Chapter 1724: Annoying

The giant white bone scythe launched metallic light containing the sharp power of metal.


It was aimed straight at the shadow being that just flew out of the spatial rift.

This shadow being was still in its primal state. It hadn’t remade its body according to Spirit Realm’s unique environment yet.

“The power of metal!”

The metallic light instantly pierced the shadow being’s body began swimming inside its body.

Qin Lie could sense clearly that the shadow being’s body was made up of several types of patterns and threads.

These strange patterns seemed to be the shadow being’s bones and veins. They were similar to an ancient spirit diagram’s network and were special in some way.

“Strengthening, enhancement…”

After identifying the shadow being’s special network with his soul consciousness, he carved up the unique laws that made up its body with practiced ease.

“Pu pu!”

A strange noise came from inside the shadow being’s body.

The strands of golden light he fired into its body kept cutting the threads that made up its “bones” and “veins”.

It so happened he was an expert of the ancient spirit diagrams inside the Soul Suppressing Orb, so he could always find the best points to inflict the most damage...


The shadow being that just appeared in Spirit Realm abruptly exploded.

He could feel that the threads and light strands that made up its body exploding into nothing.

When he looked closer, he discovered that the destruction of the shadow being’s body had destroyed its soul as well.

“Another shadow being has died!”

The Ice Emperor was staring toward the spatial rift surrounded by the Light of Annihilation in confusion. Just now, he sensed a shadow being’s soul suddenly exploding into nothing.

He was confused because Qin Lie’s white bone scythe wasn’t even gotten close to the spatial rift.

He wasn’t expecting the metallic light it fired to kill a shadow being so easily.

He subconsciously looked toward Qin Lie.

Qin Lie growled in his Soul Beast form, “If you cut the patterns and veins that make up their bodies directly with the laws of power, their souls will perish as well.”

“Qin Shan is correct.” Han Che voiced his agreement while nodding. “Qin Lie is also correct.”

The infinite darkness An Hao had conjured engulfed a lot of shadow beings. At the same time, he was firing all sorts of darkness-based attacks through the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

He was killing the shadow beings by damaging their internal power structure just as Qin Shan had taught him.


Another shadow being’s body and soul perished inside the infinite darkness.

“Watch out.”

A shadow being screamed from inside the darkness.

A strange energy suddenly boiled fiercely from inside the darkness!

“Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!”

As if attracted by the strange energy, all nearby Light of Annihilation suddenly flew toward the infinite darkness.

It took only an an instant for the Light of Annihilation to enter An Hao’s area of effect.

The Light of Annihilation easily burned many holes in the dark domain.

The shadow beings who were trapped inside hurriedly escaped through the holes. 


Amazingly, it looked like the Light of Annihilation was effective against darkness as well.

Everyone noticed that the torrent of Light of Annihilation was corroding An Hao’s domain of darkness incredibly quickly.

A suppressed groan came from An Hao’s throat.

It was obvious that the domain of darkness he had created with the Flesh Filling Tombstone and his bloodline power was largely damaged after the shower of Light of Annihilation.

“We can act now.”

Han Che of the Profound Ice Family finally could no longer sit still.

He took out the Profound Ice Family’s Flesh Filling Tombstone as his eyes turned icy and emotionless. A unique magnetic field spread around him as he activated Absolute Zero.


Han Che appeared next to the spatial rift in a flash.

Since a lot of shadow beings were using the Light of Annihilation to transform themselves or attack An Hao’s domain of darkness, the amount of Light of Annihilation around the spatial rift had decreased.

More shadow beings were rushing over from the Winged Race’s star system.

Han Che unleashed his cold powers completely once he reached the spatial rift.

“Crack crack!”

That particular area was quickly transformed into an unusual domain not unlike the one at Shattered Ice Realm.

Countless icicles suddenly appeared in mid space.


A shadow being came through the spatial rift.

“Crack crack!”

Han Che’s power instantly took effect and froze that shadow being into an ice sculpture.

The ice sculpture exploded abruptly the second it was fully formed.

As a result, the special threads of law that made up its body were ripped apart, killing the shadow being instantly.

“Let me help you.”

The grinning Ice Emperor and his nine-level frost Soul Altar appeared next to Han Che.

He also unleashed his unique frost domain.

Giant glaciers appeared on the frigid domain Han Che created thanks to his Soul Altar’s powers.

These glaciers seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, and the Ice Emperor’s soul reflection was visible in each of these glaciers.

The area around the spatial rift had been turned into an ice hell.

Qin Lie was going to attack more shadow beings, but the white bone scythe slowed dramatically after the Ice Emperor and Han Che had joined hands.

Even his Dark Soul Beast avatar was affected because he was too close to the icy domain. His veins had shrunk, and his blood flow became weak.

He had no choice but to move away from that area.

“Sizzle! Sizzle!”

More Light of Annihilation continued to pour out of the spatial rift.

It clashed against Han Che and the Ice Emperor’s frost power and corroded the newly formed frost domain.

However, their combined power successfully stopped more shadow beings from coming through without a care.

“Shred! Sizzle!”

More and more shadow beings successfully escaped from An Hao’s domain of darkness.

Among them was the very first shadow being to appear in Spirit Realm. He was completely unharmed, and his eyes were shining with cruelty.

“Not a bad effort,” he said coldly before the mysterious patterns on his body suddenly shone brightly.

In that moment, Qin Lie noticed that the shadow being’s armor was gathering all the natural energy scattered around the world.

“Spirit Gathering! A super large Spirit Gathering!” Qin Lie exclaimed in shock.

In the next moment, countless strands of energy started flying into that powerful shadow being’s body.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The energy joined together into a river and plunged into An Hao’s domain of darkness abruptly.

The glowing energy then transformed into many giant swords of light.

The giant swords swung themselves wildly inside the domain of darkness, cutting it up until it was nothing more but shreds.

An Hao reemerged from his torn domain of darkness.

He was gripping a shrunken Flesh Filling Tombstone and staring at the shadow being darkly. A trail of blood seemed to be flowing down his lips.

“You may be from the God Race, but not even you can change anything!” the shadow being said while staring at him coldly. “All star realms we set our eyes on will become one with the Dark Shadow World, and all life in these realms will perish!”

“This is a fate you cannot change.”

It was at this moment a new shadow being crawled out of the spatial rift and stared at Han Che and the Ice Emperor from behind the Light of Annihilation.

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