Chapter 1723: The Battle Begins!

Shadow beings were still pouring through the spatial rift covered in Light of Annihilation. Every one of them immediately started refining new bodies the moment they crossed over completely.

Dozens of shadow beings were gathered in front of Qin Lie in just a short time.

New shadow beings were entering Spirit Realm with each passing second.

Lieyan Zhao no longer looked as relaxed as he was before.

An Hao and Han Che felt their scalps crawling as more and more shadow beings flew into Spirit Realm and remade their bodies.

The realization that the shadow form wasn’t the only form the shadow beings could assume was slowly settling in everyone’s minds.

After leaving the Dark Shadow World, the shadow beings could adjust their combat form and adapt to any environment perfectly.

“This will be a tough fight,” said Qin Shan softly.

The ancient races of Spirit Realm couldn’t help but nod in agreement.

“Their bodies contain all sorts of laws and powers, so you must use your mastery of the powers to fight against them,” Qin Shan explained to everyone his unique point of view as an artificer while staring at the shadow beings. “You can treat them like spirit artifacts, except these ones have real life in them. The threads that made up their bodies are like a spirit diagram of an artifact. Damage them, and they won’t be able to remake themselves.”

“Pure energy and bloodline power won’t be enough to hurt them, I’m afraid.”

“You can only damage and kill them if you damage the laws of power that made up their bodies.”

“Please don’t forget this.”


The Divine Grade artificer told them what he knew while the shadow beings were still gathering their numbers.

“So, we must damage their internal power structure…” Han Che’s eyes lit up in understanding.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie was sensing the patterns inside the shadow beings’ bodies. He confirmed that they were active and alive.

In fact, he was struck by a sudden sense of familiarity as he stared at the transforming shadow beings.

For some reason, he felt like he had seen the exquisite patterns on the shadow beings’ full-body armor before.

He stared intently at the shadow beings while searching through his memories…

“The ancient diagrams inside the Soul Suppressing Orb!”

Qin Lie shook in realization. The more he examined the patterns on the shadow beings’ armors, the more he realized that it was something that could be traced.

These exquisite patterns looked uncannily similar to the ancient diagrams he studied inside the Soul Suppressing Orb!

In fact, he could now identify the ancient diagrams of Amplification, Strengthening, Spirit Storage, Soul Sealing and more from their armor!

This shocking discovery stunned Qin Lie completely.

“The shadow beings’ soul form is very similar to the Soul Race’s. The biggest difference between the two races is that shadow beings have bodies, but the Soul Race doesn’t,” An Hao’s words suddenly replayed itself in his mind.

“The Soul Race, the shadow beings, the Soul Suppressing Orb…”

“The Imperial Soul Monarch had traveled to the Dark Shadow World and came out alive.”

“The Soul Suppressing Orb is the Soul Race’s sacred artifact.”

A series of thoughts passed through his mind in a flash.

He was growing more and more certain that the ancient spirit diagrams inside the Soul Suppressing Orb and the patterns on the shadow beings’ armor were one and the same!

“What are you guys waiting for?”

It was at this moment Lieyan Zhao turned around to face Spirit Realm’s experts and asked, “Do you want to fight them after they’re finished refining their bodies and more of them pour into your world?”

“Let’s go!”


“Kill them all!”

Lieyan Zhao’s question broke everyone out of their trance and signaled the start of the battle.

“Swhoosh swhoosh!”

The Qin Family, the Ji Family Sky Mender Palace’s experts; the Sea Race, the Demon Dragon Race and the Wood Race experts; the Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor finally charged toward the shadow beings.

Colorful Soul Altars flew out of the martial practitioners’ foreheads, each glowing with different powers, colors and laws.

“Come out!”

An Hao of the Darkness Family snorted once before summoning his Flesh Filling Tombstone.

An aura of flesh and blood thick enough to quicken one’s heartbeat spread in all directions like the sea.

At the same time, a flood of darkness spread from An Hao and the Flesh Filling Tombstone toward the shadow beings.

The infinite darkness quickly overwhelmed the invaders.

“You guys can act later.”

An Hao told the crowd bluntly before charging the shadow beings alongside the infinite darkness.

“Pure, absolute darkness…”

The shadow being who was attacked by Lieyan Zhao earlier seemed a bit surprised by the sea of darkness surging his way.

“Be careful, he’s a God Race clansman, and the God Race is the strongest combat race of this realm… Do not underestimate him.”


“Don’t worry, my lord.”

The shadow beings said quickly.

In just the blink of an eye, An Hao’s absolute darkness had swallowed all of the shadow beings.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

The darkness boiled violently like an actual sea to Qin Lie’s eyes.

He could sense An Hao’s bloodline power clashing against the laws of powers of the shadow beings inside the darkness.

An Hao’s power of darkness seemed almost limitless. It was like a light-devouring beast that devoured the shadow beings’ bodies.

An Hao unleashed many darkness-attribute arts to his heart’s content.


Qin Lie couldn’t see anything, but he could hear the sound of a shadow being exploding all of a sudden.

It looked like these shadow beings had exploded because their internal power structure was forcefully torn apart by the laws of darkness.

It was clear that An Hao had full trust in Qin Shan’s judgment. He had fought the shadow beings directly with the laws of darkness.

As it turned out, his chosen method was incredibly effective!

“One of them is dead already!”

Qin Lie’s rank ten soulline informed him clearly that the very source of a weak shadow being’s body and soul were torn apart by An Hao’s law of darkness.

He immediately knew that the shadow beings weren’t invincible. This was proof that they could be killed.

An Hao had used the God Race’s ultimate artifact, the Flesh Filling Tombstone, and attacked the shadow beings immediately. In fact, he had already scored his first kill.

He was trying to tell the experts of Spirit Realm that the shadow beings were strange, but not invincible!

“The patriarch of the Darkness Family is truly incredible!”


Crimson Blood Ape King and Heavenly Blue Snake King felt invigorated when they heard Qin Lie’s cry.

“Kill! They’re not unbeatable!”

Morale rose sky high for a moment.

Even Qin Lie was infected by the atmosphere as he transformed into a Soul Beast without warning.


The white bone scythe made from the bones of an Abyss Devil flew toward the spatial rift surrounded by the Light of Annihilation.

A shadow being had just emerged from it.

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