Chapter 171: Unparalleled

Chapter 171: Unparalleled

At the base of Flame Volcano.

Qin Lie sat underneath a spirit pattern pillar. He raised his head to stare at the demons and monsters that were squirming on top of the pillar, watching an enormous net continuously constricting, tightly restraining those strange beings.

“Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram!”

Qin Lie shouted inwardly as a wisp of his soul consciousness quietly slipped into the inside of the spirit pattern pillar, as though it was a formless ghost flame.

As though passing through a door of light, his soul consciousness stepped right into a world where spirit lines intersected, reaching the interior of the spirit pattern pillar.

It was a world that was composed of numerous spectacular spirit lines.

It was a large-scale spirit diagram.

The thick and long spirit lines criss-crossed. They were translucent and crystalline like lightning or rainbows, twisting through the vast space.

A wisp of Qin Lie’s consciousness roamed through the space and touched the spirit lines, as he felt the flow of spirit energy inside with his mind.

He held a spirit tablet of the highest quality within his palm. As he felt the Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram with his mind, he inscribed it inside the spirit tablet, wanting to imprint the Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram in it.


A fine crack suddenly appeared on the surface of the spirit tablet.

The crack was minuscule at the beginning, but as Qin Lie continued to inscribe the Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram, the crack quickly expanded before spreading out with incredible speed.


The spirit tablet suddenly shattered, covering the floor in broken jade stones. Qin Lie could not help but halt inscribing the spirit diagram once more.

Currently, the ground around him was already completely covered with fragmented stones, shards of bones, and pieces of wood. Those were all scrapped spirit tablets.

“Qin Bing, those who had comprehended the wonders of the spirit diagram in the past were neither impatient to understand the true meaning behind it, nor in a hurry to immediately inscribe them on a spirit tablet.” Third Reverend Jiang Hao stood at the defense line outside the plaza, holding a snake-headed staff in one hand as he said warmly, “They would first commit the spirit diagram to memory and then proceed to slowly comprehend it. After a period of study and comprehension that would take multiple months, or even years of effort, only then would they slowly begin to truly understand the mysteries of the spirit diagram.”

Out of all of the people in the history of Armament Sect who had caused a reaction in the spirit pattern pillars and could see the spirit diagrams inside, none of them had been in as much of a hurry as Qin Lie was.

They had all proceeded gradually, taking it step by step, slowly exploring, and used a long time to truly understand the meaning within.

There was almost no one like Qin Lie who inscribed directly into a spirit tablet and wanted to master the spirit diagrams in a short period of time.

If Qin Lie had not caused all twelve spirit pattern pillars to shine, the sect master and the three reverends definitely would not have allowed him to inscribe the spirit diagrams directly into the spirit tablets, nor would they have allowed him to copy them to the point where he forgot to eat or rest. They would not have expected him to grasp the true wonders of the spirit diagrams in a short period of time.

“I’ve always learned how to inscribe spirit diagrams this way.” Qin Lie’s expression was aloof. He took out a new spirit tablet and raised his hand to start inscribing.

“Do you want to eat something first? Do you need medicine to adjust your body and recover your mind energy?”

Jiang Hao did not persist in persuading him. He smiled kindly and stroked the spatial ring on his hand.

Fifteen or sixteen jade bottles appeared on the stone floor in front of him. Each jade bottle was filled to the brim with valuable medicinal pills. The value of each pill was extraordinary in the outside world.

In this period of time, Jiang Hao guarded Qin Lie, and when Qin Lie became tired, he would have Qin Lie use medicinal pills to recover.

All kinds of rare gourmet and medicinal food that could replenish the mind and physical energy were frequently sent to them. If Qin Lie stated which part of his body was tired, specialized food and spirit medicine would be made and supplied for his swift physical and mental recovery.

Many of Armament Sect’s medicinal masters that were skilled in dietary were working overtime for him.

“I do not need it right now.”

Qin Lie shook his head and placed his attention back on the spirit tablet in his hand. He released another wisp of mind consciousness and went into the spirit pattern pillar in front of him.

The demons and other strange monsters that had been quiet for a while detected the presence of his mind consciousness and started to struggle fiercely again.

These demonic beings that appeared vicious exuded murderous intent as though they wanted to slaughter all beings. They howled above the spirit pattern pillar and intimidated everyone on the plaza.

The Sixteen Blood Knives of Blood Spear were split up in a defensive circle around the area. Even they were frightened when they sensed the aura of those demonic beasts.

Jiang Hao’s head had also shrunk back slightly. There was a different light in his eyes as his mind moved.

This was the same spirit pattern pillar that Liang Shaoyang had activated. However, Liang Shaoyang had not dared to spend long periods of time to feel the wonders inside the pillars. He had not dared to dive in with his mind consciousness into the Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram.

So while Liang Shaoyang did see the Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram, he was a long time away from truly understanding it.

On the other hand, Qin Lie had chosen to sit down under the spirit pattern pillar to comprehend its wonders in one go. This was something that Armament Sect had always forbidden and discouraged in the past.

Mainly because it was too damaging to the mind and soul. It was being too eager for results and too unrealistic.

“In the history of Armament Sect, no one could comprehend the wonders of the spirit diagram in a short period of time, but maybe you can,” Jiang Hao thought silently, “because your talent is peerless and unparalleled.”

At this time, a wisp of Qin Lie’s soul consciousness once again entered the world inside the spirit pattern pillar.

One of his fingers was touching the spirit tablet in his hand. While using his soul consciousness to observe the Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram, he inscribed using his mind and attempted to make a copy inside the spirit tablet.

“The fierce struggles of these demons and monsters are causing the true core of the spirit diagram to always be in turmoil. It is constantly changing the energy of the internal spirit lines. But this is normal. These changes happen when the spirit diagram is operating properly along with its corresponding spirit art. The external vibrations are what’s causing the internal spirit diagram to become magical and turn it into a ‘living’ diagram!”

Qin Lie looked at the viciously twisting beings on the spirit pattern pillars. His eyes slowly lit up as he came to a temporary stop.

He kept watch on the vicious beings on the spirit pattern pillars, observing them struggle as the huge, materialized net continuously constricted around them and in turn caused a reaction in the Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram within the pillar...

“I understand now. The Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram on the inside is one with the enormous net on the outside. The changes in the enormous net on the outside will cause the Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram to constantly change as well. If I cannot understand the connection between these two and capture the wondrous mutual interaction between them, then I most likely will never be able to truly comprehend the spirit diagram.”

Qin Lie’s mind shook.

He stared straight at the shouting demons, looked at the tight net on the outside, and used his mind to feel all the weak vibrations in the Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram in the inner world and tried to find the closest connection between the two.

“These two spirit lines are one line. As the line outside moves, the line inside is also pulled! These two are also one, they are one spirit line. When the spirit line on the outside is plucked, it will naturally cause a vibration on the inside. This is it!”

After a long time, Qin Lie’s eyes brightened, and the finger that had paused on the spirit tablet suddenly pulsed with spirit energy once more.

He once again started his inscribing.

“It has been nine days, how is he?”

Chief Reverend Luo Zhichang and Second Reverend Fang Qi came together. The two of them stopped next to Jiang Hao and Luo Zhichang had been the one to ask.

“Not sure.” Jiang Hao shook his head.

“The true understanding and mastering of a spirit diagram is definitely not something that can be realized in one sitting,” Luo Zhichang sighed lightly. “Ah, there is nothing to be said about this child’s talent, but he is too eager in pursuit of results.”

“And the crux is that we’re not in the best position to advise him either,” Fang Qi grimaced.

“He should be able to do it,” Jiang Hao inserted.

Luo Zhichang and Fang Qi had shocked expressions. They looked at Jiang Hao with inquiring gazes as they waited for him to elaborate.

“He may be able to do what other people cannot. Something that no one in Armament Sect’s nine hundred years of history has done has been accomplished by him. Since he is still persisting, I believe he can do it.” Jiang Hao responded like so.

Luo Zhichang and Fang Qi thought for a bit. Having been persuaded, they also nodded inwardly.


A circle of five-colored light suddenly was released from the spirit tablet in Qin Lie’s hand.

Spider-like patterns slowly floated to the surface of the spirit tablet and quickly spread to its corners!

As the five-colored light appeared and the spiderweb pattern formed, a restrictive power suddenly came from the spirit tablet!

Qin Lie suddenly closed his eyes.

The finger he pressed to the spirit tablet suddenly shook violently like the wings of a flying fly!

Dots of light sprayed out!

A dot of blinding white light lit up from his fingertip and was as eye-catching as stars in the night!

As the three reverends looked over in shock, the bright light suddenly faded and hid itself completely inside the spirit tablet.

Also at this time, Qin Lie opened his eyes. He threw the spirit tablet covered by spider web patterns towards the three reverends.

“Take a look, see if the spirit diagram inside is the true Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram,” Qin Lie said uncertainly.

The bodies of the three reverends shook slightly and their minds received a great blow. They all instinctively reached out to receive the spirit tablet that was flying at them.

However, it might have been that they were too excited or too old, so the spirit tablet fell right through the space between their three outstretched hands.

“Pak.” The spirit tablet crisply hit the ground.

None of the three were able to catch it in midair.

Fang Qi and Jiang Hao were not embarrassed at all. Their eyes were bright as they bent down simultaneously to pick up the spirit tablet. But when their hands were in midair, the two of them saw another’s hands reaching down.

The two stilled and then reacted. They took back their hands and said together, “You first.”

So Luo Zhichang picked up the spirit tablet.

His hand also trembled as he held the spirit tablet as though it weighed thousands of kilograms and was hard for him to carry.

Fang Qi and Jiang Hao stopped breathing as they stared unblinkingly at Luo Zhichang to see what he felt.

Multiple seconds later, the two saw Luo Zhichang’s body, which was on the verge of rotting, suddenly shake. They saw the amazement and joy on Luo Zhichang’s face.

Under their heated gazes, Luo Zhichang nodded hard, so excited that his breathing was completely erratic. “Yes, there is no mistake or flaw. It is the Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram! The true Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram!”

As these words were spoken, Fang Qi and Jiang Hao also greatly shook, their eyes letting out expressions of wild joy.

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