Chapter 1719: Efficiency

"I will make a long story short. The Winged Race is facing the threat of the shadow beings, and so do we."

Qin Lie smiled slightly at Lina and Stanca. Then he looked at the patriarch of the Winged Race, Kermit, and said, "If we work together and fight the shadow beings, the losses on both sides will be minimized."

"Work together?" Lina was shocked. "Didn't you say you can destroy that spatial crack?"

In her view, if the spatial crack was destroyed, the shadow beings could not easily reach Spirit Realm in the short term.

The Winged Race had to face the threat of the shadow beings alone while the beings of Spirit Realm could stand by.

"The plan changed." Qin Lie grimaced. "My father... has been ambushed by Great Sage Tian Qi of the Spirit Race during his trip back and is temporarily  lost in the chaotic streams of space."

"Before he comes back, no matter how much we try, we cannot destroy the spatial cracks filled with the Light of Annihilation."

"Also, before I came here, my other subsoul explored your space region."

Qin Lie's expression grew serious here. "The Dark Shadow World can split apart. I saw three Dark Shadow Worlds consuming three of your stars at the same time!"

Kermit, Stanca, and the others all frowned slightly.

They immediately believed Qin Lie's words.

Moments earlier, Stanca had said the Dark Shadow World was not a single entity and could move separately.

The scene that Qin Lie had seen was one that Stanca... had seen with his own eyes.

This confirmed Qin Lie’s and verified his words. He really did go observe the shadow beings.

"You..." Qin Lie was shocked.

He found the Winged Race clansmen were not shocked at his words.

"Qin Lie, I saw what you saw." Stanca grimaced. "I already told the situation to our patriarch before you came."

"So that's why." Qin Lie suddenly realized.

"This means you cannot destroy the spatial cracks and the shadow beings can fight at the same time in Spirit Realm and our lands?" Kermit said.

Qin Lie nodded. "It is like that."

"How we can work together?" Kermit's expression was grim.

"The shadow beings may cross the spatial crack and fight in Spirit Realm. We hope that you can fight them here before that happens," Qin Lie said.

Along the way, he asked Bredo how to cooperate with the Winged Race.

The experts over in Spirit Realm could not pass through the spatial cracks filled with the Light of Annihilation in their physical bodies. They could only fight the shadow beings in Spirit Realm.

In a situation like this, once the shadow beings entered Spirit Realm, then the strength of the shadow beings in the Winged Race regions would naturally decrease.

Spirit Realm on one side, the Winged Race on the other. The shadow beings would end up between rock and a hard place. Each side would use their full strength.

That way, they could expend the strength of the shadow beings to the maximum.

If the shadow beings first destroyed the experts and main forces of Spirit Realm, they would have a much easier time against the warriors of the Winged Race.

Similarly, once they swept through the Winged Race and arrived at Spirit Realm, the latter would face greater pressure.

The best way was for the shadow beings to face the attacks of Spirit Realm and the Winged Race at the same time.

"This is a good solution." Kermit praised this suggestion. "But if the shadow beings do not attack Spirit Realm and gather all their forces against us?"

Qin Lie stilled.

"At that time, will you help us in the Winged Race’s territory?" Kermit said.

Qin Lie said, "I noticed that many forces have already gathered around the spatial cracks."

"I mean," Kermit explained seriously, "if there is a situation where we fight them at the same time, and the shadow beings all retreat through the spatial cracks to focus on us, what will you do?"

"You cannot pass through the spatial cracks filled with the Light of Annihilation."

Lina also said, "This is a likely scenario!"

"It is also possible that all the shadow beings would pass through the spatial crack into Spirit Realm!" Kermit said. "They are not stupid and very intelligent. We have to consider all possibilities."

"We may be able to use the realm entrances of God Realm," Bredo said softly.

"Yes." Kermit thought for a moment and said, "I think we need to make many preparations. It will be best... to build a realm entrance connecting us to Spirit Realm! If we are closely connected and do not rely on the spatial crack, we can work together at any time against the shadow beings!"

"We can help you build a realm entrance to our race!" Lina said proactively.

Qin Lie rubbed his chin, thought for a moment and said, "Alright."

If this was in the past, he might suspect the motives of the Winged Race and worry they would take the opportunity to invade.

But now, with the God Race as powerful allies, and a common enemy, he did not feel the Winged Race would do anything.

If Spirit Realm wanted to connect with the universe, they had to have realm entrances connecting directly to races like the Winged and Bone Races.

"Then let's do this," Kermit said excitedly.


Beside the spatial crack.

Qin Lie's Dark Soul Beast avatar narrowed its eyes. Ripples of soul fluctuations appeared.

The Light of Annihilation spurted out of the torn spatial cracks. The experts of Spirit Realm were gathering.

It wasn't just  the Qin Family, Sky Mender Palace, and the Ji Family.

Even Six Ways Alliance, the Ao and Lu Families, Reincarnation Sect, and Starry Hall of Central World had sent Genesis Realm experts over.

At the same time, the Ancient Beast Race, the Demon Dragon Race, the Wood Race, the Asura Race, the Sea Race, and experts of Boluo Realm all slowly arrived.

They had all received news the shadow beings were about to invade.

The invasion of the shadow beings this time was unlike the minor skirmish of the two Soul Race princes. This was even more terrifying than the arrival of the God Race thirty thousand years ago.

The God Race, after conquering Spirit Realm, would only enslave the beings, and not kill them.

The shadow beings were different.

Through the Serene Moon Race's experience, they knew once the shadow beings entered, Spirit Realm, and the surrounding realms would cease to exist.

All their denizens would also die because of the shadow beings!

This would be a true calamity!

"I have some good news," Qin Lie suddenly said.

He successfully attracted the attention of the Spirit Realm experts, Lieyan Zhao, An Hao, and Han Che of the God Race as well.

"My other avatar is presently in Heaven Wood Realm of the Winged Race. Just now, I formed an agreement with them." He paused and looked at everyone. "The Winged Race patriarch Kermit has expressed his will to fight alongside us against the shadow beings!"

"Winged Race!" An Hao was shocked.

He had not expected Qin Lie to form an alliance with the Winged Race on such a short notice

"Boy, you are very efficient," Lieyan Zhao praised.

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