entire city.

However, everyone in the city wore grim expressions due to the previous battle. 

The battle with the shadow beings was like a nightmare that cast a shadow over their hearts and suffocated them.


Crimson Blood Ape King of the Ancient Beast Race suddenly came through the realm entrance of Sky Bearing City.

"Crimson Blood, how did you… do over there?" Hua Tianqiong asked.

"Nine-tailed Fox King is dead." Crimson Blood Ape King, in his human form, had eyes filled with pain and sorrow. "Heavenly Blue Snake King and Fierce Python Thunder King are seriously wounded and need time to recover."

Heavenly Blue Snake King and Fierce Python Thunder King had decisively tore their flesh off after being touched by the Light of Annihilation and managed to survive.

In a stroke of bad luck, the Light of Annihilation fell on Nine-tailed Fox King’s neck and head.

In the end, she perished.


The realm entrances of Sky Bearing City continued to flash with light as more and more foreign races’ experts arrived.

Lieyan Yuan restrained Spirit Realm only from communicating with the outside realms like God Realm, Heaven Wood Realm and Bone World.

But he didn’t alter spatial laws around Spirit Realm, allowing movement between nearby small realms.

Thus, scattered experts of the different races hurriedly came to Sky Bearing City after returning to their realms.

They wanted to know the latest news.

"Two of the new Sea Kings of the Sea Race had been sacrificed," Pina said with a pained face.

"Another of our rank ten brethren has died," a Giant Race warrior said.

"One dead from the Wood Race."

"The Black Jail Race lost two."

"One Gray Wing Race clansman has been turned to ash by the Light of Annihilation."

The members of the ancient races stated their fatalities after arriving at Sky Bearing City.


Their eyes were filled with pain and terror. They seemed to feel anxiety even inside the city-protecting formation.

"Two Genesis Realm experts of Six Ways Alliance are dead."

"One from the Ao Family."

"One from Starry Hall."

"Two from Reincarnation Sect."


At the same time, the Gold rank forces of Spirit Realm reported their situations.

"In the battle just now, Spirit Realm's forces has been reduced by at least a quarter."

The old ancestor of the Ji Family, Ji Dan, sighed deeply after hearing the experts speak and shook his head.

"What to do?"

"What should we do now?"

"We are not a match for these foreigners."

"The Light of Annihilation is terrifying and unstoppable."

The members of the races looked at Qin Shan, Hua Tianqiong and the others with terror and anxiousness.

"Old Master Qin, where are the three God Race patriarchs?" Chi Xue asked.

Qin Shan shook his head. "I do not know."

"Where is Qin Lie?" Chi Xue asked.

Qin Shan's expression was serious. He shook his head again. "He has not returned yet."

"Has anyone… spread the news that the shadow beings are invading?" Ji Dan suddenly said.

He looked at the experts and found the experts all nodding their heads.

"We cannot conceal this.” Crimson Blood Ape King's expression was bitter and helpless. "However, the news of our crushing defeat... we are temporarily concealing this."

"Us too."

"We as well."

The experts of the various races all responded. They had kept secret that they had been attacked by the shadow beings and quickly fled.

This was too embarrassing.

"Everyone, think hard about what method we can use against the Light of Annihilation. The shadow beings are scary but can be killed." Qin Shan thought for a moment and said, "If we could subdue the Light of Annihilation, our battle against the shadow beings would not have been so one-sided."

At these words, he looked seriously into the dim night sky and said, "Sky Bearing City... might not be able to fend against the Light of Annihilation."

"If Sky Bearing City isn’t enough, doesn’t it mean there’s no safe place in the entirety of Spirit Realm?" Ji Dan said in shock.

"If we cannot find a solution against the Light of Annihilation, Spirit Realm... may cease to exist and all beings will be killed by the shadow beings," Qin Shan said seriously.

At these words, the human Genesis Realm experts and the ancient races all suddenly became silent.

They knew that Qin Shan was correct.

If they could not withstand the shadow beings, Spirit Realm, and its denizens, would be turned to nothingness by the shadow beings.

The shadow beings were not the God Race, they did not need captives, they needed... souls.


Qin Lie's Dark Soul Beast avatar flew out in human form from one of the realm entrances of Sky Bearing City.

His expression was dark as he silently walked over to everyone.

"Little Lie, where are the three patriarchs of the God Race?" Qin Shan asked softly.

"They helped us stop the pursuit of the shadow beings with the Flesh Filling Tombstones. The Flesh Filling Tombstones can ignore the corrosion of the Light of Annihilation." Qin Lie looked at the panicking group and said, "You are the best of Spirit Realm, do you have no solution against the Light of Annihilation?"

The human and foreign race experts that he looked at all silently looked down.

"Grandpa, Senior Ice Emperor, Senior Flame Emperor, you are all knowledgeable. Even you... have no solution?" Qin Lie asked. 

Qin Shan, the Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor who had been silent all this time shook their heads.

"If we cannot defend against the Light of Annihilation, we cannot fight against the shadow beings and we will continue to lose," Qin Lie said.

After experiencing the battle just now, he knew the two trump cards of the shadow beings were the Dark Shadow World and the Light of Annihilation.

The legends said the Light of Annihilation came from mysterious Sea of Annihilation, a wondrous place inside the Dark Shadow World.

Up until recently, no one in Spirit Realm had ever seen the Dark Shadow World.

Just the Light of Annihilation from the Dark Shadow World was enough to defeat the beings of Spirit Realm.

He did not know how to continue the future battles.

Lieyan Yuan's spatial power closed all the spatial cracks and rifts in Spirit Realm. He shattered the realm entrance connecting Sky Bearing City to God Realm. This trapped An Hao and the others here.

At this time, Lieyan Yuan was making waves in God Realm and Castor's six avatars were gradually awakening in the Abyss Purgatories.

His father, who could ignore the Light of Annihilation, was floating in the boundless chaotic streams of space and no one knew when he would find the road back.

His main body was at a crucial time in his transformation. If he woke it up prematurely, all his efforts would have been for nothing.

The universe was embroiled in seemingly endless chaos. The beings of Spirit Realm could only fend for themselves.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

An Hao, Lieyan Zhao and Han Che flew out of the realm entrances.

The three patriarchs were all in tattered and bloodied clothing. Their gazes were no longer bright.

They clearly had experienced a hard battle.

"Thank you for your help!" Qin Shan bowed in gratefulness.

Without the trio and two Flesh Filling Tombstones stopping the Light of Annihilation, the shadow beings would have been able to give chase.

If that was the case, he believed the fatalities of Spirit Realm would be greater.

And these fatalities would be the elites of Spirit Realm’s races. Loss of each was a tremendous blow to their fighting prowess.

"You are welcome." Blood seeped out of An Hao's mouth. He looked at Qin Lie and said, "Do not fail our hopes."

Qin Lie shook.

An Hao's gaze dimmed. He said, "Honestly speaking, Lieyan Yuan... may reach the ultimate realm soon. At that time, no one in our race can match him."

"Only you, when your Perfect Blood shows its true power and you transform into a Devil Monarch, have hope of surpassing us and reaching the ultimate realm like him."

"The future of our race will either bet on you, or... on him."

"We hope that you will be the one in charge of our future, and not him."

Qin Lie said gravely, "Why not choose him? If you choose him now, and recognize him as the God King, won’t he deal with all this trouble?"

"Because he is a madman. Everything he does is for himself and never for the entire race." Lieyan Zhao snorted. "You do not know how many lives he sacrificed to create Perfect Blood! I betrayed him and told this matter to the elders because I did not want all the youngsters of the Blaze Family to be sacrificed just for this project!"

"Let me put it like that. If he had a choice between reaching the ultimate realm and having our entire race die..."

"He would watch us die without hesitation."

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