Chapter 1727: Forbear

Layers of spatial barriers stopped him from summoning the meteoroid in Flaming Sun Purgatory to this place!

He knew all this was work of Lieyan Yuan—his grandfather in name!

He had never been so furious!

The Ancient Life Tree that Blood Emperor Li Xin had brought him had Lieyan Yuan's special mark. They attempted to conspire against him so he would unknowingly fall for their trap.

Not long after the Spirit Race and God Race allied together, when the shadow beings arrived, Lieyan Yuan suddenly came back to God Realm and took over the position of the God King.

At the same time, he destroyed the realm entrance at Sky Bearing City so that some of the God Race warriors could not return!

He trapped An Hao, Han Che and Lieyan Zhao in Spirit Realm!

The locked space caused the beings of Spirit Realm to have no avenue of retreat facing the invasion of the shadow beings!

And now, he prevented him from calling over the life crystal of the Flame Devil King!

Moreover, his father was also lost in the boundless void. Lieyan Yuan was responsible too!

"Lieyan Yuan!"

As he roared, for the first time, he felt hatred for the man.

At this time, many Spirit Realm experts were leaving this place.

Only the patriarchs of the three God Race families worked together and delayed the shadow beings slightly.

However, because he could not tear apart Lieyan Yuan's spatial locks and bring over the life crystal, he was in an extremely chaotic and restless state of mind.

In this moment, he started to consider if he should forcefully awaken his main body completely and use the six Spirits of Void and Chaos.

He knew that the transformation of Flaming Sun Purgatory had not truly finished.

At this time, his main body would benefit greatly from continuing to comprehend the deeper laws of the Abyss.

The Spirits of Void and Chaos had all reached rank nine bloodline. They were transforming Flaming Sun Purgatory and undergoing even deeper and more powerful changes.

At this time, if he forcibly awakened his main body, he would have lost a great opportunity.

This may cause his main body to lose the chance to become a true Devil Monarch!

However, if his main body did not wake up and release the power of the Galaxy Mirror, he could not bring the life crystal of the King of Flame Devils into Spirit Realm.

If the six Spirits of Void and Chaos did not come over to consume the Light of Annihilation, they could not attack the shadow beings.

Spirit Realm might face a great upheaval due to this.

Maybe... everyone in Spirit Realm would die.

When he thought of the consequences, he became hysterical. He was going to awaken his main body completely from its state of comprehending the secrets of power.

"No! There’s no need!"

At this time, Han Che, who was closest to him, felt the unusual vibrations coming off Qin Lie and hurriedly spoke up.

"Are you preparing to awaken your main body?" Han Che shouted.

"Yes!" Qin Lie bellowed back.

"No, no need for such a rush!" Han Che glared at him and said, "The Light of Annihilation cannot spread endlessly. It’s only a temporary problem"

"If we leave its range, it will not be hard to defeat the shadow beings!"

"The dead soldiers all died due to the terrifying corrosive power of the Light of Annihilation. If we find a way to neutralize it, we will be able to defeat the shadow beings."

"We only have to temporarily leave!"

"Qin Lie, what are you thinking? You are going to give up this one in a lifetime opportunity and summon your main body?" An Hao also realized his decision and hurriedly urged, "No! According to my knowledge, when Flaming Sun Purgatory has successfully transformed, your main body should wake up naturally."

"If you wake up in the middle, you will lose your opportunity to become a Devil Monarch, and you may suffer backlash from your purgatory!"

"Do not be rash!"

They were God Race experts and knew some of the laws of the Abyss. They had basic knowledge on the process of becoming a Devil Monarch.

A purgatory was deeply connected to its creator. The Devil Monarch could only be born after the purgatory had completely transformed.

If Qin Lie, the creator, left in the middle of the purgatory transformation...

Qin Lie would not be able to completely comprehend the deeper laws of the Abyss as the purgatory changed...

This meant that the purgatory could not complete its final transformation. As the creator, Qin Lie would lose his opportunity to become the Devil Monarch.

This was not the result that An Hao and Han Che wanted.

"Qin Lie!"

Lieyan Zhao howled angrily, his eyes spurting fire as he shouted, "If something happens to you, we will ignore Spirit Realm, we won't care about the death of Spirit Realm beings!"

"You know that we care for the Spirit Realm and ally with the Spirit Realm not because we think it of great value to us!"

"It is all because of you!"

"If you are alive and well, we will treat Spirit Realm with special care. But if something happens to you, then all of it is pointless!"

Qin Lie shook.

"Go first!" An Hao shouted.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

As they spoke, the seal barrier the three families’ patriarchs had made was being attacked repeatedly by the flowing stars filled with the Light of Annihilation.

The flame and darkness world that Lieyan Zhao and An Hao formed was torn apart again.

"We will be fine." Han Che snorted.

The Flesh Filling Tombstone of the Profound Ice Family suddenly grew large and transformed into an enormous board of ice.

The enormous barrier passed An Hao and Lieyan Zhao to stand in front of them against the shadow beings and endure the attacks from the streaming rays of light.

"Poof poof!"

Sparks burst out from the ice Flesh Filling Tombstone. The sparks were as bright as fireworks.

The dots of the Light of Annihilation landed on the Flesh Filling Tombstone and gave off hissing sounds. But the Flesh Filling Tombstone showed no signs of being corroded.

Han Che smirked. "The Light of Annihilation cannot corrode everything! At least, it is useless against the ultimate treasure of our race!"


Lieyan Zhao pulled his flames and came back from the ice Flesh Filling Tombstone. He glared at Qin Lie and shouted, "Why haven’t you left already?!"

"Leave!" An Hao shouted.

Qin Lie stilled. He looked deeply at the Profound Ice Family's Flesh Filling Tombstone. He finally nodded. "Alright, I'm leaving."

Then his enormous Dark Soul Beast avatar immediately headed for the Wood Race's realm.

As he retreated, he looked back. He saw An Hao controlling the Darkness Family's Flesh Filling Tombstone to fend against the shadow beings and the Light of Annihilation.

"God Race..."

Qin Lie thought inside. He hated Lieyan Yuan greatly but was grateful to An Hao and the others for what they did for him and the beings of Spirit Realm.

He was slightly confused...

The God Race, who once ruled Spirit Realm, was usually arrogant and domineering in the world. They almost never gave people face.

But for him, the God Race chose to give up Spirit Realm and even allied with them.

Right now, as Spirit Realm was being invaded by the shadow beings, An Hao and the others stood at his side and helped him against his enemies without any duty binding them.

"Just for Perfect Blood?" 

He did not know the answer.

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