Chapter 1721: The Great Change

“Lieyan Yuan has gone to God Realm.”

Qin Lie informed An Hao, Han Che and Lieyan Zhao about this latest news through his Blood Soul Beast avatar.

The news that Sky Bearing City’s realm entrance was gone and the disappearances of various spatial rifts had also reached them at the same time.

Originally, the crowd was waiting confidently for the shadow beings to invade, but the string of bad news had knocked them out of their high spirits instantly.

It was as if someone had poured cold water over their morale. Everyone had fallen silent. 

“All these incidents are connected.”

After the shock had passed, Qin Shan calmed down quickly and stared at the spatial rift covered in the Light of Annihilation with a complicated expression.

He suspected that someone was paving the way for the shadow beings…

Qin Lie’s expression changed when he heard that. “Grandpa, are you saying…?”

“More bad news may be on their way,” Qin Shan sighed once before explaining, “It looks like someone is making moves ever since your father’s return to Spirit Realm was disrupted.”

Han Che’s asked coldly, “Who are the culprits?”

“Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan.” An Hao sucked in a deep breath before saying seriously, “These two are enough.”

Right now, the Imperial Soul Monarch of the Soul Race was the only person who had absolute dominance over Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan.

No one else could beat them one hundred percent of the time, not even the recently awakened Castor.

The last time Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan had worked together, they had triggered a series of massive changes in the Abyss Purgatory and indirectly affected the entire universe.

They could turn the universe upside down up until the moment the Imperial Soul Monarch decides to act!


Meanwhile, Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar was still waiting for further news to arrive.

He shot a look at the worried crowd before saying, “Lieyan Yuan had gone to God Realm with his subordinates. The Earth Demon Race, the Dragon Lion Race, Three-Eyed Race and a couple more races had all declared themselves his subordinates.”

“What?” Lieyan Zhao turned pale with shock.

The Earth Demon Race, Dragon Lion Race and Three-Eyed Race might not be as powerful as the four transcendent bloodline races, but they couldn’t be considered weak either.

The combined strength of these three races was enough to deal with the Winged Race and the Bone Race.

Besides that, a couple more minor races had sworn their loyalty to Lieyan Yuan.

This meant that Lieyan Yuan had never stopped moving even though he was forced to lay low for tens of thousands of years.

“To think that he had accumulated this much power without anyone noticing,” An Hao said emotionally. “He’s already a powerful bloodline expert to begin with, and now he’s supported by many vassal forces. It may actually be possible for him to become the God King of the God Race.”

“I’m sure a lot of elders will be tempted to agree.” Han Che agreed with An Hao’s assessment.

“The timing he chose is also very convenient...” Lieyan Zhao said bitterly. “For now, the three of us are trapped in Spirit Realm. This means that the Profound Ice Family, Darkness Family and the Blaze Family currently do not have any leadership!”

“The five Flesh Filling Tombstones are also separated. I doubt just Kuang Jue and Yu Xi are enough to stop him.” An Hao seemed to have predicted the outcome already.

“Dammit!” Lieyan Zhao swore with a growl.

Suddenly, they realized that Lieyan Yuan was most likely the culprit behind the disappearances of Spirit Realm’s spatial rifts.

Neither An Hao, Han Che nor Lieyan Zhao knew anything about the power of space.

There was no way they could tear space apart and travel to God Realm directly. They had to rely on realm entrances.

As a result, they were unable to interfere with the battle at God Realm.


Qin Lie sucked in a deep breath and said gloomily, “I just received more news from the Bone Race… it’s as bad as the ones before.”

“Tell us.” An Hao was mentally prepared to hear anything at this point.

“Barring the ones that have already awakened, all six of Castor’s avatars are gradually awakening from their slumber and causing trouble in the Abyss Purgatories,” Qin Lie said.

The intel had come from the Bone Race’s patriarch, Lartigau. He had been paying close attention to Castor in the Abyss Purgatories.

That was how he learned of Castor’s unusual movements.

“The reason Castor didn’t act earlier was because your father was guarding Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory. Even Castor is afraid of your father’s power.” Qin Shan fell silent for a moment before continuing, “The fact that Castor’s avatars took action immediately after your father was dragged into the chaotic streams of space by Tian Qi means that Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan are trying to restore Castor to his peak strength. They plan to throw him at the Imperial Soul Monarch before themselves.”

“Tian Qi, Lieyan Yuan, Castor and now the shadow beings…” Han Che said with a frigid expression. “The galaxy is soon to descend to chaos.”

“The chaos has already started. Six of the eight Abyss Purgatories are no longer peaceful, the flames of war had been started at God Realm by Lieyan Yuan, and both our world and the Winged Race’s world are soon to be invaded by the shadow beings. The Spirit Race… probably won’t stay idle as well. A great change is coming to the universe any moment now,” Qin Shan said.

They weren’t trying to hide their conversation, so everyone had heard what they had discussed. The Spirit Race’s experts could feel the Winged Race’s panic and anxiety.

At first, they thought that the God Race’s army would soon arrive to defend them against the shadow beings.

However, no one could’ve predicted that even the almighty God Race would be in trouble themselves, the threat coming from none other than Lieyan Yuan.

This meant that they couldn’t rely on the God Race at all, and it had become impossible for the Winged Race to build a realm entrance that connects Spirit Realm and the Heavenly Wood Realm because of the disappearances of the spatial rifts and the destruction of Sky Bearing City’s realm entrance.

As a result, one of them was going to have to face the full onslaught of the shadow beings.

“I can’t shake the feeling that the shadow beings have a part in this plan as well,” Qin Lie said suddenly.

“What?” The Flame Emperor cried, “Those shadow beings couldn’t possibly have communicated with Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan beforehand, could they?”

“I’ve made contact with shadow beings before, and I can sense a high level of intelligence from them. In fact, their evolution may even be stronger than ours,” Qin Lie said with a bitter smile. “A unique life like this must possess a very high level of intelligence, so it’s definitely possible for them to communicate with Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan. Moreover… Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan are one of the few people who had ventured into the Dark Shadow World and come out alive.”

“That is possible,” An Hao agreed darkly.


While they were speaking, an obvious tear suddenly appeared amidst the Light of Annihilation surrounding the spatial rift.

A shadow had passed through the rift and flew through the gap between the Light of Annihilation.

The shadow eventually took on a human form before staring at them coldly.

Finally, his gaze landed on Qin Lie before saying, “I sense something unpleasant from you.”

“Shadow being!”

“They’re here!”

“Prepare for battle!”

The peak experts of Spirit Realm cried in alarm immediately after they saw him.

“So, you chose to invade Spirit Realm instead of the Winged Race?” Qin Lie asked.

“The Winged Race?” The shadow being scanned his surroundings with a special soul wavelength before saying, “We are more than powerful enough to fight both sides at once. Both you and those birdmen will be annihilated by our race.”

More shadow beings flew through the spatial rift while he was speaking.

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