Chapter 1728: Retreat Without Fighting

In the skies of the Winged Race.

The Winged Race clansmen controlled all kinds of bird-shaped artifacts as they charged towards the shadow beings.

Qin Lie's Blood Soul Beast avatar stood with the Winged Race patriarch Kermit and paid close attention to the battle area.


Qin Lie suddenly shouted.

"What?" Kermit was shocked and looked at him in puzzlement. "What is it?"

At this time, the first group of Winged Race fighters was about to make contact with the shadow beings.

"Have them all return! Immediately!" Qin Lie shouted urgently.

Kermit did not know the situation but he chose to believe Qin Lie’s judgement. He immediately gave a piercing scream towards a special artifact.

The scream seemed to spread through the skies.

—That was the signal of retreat.

"What is the patriarch doing?"

"We are about to contact the shadow beings, why are we retreating?"

"What is happening?"

Many Winged Race clansmen muttered in discontent.

Lina, who was closest to the Dark Shadow World, saw shadow beings gradually coming out.

She did not know why Kermit had suddenly changed his orders.

"Listen to the patriarch! Return!"

But she chose to believe and shouted. She urged the Winged Race clansmen to retreat back to where they came from.

The Winged Race fighters in the sky all turned.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

A figure of a shadow being could be seen in the Dark Shadow World. Not having left the shadowy mass yet, his body wasn’t reformed yet.

In the Dark Shadow World, their shadow form was the strongest

They would only form and be reborn in special environments after leaving the Dark Shadow World.

The blurry shadow being looked coldly at the retreating Winged Race fighters and seemed slightly regretful...

After a while.

All the departing Winged Race fighters gathered around Kermit again, their expressions dark and ugly.

"Patriarch, what is it?" Lina asked what everyone was thinking.

Kermit did not respond and looked at Qin Lie.

The gaze of the Winged Race clansmen naturally fell on Qin Lie. Many of these gazes flared with anger.

"The battle over in Spirit Realm has finished early," Qin Lie's was low.

Any Winged Race fighter could see his spirits were low and feel his sorrow.

"The rout came so suddenly. We didn't even get to react and suffered great deaths and injuries." Qin Lie's mouth was full of bitterness. "The shadow beings used the Light of Annihilation and summoned meteors from an unknown realm. Those meteors were shrouded in Light of Annihilation and flew through our stars, taking lives with them. Once a physical body is touched by Light of Annihilation, it will turn into nothingness after a while. Our forces, and the three patriarchs of the God Race, couldn’t hold."

At these words, all the angry Winged Race clansmen grew silent.

"Honestly speaking, the Winged Race is not as strong as us."

Lifting his head, Qin Lie gaze at Kermit and the silent Winged Race fighters. He said, "I do not want you to end up like us."

It was so quiet a pin dropping could be heard. No Winged Race clansman spoke.

Bredo of the Bone Race had summoned back his Corpse Demon forged from a Giant Star Beast. He sighed after hearing Qin Lie's explanation and said, "The shadow beings are so terrifying?"

"It’s the all-corroding Light of Annihilation that we cannot withstand," Qin Lie said.

"Then we..." Kermit's voice was strained, his expression powerless.

These were the stars of the Winged Race. They could only watch as the shadow beings slowly consumed their realms through the Dark Shadow World.

If they did nothing, he, as the patriarch, could not overcome this mental barrier.

There were many Winged Race clansmen left on the realms the Dark Shadow World had not yet consumed.

He had to do something to give an explanation to himself and the surrounding Winged Race fighters.

"Try to find a way to fend off the Light of Annihilation. Before that, avoid fighting the shadow beings," Qin Lie suggested.

"In other words... retreat without a fight?" Lina whispered.

"If you fight, you will undoubtedly lose and sacrifice your clansmen for nothing," Qin Lie said coldly.

At this time, he was full of sorrow.

In the battle of Spirit Realm, many rank ten experts of ancient races had been killed immediately.

After that, the forces that had gathered around the spatial rift collapsed.

This fight against foreign visitors came even faster than their loss against the God Race thirty thousand years ago.

An Hao, Han Che, and Lieyan Zhao used two Flesh Filling Tombstones to barely stop the shadow beings from their pursuit.

The Flesh Filling Tombstones were the ultimate treasures of the God Race. They had not been corroded after being touched by the Light of Annihilation. This caused him to see a thread of hope.

Because, according to the legends, the Light of Annihilation could corrode everything, including spirit artifacts, flesh, spaceships, and even the stars and realms!

Only the intangible and invisible ethereal forms like souls could not be turned to nothing by the Light of Annihilation.

The Flesh Filling Tombstone was touched by the Light of Annihilation but showed no signs of disappearing. This caused him to realize that nothing was absolute.

The mental collapse of the Spirit Realm experts was because they could do nothing against the Light of Annihilation except flee.

If the shadow beings no longer had the Light of Annihilation, even if they could refine their new bodies based on their new environment, there were many ways to kill them.

An Hao had used the darkness laws to kill several shadow beings.

He had used metal power to damage the inner power structure of a shadow being when it came through and killed it.

The Ice Emperor and Han Che could use ice power to kill shadow beings.

This showed that the shadow beings were not invincible. If they found the correct way, they could be killed.

Everyone was terrified of the Light of Annihilation that was capable of corroding anything corporeal.

"Qin Lie, do we really have no chance of victory?" Kermit asked gravely.

"If you fight, the losses will be on your side." Qin Lie nodded and said, "Also, the fight over in Spirit Realm ended early. This means... the shadow beings can gather all their forces to deal with you."

"Over in Spirit Realm, the shadow beings' Dark Shadow World has yet to arrive."

"The Dark Shadow World already exists here. The Dark Shadow World is another of their trump cards."

"Think for yourself."

Kermit took a deep breath.

He did not say anything. He turned to look at the Winged Race fighters who also heard Qin Lie's speech and wanted to know their thoughts.

Then he saw terror and anxiety from each Winged Race clansman.

He finally had an answer.

"We will… retreat first." Kermit bowed his head, thought for a moment, and ordered Lina, "Send the order for the members in all nearby realms to move as soon as possible."

"Understood," Lina said bitterly.

She knew that Kermit's decision meant that the Winged Race admitted their defeat in their battle against the shadow beings.

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