Chapter 1716: Unexpected

At Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory.

Qin Hao was sitting beside the Nether River. Ever since the shadow being showed up, he had been plagued by a sense of unease.

He realized that a great disaster might strike Spirit Realm soon.


His awesome body suddenly exploded into a beam of light flying towards the abyss passageway.

Many Abyss Devils of the purgatory could sense the terrifying aura of destruction coming from the light.

No rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss dared to stop Qin Hao after sensing his terrifying energy, not even when they knew that the owner of the aura was an outsider, not an Abyss Devil.


After arriving at the abyss passageway entrance in the shortest amount of time possible, Qin Hao was about to step in when a dull roar suddenly came from the clouds.

Qin Hao stopped and stared at the sky with a dark look.

Rich abyss devil energy started gathering in one place like a purple cotton ball, and a gigantic figure appeared inside the abyss devil energy several seconds later.

“Ghost Sacrificial Monarch!” Qin Hao said, but didn’t change his expression.

“Auston of Nine Hells Purgatory asked me to tell you that shadow beings are planning to invade your homeworld.”

The soul message came from inside the ball of abyss devil energy. The message wasn’t made up of any language. Those who had reached a certain level of power could decipher any message directly.

“Thank you for informing me,” Qin Hao replied.

He knew that Auston of Nine Hells Purgatory had told the Ghost Sacrificial Monarch of his arrival before he came to Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory.

The reason the Ghost Sacrificial Monarch had tolerated his presence was because he knew that Qin Hao’s target was Castor’s avatar.

Just like Qin Hao, the Ghost Sacrificial Monarch had no intention of seeing Castor’s avatar awaken and gather his strength through killing the Abyss Devils of Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory.

In this case, they had a common enemy—Castor. 

Moreover, the Ghost Sacrificial Monarch learned from Auston that Qin Hao was strong enough to fight with the likes of Assad and Tian Qi. That was why he ultimately decided to ignore Qin Hao.

“I know the exact entrance inside the abyss passageway that directly leads to the Frost Desolation Abyss,” the Ghost Sacrificial Monarch said.

Subsequently, the Ghost Sacrificial Monarch flew into the abyss passageway first.

Although surprised by the gesture of goodwill, Qin Hao didn’t hesitate to follow.

Inside the abyss passageway, the Ghost Sacrificial Monarch was barely discernible inside his abyss devil energy.

The Devil Monarch soon approached a rice-sized black dot shining with pure black flame nearby.

“This is the place,” the Ghost Sacrificial Monarch said.

“Thank you.”

Qin Hao thanked him again before flying into the rice-sized black hole without hesitation. He wanted to return to Spirit Realm as quickly as possible.

It was because he knew that he was the main reason the shadow beings had decided to target Spirit Realm.

He needed to get there as soon as he could.


He flew into the black hole as quick as lightning.


However, the inconspicuous black dot suddenly swelled rapidly as distorted spatial energy erupted from inside.

Sparks scattered around the black dot.

Tian Qi’s face appeared for an instant before vanishing completely.

“Tian Qi!”

The Ghost Sacrificial Monarch roared angrily and swept the area with abyss devil energy as thick as a purple sea.

However, Qin Hao, the black dot, and Tian Qi’s face had appeared for only an instant before vanishing completely.

The Ghost Sacrificial Monarch’s attack had missed completely.

“Oh no…”

The Ghost Sacrificial Monarch suddenly realized that Tian Qi had altered the laws of space when Qin Hao was entering the Frost Desolation Abyss. It was impossible to tell where the latter was thrown to.

He could guess that Qin Hao had been thrown into the chaotic streams of space, however. It would probably take the latter a while to get out.

Not even someone as powerful as Qin Hao could break free of the chaotic streams of space immediately.

“Tian Qi of the Spirit Race is the one who tricked you, not me.”

The Ghost Sacrificial Monarch circled around the abyss passageway once, but still couldn’t find Tian Qi’s tracks at all. In the end, he had no choice but to return to his purgatory.

He then informed Auston of the unexpected incident immediately.


At Spirit Realm, near the distorted spatial rift.

Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar, Qin Shan, the Flame Emperor, the Ice Emperor, and the three patriarchs of the God Race waited solemnly for Qin Hao’s return.

Suddenly, Qin Lie’s soul servant at the Frost Desolation Abyss relayed what Dawson had told him. He immediately learned what had happened inside the abyss passageway, his frown worsening.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Shan noticed that something was amiss.

“Father… father won’t be arriving anytime soon.” Qin Lie sucked in a deep breath to calm himself, but his expression remained as dark as ever. “Tian Qi changed the course of his teleportation to somewhere other than the Frost Desolation Abyss. Right now, he’s probably stuck in the boundless chaotic streams of space. He must leave through a rift first before he can return to Spirit Realm.”

“Tian Qi! Tian Qi again!” Lieyan Zhao shouted furiously.

Qin Shan, the Flame Emperor, and the Ice Emperor looked frustrated as well.

“This galaxy will never be at peace as long as Tian Qi is alive!” Even An Hao had gotten angry.

Last time, Tian Qi was the one who sabotaged Qin Lie and his companion and threw them into Yellow Springs Purgatory.

The God Race was forced to expend large amount of manpower and resources to break open the spatial barrier surrounding Yellow Springs Purgatory to secure Qin Lie.

Moreover, they had to declare war on Yellow Springs Purgatory for practically no reason.

Although the outcome of the war turned out okay, that didn’t mean they didn’t hate Tian Qi for his sabotage.

This time, Tian Qi had done it again and disrupted Qin Hao’s return.

“He’ll be fine.” Qin Shan was the first one to calm down after his anger had passed. “I know my son. He has always been a restless lad, and he has an incredible amount of survival experience outside the realms. I’m sure he’ll be able to survive no matter what kind of place he’s stranded in. However…”

Qin Shan let out a sigh before continuing, “His inability to return in time is obviously very bad for us.”

“If he doesn’t show up, we won’t be able to destroy the spatial rift before us,” said the Ice Emperor.

“Must we go to Lieyan Yuan for help?” Hua Tianqiong asked.

“We cannot!” An Hao shook his head immediately before explaining, “Lieyan Yuan is in cahoots with Tian Qi. Who knows, he might even be the one who tampered with Qin Hao’s return. He may have learned of Spirit Realm’s crisis already and is forcing us to beg him to help us. We don’t want to help him fulfill his hidden goals.”

“That’s very possible,” Han Che said with a sigh.

“That’s true. We’d rather fight against the shadow being leading a pack of wolves into our house!” the Ice Emperor declared.

“So, what should we do now?” Ji Dan asked in helpless tone.

The crowd suddenly fell silent.

Qin Hao was their hope to solve this. No one expected something to happen to Qin Hao on his way back.

Without Qin Hao, no one could move the Light of Annihilation away and enable Miao Yizi and Chen Lin to destroy the spatial rift.

If Qin Lie was right, then the shadow beings were already gathering on the other side of the spatial rift.

It probably wouldn’t be long before they began their invasion.

A war would certainly break out after that.

“This battle isn’t as scary as it seems,” An Hao said suddenly after a moment. “We’re now allies, and Spirit Realm’s interest is tied to our own. The shadow beings will have to go through us for their transgression, and we… have never been afraid of any race in the galaxy, including the shadow beings!”

“I’ll send a message to Kuang Jue and tell them to get ready,” Lieyan Zhao said with a snort.

“If they really show up, then we promise to give them the battle of their life,” Han Che also said spiritedly.

The three patriarchs immediately got moving after making up their minds.

First, they sent a message to God Realm to inform them about the situation in Spirit Realm with their unique secret art. They also summoned for a group of experts to aid them.

Qin Lie and everyone else felt glad to see how decisive the three patriarchs were when Spirit Realm was in danger.

They had allied with the God Race just a few days ago.

The God Race hadn’t obtained any profit from them yet, but they were still willing to defend Spirit Realm immediately when they were in danger.

The experts of Spirit Realm were viewing the God Race in a new light because of their action.

“There are several reasons why we decide to ally with you. Qin Lie is one reason. The future of Spirit Realm is another. Not only has Spirit Realm become much stronger after thirty thousand years, there’s still a lot of potential to be uncovered,” Lieyan Zhao explained with a chuckle. “We expect you to earn a seat of your own among the races of the universe in the future. That is why we had decided to make an investment and support you ahead of time.”

“If you were completely useless, we wouldn’t bother allying with you in the first place. We would’ve abandoned you long ago,” Han Che said in agreement.

“If you wish to be respected and be treated as an equal, then you must work tirelessly and prove yourself,” An Hao said with a nod. “In your case, Qin Hao, Qin Shan, and Qin Lie are proof that Spirit Realm has potential to stand among the myriad of universe’s races as equals.”

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