Chapter 1708: Trouble

Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar stayed at Flaming Sun Island for several days so that he could explain everything about the current state of Spirit Realm to the leaders of the Land of Chaos. After that, he left Flaming Sun Island.

It was because he received news from Boluo Realm…

At Boluo Realm, Teng Yuan, Nivitt, Tyler, and the others had successfully entered rank ten bloodline after tempering themselves at the Frost Desolation Abyss.

Currently, Boluo Realm had a plethora of rank ten bloodline experts. Generally speaking, their total strength wasd on par with the Gold rank forces of the Central World.

At Seven Spirits Islands.

The experts of Boluo Realm were waiting together at the realm entrance for Qin Lie. The moment he showed up, they immediately went over to welcome him.

“You’re all too courteous,” Qin Lie greeted them with a smile.

“Well, Boluo Realm wouldn’t be as prosperous as it is without you, would it? It’s thanks to you that we’re able to continue living in Boluo Realm,” Teng Yuan said with a laugh.

Recently, they’ve been worried over the disappearance of Tong Yan, Vermillion Bird Realm, and the eight god corpses.

But after Qin Lie had returned to Flaming Sun Island, they eventually learned that their disappearances were related to Qin Lie’s real self.

Everyone knew that Qin Lie was about to transform into a Devil Monarch already.

“Island Master Qin, there’s something we need to speak to you about,” Scott turned into a human and spoke seriously to Qin Lie.

Surprised by his solemn attitude, Qin Lie gestured for Scott to continue.

His soul servant Zhuang Jing had informed him earlier that the experts of Boluo Realm wished to see him.

He didn’t know why though.

He was surprised to find both of Barett’s brothers at Boluo Realm instead of Dragon Realm.

Ever since the evil dragons and the demon dragons joined hands and chased out the giant dragons, they had taken over Dragon Realm.

Barett’s brothers, Scott and Mitchell were rank ten demon dragons. They had supported the Qin Family without question when the latter had clashed against the six great forces.

That was why they were given full control over Dragon Realm after the Qin Family had won the war, and Ninth Heaven had backed out of Spirit Realm.

Dragon Realm was more suited for cultivation than Boluo Realm to the Dragon Race. That was why he thought it strange the Scott and Mitchell were here instead of Dragon Realm.

“We have new intel about Dark Shadow World. We… would like to go the Dark Shadow World,” Scott said solemnly.

Both Mitchell and Barett’s eyes glowed red after Scott was done speaking.

Qin Lie suddenly recalled that their father, the Demon Dragon Race patriarch, Abrit, was trapped somewhere in Dark Shadow World.

Back then, the reason Barett had chosen to ally with him and the Dark Shadow Race despite his weakness back then was because of the information he learned from the Chaos Blood Realm. He had learned that Abrit was trapped in the Dark Shadow World.

Later on, the Demon Dragon Race chose to take the great risk of allying with the Qin Family because his father was the only person to come out of the Dark Shadow World alive.

One might say that the Demon Dragon Race was loyal to the Qin Family because of their knowledge of the Dark Shadow World.

Scott and Mitchell were now at peak rank ten bloodline, and even Barett had become a rank ten demon dragon… They thought that it was finally time to explore the Dark Shadow World carefully.

Qin Lie frowned and replied, “I’ll be honest with you. Some time ago, my Blood Soul Beast avatar thought that my true body might be trapped in the Dark Shadow World, and to search for me he ventured deep into the universe to find a way to enter the Dark Shadow World. However, he wasn’t able to find anything despite a long period of trying. So I’m not sure how I can help you either.”

He tried asking his father, Qin Hao about the Dark Shadow World while he was at Nine Hells Purgatory.

But Qin Hao had avoided answering the question, simply telling him never to attempt to travel to the Dark Shadow World.

“We may have a way to travel to the Dark Shadow World,” You Pu of the Serene Moon Race said suddenly.

Qin Lie was surprised by the unexpected reply.

You Pu was one of the Serene Moon Race’s leaders at Boluo Realm. He had never set foot out of Boluo Realm.

It was why Qin Lie was confused when You Pu said he might have a way to enter the Dark Shadow World.

“Lately, a couple of wandering Serene Moon Race clansmen had landed on Spirit Realm through the spatial rifts left behind by the Night Ghosts and sought us out,” You Pu said slowly.

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up.

He knew that the Serene Moon Race’s former homeworld was the Dark Moon World. It was located at a very secluded corner of the universe.

The Serene Moon Race was an inconspicuous race.

However, Dark Shadow World had sought out their homeworld and devoured it completely.

This could mean that there was some sort of a secret passageway between the Dark Moon World and the Dark Shadow World…

In the end, the Serene Moon Race and even Dark Moon World itself was devoured the shadow beings.

The Serene Moon Race chief You Ye was now the artifact soul of the Divine Grade artifact Moon Tear. He wished to return to Dark Moon World one day and borrow the God Race’s strength to fight against the Dark Shadow World.

“You’re saying that some of these Serene Moon Race drifters had somehow wandered all the way to Spirit Realm?” Qin Lie asked in surprise.

“It’s like this. My surviving clansmen said that they know a way to enter the Dark Shadow World,” You Pu explained while looking at the three demon dragons. “The three of them wish to travel to the Dark Shadow World to rescue their father. However, Teng Yuan and the others are worried that using this passage might draw the attention of the shadow beings to Spirit Realm and Boluo Realm. That’s why we’d like to consult your opinion on this.”

“Qin Lie! You promised to help us!” Barett said.

“If their attempt causes the shadow beings and the Dark Shadow World to shift their attention to Spirit Realm… it’s possible that we might suffer the same fate as the Dark Moon World,” Teng Yuan said worriedly.

Qin Lie frowned in thought for a moment before asking, “How can we travel to the Dark Shadow World? Also, what do you mean when you say their rescue attempt may reveal Spirit Realm’s location?”

“The Night Ghosts came through those spatial rifts, didn’t they? If the Serene Moon Race clansmen could come here, then the shadow beings can do the same as well,” Teng Yuan said.

“It’s terrible! Something terrible has happened!”

A couple of Serene Moon clansmen suddenly barged into the gathering in panic.

“Why are you panicking?” You Pu yelled angrily.

“A-all the new arrivals just died without warning! Their souls just vanished all of a sudden!” the Serene Moon Race clansmen screamed.

All the experts on the Seven Spirits Islands turned pale with shock.

“You Pu!” Teng Yuan said with an ice cold expression. “I told you already we shouldn’t let them into Boluo Realm so quickly. Now we’re in big trouble!”

“Some shadow beings might even have slipped in through them already.” Nivitt looked shocked as well.

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