Chapter 1722: Multiforms!

“Arrogant fool!”

Lieyan Zhao let out a cold snort before punching straight at the shadow being.

A giant fist entangled in flames slammed into the shadow being like a burning meteor.


The first shadow being that passed into their world was crushed into bits instantly by the attack.

Hundreds and thousands of light burst out of the shadow being’s body. It looked like a squashed melon for a moment.

“Pathetic.” Lieyan Zhao snorted again.

Qin Lie was astonished.

The people of Spirit Realm were stunned as well, an odd look overtook their features for a time.

Everyone had more or less heard of the terror that was the shadow being, so they thought that all shadow beings were evil and powerful, even if they’d never actually met one in real life.

They never thought that this so-called powerful shadow being would be this fragile, especially considering how arrogant this one was acting just now...

However, it was a fact that Lieyan Zhao had destroyed it in one casual punch. It was a sight that turned their view on shadow beings upside down.

Now, they thought that shadow beings… were nothing but talk.

“Is boastfulness your only good trait?” Hua Tianqiong of Sky Mender Palace let out a relaxed chuckle before continuing, “And here I thought you’d be powerful beyond imagination.”

“Is that all you got?” A Ji Family Genesis Realm expert was taunting the shadow beings as well.

Qin Shan wasn’t laughing, however. He frowned deeply and said, “No. His soul is still alive and well.”

The group set loose their own soul consciousness to verify his statement. It was only then they realized that the shadow being’s soul hadn’t weakened in the slightest.

It was still alive and kicking inside those mingling lights.

“Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!”

The colorful lights suddenly gathered in one place.

The lights looked like they possessed the core of the world’s power. It took them almost no time to merge into a ball.

Then, the shadow being’s soul started merging with the light as one.

It had taken the crushed shadow being only an instant to revive itself after being crushed by Lieyan Zhao’s fist.

The shadow beings were foreign lifeforms. However, this one continued to change after merging with the lights.

Threads that looked like patterns of a spirit diagram suddenly flashed into existence.

The strange threads looked like the veins of the shadow being, but they were fully marked with laws and powers. At the same time, a huge amount of pure energy was pushed through the threads and gathered in one place.


In just the blink of an eye, a whole new shadow being was made right before their eyes.

This new shadow being looked nothing like the shadow it was earlier.

He had created a body for himself using the pure energy of the world, and his veins with the laws of powers.

The complex and exquisite patterns on the surface of his body looked like some sort of strange armor.

Finally, a great power started throbbing inside his body!

Qin Lie’s expression changed rapidly.

“This is…”

The people of Spirit Realm had withdrawn their smiles as well.

“If one time isn’t enough, then I’ll just kill you again!”

Lieyan Zhao let out another cold snort before firing a gigantic pillar of flame straight at the reformed shadow being. It looked like a giant flame dragon had come to life.


The reformed shadow being was knocked back non-stop by the pillar of flame.

Strange energy sparks and fire flew off the surface of the shadow being’s new body.

However, the shadow being didn’t explode instantly just like last time.

“Shiink! Shiink!”

Glaring beams of light suddenly appeared from inside the armor, hurting everyone’s eyes a bit.


The shadow being let out a low screech despite being knocked back by Lieyan Zhao’s attack, seemingly ridiculing the Blaze Family patriarch for failing to crush him in one hit.

“Whoosh whoosh! Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!”

The shadow beings that came through the Light of Annihilation weren’t sitting idly either. They started remaking their bodies immediately after they entered Spirit Realm.

Tens of thousands of lights flew out of the spatial rift and transformed into mysterious patterns and bodies.

The stray energy in space looked like fireflies as they gathered into one new body after another. 

Moreover, all kinds of laws and truths of power such as fire, earth, frost and lightning were generated inside their bodies.

More accurately speaking, they were generated from the patterns that made up their veins.

“What a terrifying lifeform!” Qin Shan looked so shocked he could faint.

Everyone turned to look at him in confusion.

“They’re using their souls to turn the laws of power into their veins, and convert the energies of the world into physical bodies,” the shocked Qin Shan explained. “They’re forging bodies that best suit the environment of Spirit Realm!”

A pause later, he continued, “The form we know of isn’t their only form at all! The only reason they maintained a shadow form in the Dark Shadow World is because that’s the best form to use in that environment!”

“They can alter their physical structure and create combat forms that best suit the environment around them using the energies of the world and their mastery of the truths of power!”

Forget Qin Lie, even Han Che and An Hao looked shocked by the revelation.

Han Che and An Hao thought that the shadow beings only had one form.

After all, the God Race had mostly encountered the shadow beings in the Dark Shadow World.

The shadow beings had maintained a shadow form in the Dark Shadow World because it was the best form to assume in that the environment.

Considering that they were born there, it was probably their primal form.

However, this bizarre lifeform didn’t only have one form! 

They could transform their bodies based on the galaxies, star systems and worlds they invaded!

They could adopt the best possible combat form in said environment!

At first, Lieyan Zhao was able to shatter the shadow being in one hit. It was because the invader hadn’t been able to assume a different combat form yet.

The him after he had altered his form using his unique secret art, the laws and the powers of the world, was his “real self” in this world.

That was why Lieyan Zhao wasn’t able to kill him in one hit any longer.

“Heavens! To think that this lifeform can change their combat forms however they like and adapt to any environment! They really are the most mysterious lifeforms in the outer realms,” said the Ice Emperor.

Qin Shan’s explanation had stunned him greatly.

He wasn’t the only one. Everyone who had heard Qin Shan’s explanation was starting to realize just how scary the shadow beings really were.

Hua Tianqiong had also gone completely silent. His eyes were filled with fear and panic.

“All of you are low level lifeforms in our eyes… all of you are destined to be eliminated by us.”

The shadow being that was being knocked back by Lieyan Zhao’s attack suddenly stopped in mid space.

He grabbed at the offending pillar of flame fueled by Lieyan Zhao’s bloodline power and crushed it at the center, shredding it into several pieces.

The shredded flames eventually vanished into nothing.

By now, the shadow being’s blurry and illusory body had turned completely solid.

In fact, he didn’t look too different from a normal human warrior.

The “man” was only two meters tall, and he was clad in an armor engraved with many exquisite-looking patterns. The armor looked like a creation of nature, and it held within it the truths of power.

Inside the armor were probably more patterned veins and the shadow being’s body of pure energy.

The armor also covered up the shadow being’s head. At first glance, the shadow being looked like a living armor. It was impossible to identify his face at all.


Sparks occasionally spilled out of the shadow being’s eyes, nostrils and ears.

Qin Lie turned to look elsewhere, and he discovered that the rest of the shadow beings had finished refining their new bodies in just a short time as well.

They had all assumed a new form identical to the one first shadow being had assumed.

Each of their bodies contained a tremendous amount of energy and different laws of power.

The more Qin Lie sensed their aura, the more he realized that each shadow being had their own unique understanding of the powers of the world.

“What a terrifying race.”

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