Chapter 1725: The Winged Race Joins the Battle!


A huge amount of Light of Annihilation poured out of the spatial rift non-stop after the shadow being showed up.

The Light of Annihilation could corrode almost anything. Naturally, it was effective against the Ice Emperor and Han Che’s frost domain.

Both experts felt great pressure when Light of Annihilation started damaging the frost domain and the glaciers wantonly.

They had to focus all of their energy just to resist the corrosive power.

Meanwhile, more shadow beings were coming through the spatial rift.

The battle at Spirit Realm was temporarily locked in stalemate.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar had passed through a realm entrance in Heaven Wood Realm to arrive at an asteroid field.

“This is the place.”

Lina of the Winged Race pointed toward the front.

Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar focused, and he noticed a bunch of shadows at the horizon.

It was the Dark Shadow World.

“Some of our realms are in that area. They’re slowly being assimilated into the Dark Shadow World,” Stanca said with a dark look. “Even now, the Dark Shadow World is devouring all nearby stars and realms.”

“Our warriors are fighting the shadow beings right now,” Qin Lie said seriously.

The Winged Race’s patriarch, Kermit, frowned slightly.

“The shadow beings are not invincible. Their body is special, but if you damage their internal structure with the laws of power you’ve mastered…”

Qin Lie explained to them everything he knew about the shadow beings.

Everyone was listening closely.

They knew that a battle against the shadow beings was inevitable, and knowing their weaknesses would only increase their combat effectiveness.

After explaining to the Winged Race everything he knew about the shadow beings, Qin Lie moved on to weigh the Winged Race’s combat power in his mind.

He noticed that more and more Winged Race warriors were pouring in from the Heaven Wood Realm’s realm entrance.

Eight rank ten Winged Race warriors had shown up already. More would probably follow very soon.

Hundreds of rank eight and rank nine Winged Race warriors were gathered here already.

The Winged Race as a whole wasn’t as strong as the God Race, but they were probably stronger than two God Race families combined.

“Please allow me to scout ahead with the Corpse Demons,” Bredo of the Bone Race said suddenly.

Surprised, Kermit looked at him and said, “Why are you…”

The Winged Race and the Bone Race were strangers for the longest time. The only reason Bredo had come to Heaven Wood Realm was because of Qin Lie.

The fact that Bredo hadn’t left immediately after delivering Qin Lie to his destination, even though it was clear that the Winged Race was in big trouble, was already a surprise to Kermit.

Now, he was even extending them an olive branch. It only confused Kermit even more.

“The Bone Race has allied with the God Race, and Spirit Realm is their ally. So… the Bone Race and Spirit Realm are all in the same alliance,” Bredo said sincerely. “Qin Lie is a denizen of Spirit Realm, so he’s definitely going to do everything in his power to help his people. We also need Qin Lie’s power to deal with Castor.”

“I understand now,” Kermit said with a nod.

“Castor’s avatars are slowly awakening, and six Abyss Purgatories have been plunged into war again,” Bredo said with a sigh. “Great chaos is near. That is why the Bone Race is making preparations ahead of time.”

“Does this mean that the enemies of Spirit Realm and the God Race are your enemies too? The shadow beings for example?” Lina asked in surprise.

“That’s right. It’s not like Castor has shown his face yet, so… the Bone Race is willing to do its part,” Bredo said.

Invigorated by Bredo’s declaration of support, Qin Lie said, “Thank you.”

“Thank you,” Kermit also said.

“I heard that the shadow beings are similar to the Soul Race in terms of the soul, except that they have a unique body.” Bredo paused for a moment to think before continuing, “As long as our Corpse Demons aren’t caught up in Light of Annihilation, they should be able to survive even an environment such as the Dark Shadow World. They have no souls, so they can’t be affected by the shadow beings’ secret soul arts. In that sense, you can say that the Bone Race isn’t too afraid of the shadow beings.”

The Giant Star Beast the Bone Race just refined not long ago appeared soundlessly at this moment.

Bredo hesitated for a moment before looking at Kermit, “I communicated with my patriarch, and he promises to lend you some Corpse Demons against the shadow beings if you want.”

A lot of Winged Race clansmen looked overjoyed by his offer.

According to Bredo, the shadow beings were very similar to the Soul Race.

On the other hand, the Bone Race was known as the race that countered the Soul Race the hardest.

A Corpse Demon had no life or soul to speak of, but they were incredibly powerful. They might just be able to deal huge damage to the shadow beings.

“I will remember Lartigau’s good will. If we really can’t stop the shadow beings ourselves… we will rely on you then.”

But Kermit was still a bit wary. He decided to watch a bit longer instead of accepting Bredo’s offer to help immediately.

After all, the Winged Race and the Bone Race had barely interacted with each other, let alone cooperated on a scale this large.

It was why his trust in the Bone Race was at a basic level at best.

“Alright,” Bredo said with a nod.

He then sat down and closed his eyes, seemingly distracted by something.

Qin Lie knew that Bredo’s soul was strongly connected to the Giant Star Beast.

Bredo could see everything his Corpse Demon saw. He could even sense life and soul activity around it.

It was one of the Bone Race’s many strange arts.

“I see a black hole covered in Light of Annihilation. A lot of shadow beings are attempting to enter through it,” Bredo said while still closing his eyes.

Qin Lie exclaimed excitedly at his discovery, “That’s it! That’s the place! The shadow beings are entering into Spirit Realm through that black hole!”

“There is a Dark Shadow World next to the black hole. New shadow beings are coming out of the Shadow World constantly before entering the black hole.”

“I spot two more Dark Shadow Worlds further away from the black hole. They’re moving slowly and feeding on your stars and realms.”

Bredo slowly relayed what his Corpse Demon could see to Qin Lie and Winged Race clansmen..

Kermit listened closely to the intel he provided them before instructing his people, “Remember, don’t get close to the Light of Annihilation. Absolutely don’t touch it, no matter what.”

“Also, try not to get dragged into the Dark Shadow World!”

“Let’s put some distance between us and the Dark Shadow World and attack them from range with our bloodline secret arts!”

“Alright, let’s move!” Kermit ordered.

The Winged Race’s bird-shaped warships started taking off from the asteroid fields.

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