Chapter 1715: Confrontation

“The Dark Shadow World can split up.”

Qin Lie explained to the crowd the truth he gleaned with his soul seriously.

The people rushing over from Sky Bearing City had already learned of the shadow beings’ attempt to invade Spirit Realm from Chen Lin and Miao Yizi.

They were also mentally prepared after hearing the drastic changes that had happened to the Winged Race’s galaxy.

However, the truth Qin Lie revealed still stunned them.

After explaining all the things he had seen carefully, he said, “We need to destroy the spatial rift before us as soon as possible.”

“Light of Annihilation, huh…”

Ah Hao of the God Race stared at the spatial rift before him gloomily.

Even he didn’t have a good idea how to destroy the Light of Annihilation surrounding the spatial rift.

“Lieyan Yuan may be able to do this,” Lieyan Zhao suddenly said.

“Lieyan Yuan?” the Flame Emperor exclaimed in surprise.

An Hao’s eyes lit up as he explained, “He is the best spatial expert we’ve ever had in the history of the God Race, and his skill is almost on par with Tian Qi of the Spirit Race. It should be laughably easy for him to destroy a spatial rift like this.”

A pause later, he shot a look at Chen Lin and Miao Yizi before saying, “The two of you may have to wait until you reach the late stage of the Genesis Realm before you gain that ability.”

“What ability are you talking about?” Qin Lie asked curiously.

“The ability to forcefully alter the laws of space without touching this Light of Annihilation,” An Hao replied.

“My master had once reached such heights, but he was still devoured by the Light of Annihilation,” Chen Lin said with a sigh.

“Oh?” An Hao looked at Qin Shan in astonishment. “There was a spatial expert like this in Spirit Realm?”

Qin Shan nodded before a bit of pain creeped onto his face. He said, “He was a close friend of mine.”

“Sorry for bringing this up,” An Hao said.

“No matter, it’s all in the past now,” Qin Shan said calmly.

“That shadow being said that they had other ways to enter Spirit Realm even if we destroyed this spatial rift,” Miao Yizi reminded.

“He did say that, yes,” Qin Lie said in agreement.

Lieyan Zhao pondered for a moment before saying, “I guess we have no choice but to ask for Lieyan Yuan’s help then. He can destroy this spatial rift, find, and plug any holes that might still exist in Spirit Realm. The shadow beings won’t be able to make their way in then.”


He shot Qin Lie a troubled look.

“That guy has never been an easy person to negotiate with,” Han Che said with a snort.

An Hao also added with a sigh, “We don’t want to lead the wolf into the house if possible.”

“We don’t need to ask for his help,” Qin Shan said coldly.

Ever since he learned that Lieyan Yuan had tried to trick Qin Lie through the Ancient Life Tree, he considered the former Blaze Family patriarch  his enemy.

Later on, he learned that Lieyan Yuan only had ill intent for Qin Lie.

Since then, he came to believe that Lieyan Yuan’s objective was the same as Castor’s—they both wanted his Perfect Blood. 

“It won’t be easy to destroy this spatial rift without his aid,” An Hao said.

“Lie’er, can you contact Auston, the Nine Hells Monarch?” Qin Shan asked.

Qin Lie gave him a nod of confirmation.

“In that case, tell him to contact your father and have him come over for a bit. He can destroy the Light of Annihilation surrounding this spatial rift,” Qin Shan said.

Qin Lie immediately replied, “Got it.”

His father, Qin Hao had full control over the Light of Annihilation. Without its interference, even Miao Yizi and Chen Lin could remove the spatial rift.

It was a workable plan.

“Can he really do that?” Lieyan Zhao asked curiously.

“Of course,” Qin Shan replied proudly.

The three patriarchs of the God Race possessed a certain level of understanding regarding the shadow beings and the Light of Annihilation.

In their eyes, the Light of Annihilation was something so terrible that not even they could deal with it effectively.

It was why they found it difficult to believe that Qin Hao could perform this task.

“I’ll make preparations right away,” Qin Lie said.

“We’ll be watching over this area temporarily,” Han Che said coolly to the crowd. “Shadow beings have unique bodies, but they’re not invincible. Just like us, they have a soul of their own. Just treat them like a Soul Race clansman without a flesh and blood puppet, and you should be able to hurt them.”

“Treat them like a Soul Race clansman without a body?” Hua Tianqiong exclaimed in surprise.

“That’s right. In our opinion, shadow beings are quite similar to Soul Race clansmen.” An Hao nodded at Hua Tianqiong before explaining further, “Our race came into contact with a few shadow beings before at a secluded corner of the galaxy. Their body is special in that they can transform between tangible and intangible whenever they want, but they do have a soul just like us. Their soul is powerful, but they’re at most at the level of the Soul Race. Just attack their soul, and even a shadow being can die.”

“There’s no need to feel too afraid. A shadow being’s strength is much diminished outside the Dark Shadow World, a place they are dependent on.”

“Their true strength lies in their world-consuming realm. That is the thing we’re most afraid of.”

“To this day, we still don’t know what the Dark Shadow World is and why it can consume other realms.”

“Of course, we know even less about the Light of Annihilation inside the Dark Shadow World.”

“It’s because very few experts have the courage to fight the shadow beings in their home realm.”

He felt a bit of respect toward Qin Hao when he finished speaking.

According to Qin Shan, Qin Hao was someone who managed to exit the Dark Shadow World alive. This alone was proof of Qin Hao’s strength.

After all, the God Race was aware that almost everyone who managed to return from the Dark Shadow World were some of the scariest experts in the entire galaxy.

The three strongest existences in this galaxy, Imperial Soul Monarch, Lieyan Yuan and Tian Qi all seemed to have explored the Dark Shadow World before.

Meanwhile, at a spatial rift leading to the Winged Race’s galaxy.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

A number of gray shadows could be seen flying towards the black hole surrounded by the Light of Annihilation.

The shadows sat inside the Light of Annihilation, but not one was affected in the slightest.

They were shadow beings.

“The homeworld of the person who stole the Light of Destruction lies in that galaxy the remnants of the Serene Moon Race had escaped to. That place… is called Spirit Realm!”

A shadow being screamed in their unique language while pointing at the black hole.

“The guy I ran into at the Abyss is there as well!”

Another shadow being screeched.

One of these shadow beings had appeared in Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory and threatened Qin Hao not long ago.

The other one had come into contact with Qin Lie before escaping from Spirit Realm.

While they were conversing with each other, the Dark Shadow World that had just consumed an entire realm slowly wriggled its way towards them.

The Light of Annihilation surrounding the black hole suddenly vanished into the Dark Shadow World after it got close.

It was as if the Light of Annihilation was a part of the Dark Shadow World.

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